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Happy New Year everyone!

I'm not kicking into high gear weight loss mode again until Monday. I was going to wait until Lent (early February) but I'm still up 3 pounds from my 4 day Christmas binge and I want to see that gone. Have a couple of more parties this weekend so just treading water til Monday. Still up 3 pounds from this year's low, but I'm just happy (and proud) to be more than 30 pounds down from last year!

noshoes - Welcome!

Kelijpa - you've done a great job. I'm right where you are in terms of how much weight I still want to lose.

Diana - you are an inspiration to me! I really admire how you are on here everyday plugging along. I'm going to try the exercise challenge starting Monday. Thanks for suggesting it.

Flower - I feel your pain. I'm still up 3 pounds from Christmas.

Larry - You're amazing. I was sorry to see your anemia isn't better.

Novangel - I have to do low(ish) carb. I think this Christmas has very clearly shown that for me bread is a gateway drug. If I eat oatmeal for breakfast, by lunch I've moved on to Milky Ways.

Nicholsfamily - You're amazing. Hope your party was fun!

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So Diana & Keli, you both have joined me in the 12p club. Well, at least I'm not alone. We can do this.

Larry: Thank you for the link, I will definitely read it.

NYE was nice, we went to our favorite steak restaurant that we go to twice a year (it's pricey) & the food is dynamite. I had them swap the garlic mashes potatoes for garlic sauteed spinach. I actually like veggies when prepared the right way so that's a bonus. I also had the most amazing dirty martini which are my favorite, & vodka is 0 sugar/carbs. Martinis are a food group right?

The gym is only open until 1pm today so I need to get there!

Have a good day, everyone!
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I read it Larry but the only thing I refuse to change is using artificial sugar in my decaf coffee. I have a hang-up about that stuff so I use real sugar but in moderation. Everything else is totally doable...pretty much how I eat anyway, just have to take away bread and pasta/rice. I don't drink soda.

This won't be too hard. Good thing I'm already on Lipitor.
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I'm about ready to just accept I will always be a certain size. I've been fighting this weight over 20 years. I get down to 135p and then back to 150p over and over and over. It's insanity.
You've done well to stay within a 15 pound range through the years.
You probably need to understand that STAYING on the low end requires extra EXTRA effort. You need to then decide if you're willing to do that extra effort for the rest of your life. If so, carry on. If not, work on accepting your body at a higher weight. Either way it's a tough decision, and only you know what fits in with the rest of your life.

You cease to amaze me. Look how close you are to your goal!

Have a safe trip back home, dear.
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Happy 2016!
Diana hope you enjoyed that last coffee on the veranda to the max, and had a smooth trip home. Thank-you for hosting this thread through the holidays!

Welcome noshoes!

GoodyFay How is the soup turning out (if you made it)? I'm looking for a hearty soup or stew for all the chicken in my freezer.

flower123 Stay warm!

Midnight Thanks for the info and for the reminder about dance as exercise & keeping it fun!

Penny Congrats on making it through the party marathon. I hope you enjoyed every one of them

kelijpa Sounds like you are already on track to get in top shape. I'm thinking of you as the See's alumna who went camping on Christmas--good & then better

everyone else!

Cal about 1515 wt 173.2 BF% 32.1
Scale has been consistent with BF% over the yrs, so that's helpful even it isn't my "real" body fat %

B 240 last of my protein packet--tasteless chicken a la king, coffee, broccoli
L 436 salad, grilled chicken, beans, 0-cal blue cheese dsg, apple
D 448 turkey chili, yam
S 140 protein shake, sauteed cabbage, yam
S 200 broccoli, toasted peanut oil, protein shake
2.5 liters water, 20 min cardio, 20 min wts & ab work

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4th times the charm!
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Hi! Happy New Year!
Wt 173.2
Broke my tablet last night and no internet at home so limited posting capabilities.

Diana- Thank you!!! This thread is wonderful!

Coolmom- are you in Seattle? We might be in the same area! That Seattle to Portland ride sounds like such an amazing challenge. Go for it! What a beautiful ride!

Nichol- Thanks!!

Sundove- going to the store now....can't wait to hear what you come up with for the chicken!

Midnight- My dr. Is on vacation until monday so ill find out then. I'm going to get some hot and sour soup after grocery shopping today! We're part of the hot and sour soup club! I gotta learn how to make it!

Penny- Thanks! Peanut butter in chili is genius! Kinda like a mole sauce!

Tootsie- glad you are finding your way around!

Noshoes- welcome!

I won't even begin to tell you how much food I consumed and how many glasses of champagne were drunk.
Calories: 12 billion
But I'm totally okay with it. I just wish I had worked in some cake or something....I'll have to work it into my lunch box this week.
Happy new year everyone!

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GoodyFay Oh no, I hope your tablet is easy to replace or fix. Sorry you didn't pack in the cake--that would have been the first thing I hit. Btw, I was hinting around for YOU to come up with soup ideas . And you came through--thanks! Thanks you too Penny & Midnight!

I love both Hot n Sour & mole (I think H & S involves vinegar & soy/tamari sauce) And don't even start me on mole--food of the Gods! I'm not quite getting how the sandwich works with the chili, but I sure like the peanut concept. I bought some traditional mole powders this summer in AZ to spice up my chili and they are really good.

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Hello all, I am back again after falling off the wagon again, such is life I guess. I know that this site helps me stay on track so hopefully I can get back to checking in reliably.

Novangel - I feel you 100% on feeling like you are back where you started, today I weighed in at 1lb above my high weight from March 2010. But we've lost it before, we can lose it again

To achieve that aim I am returning to calorie counting, trying to limit my carbs since simple carbs seem to be my biggest trigger, and am going to try to get back in the habit of working out. I walked for 45mins on the treadmill today so I'm off to a good start.

Hope everyone has a great New Years Day
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Originally Posted by pnkrckpixikat View Post
Novangel - I feel you 100% on feeling like you are back where you started, today I weighed in at 1lb above my high weight from March 2010. But we've lost it before, we can lose it again.
Yep. Welcome back.

Flower: I'm not ready to throw in the towel but I do find it ironic that keeping off 10-15p is WAY harder than losing 30p. After I had my son in 2002 I was 174p for a few years (which felt awful) but for the most part I've fluxed between 135p-150p a hundred times. Pain in the rump.

Today is day 4 of low carb and I'm starting to miss my morning bagel with my eggs. Need to buy bacon.
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Hi to all!
Novangel, good luck on your new low carb journey and on achieving the bikini body. Don't give up! Changing your method might be just the ticket.
Noshoes, hi there!
Diana, hope your ride home was nice. Thanks for the exercise link. I'll check that out.
Larry, thanks for the link. I'm always interested in learning about low carb options, though no carb would be impossible for me.
Flower, 700 would be a very good day.
Kelijpa, Much success with the intermittent fasting. Bet you'll be burning it up when you exercise. Think you'll do very well. It's good to change things up. Wish I could do what you're doing, but diabetes prevents me from skipping more than 1 meal a day. For a couple months I skipped breakfast, and with exercise it made a substantial difference on the scale. I should go back to that for a while, as my losses have been slower now.
GoodyFay and Sundove, I have a good recipe for Hot and Sour Soup. If you want I'll try and post it in one of the forum food sections tomorrow.

We had to cancel going for Chinese today as DH has some kind of stomach bug.
B- baby carrots L- 2% cottage cheese with 50 blueberries, 1 chocolate chip cookie, 2 chocolate kisses S- pistachios D- bean burrito with hot salsa
Exercise: 3 30 minute dance sessions. I found some good high-intensity dancing/running music here:

Have a nice evening.

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I wanted to keep eating after eating lunch. I had enough calories. So I chose this half chocolate bar that's been in my chocolate/protein bar bin for awhile. Probably because I don't really care that much for chocolate, but I like something sweet, so once in awhile, it works. So I ate the whole half bar (230 calories). And it was like. Ugh. This felt gross. My stomach feels gross. My mouth feels gross. It's all gross! So I satisfied my desire to eat more, but didn't need it or want it really. Lessons for the next day.
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Hello all,

The day turned out pretty good, DH wanted to try couch to 5k, so we did day one today, he liked it, so that was a good thing.

L-salad, iceberg, beets, chickpeas, mushrooms, olives, Italian dressing
D-homemade (DH) shrimp bisque, yummy
S-shot of Irish cream
E-weights, c25k/walk at rail trail
MFP leaves me with 40 calories, that was some yummy soup

Sundove thanks, that is an awesome way to be thought of.

Goodyfay sorry about your tablet, hope it gets fixed soon.

Pixicat welcome back!

Midnight thank you, I'm enjoying the spark while it is here, I'm no good at skipping breakfast, I think I'm going to go back to a green smoothie for breakfast for awhile. I'll have to check out those dance videos, sounds fun.

Hope everyone has a great night
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Trying to live below 200
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Hi everyone!

ladyfat & pnkrckpixikat Hi and Welcome!

I just got back home. Now I need to get everything washed and put away. I thought traveling and vacation was supposed to be fun. DH is already in bed! He has to get up early for a duck hunt. We know how important that is. The good thing is that him and Cody will be out of the house and hopefully I can get everything back in order. I am going to give it a few days before I adjust my ticker. Hopefully I have a lot of water weight going on. Tomorrow will be my first day back on plan. I usually drink a shake for breakfast on the weekends. I am tired of the shakes and really want my normal breakfast. So, I will be on plan with foods but my calories may be a little higher. No matter what, it will be better than how I have been eating for the last 9 days. Hopefully it won't be too tough getting back on track. I might have to rely on some iced coffee during the day. That seems to curb my hunger and cravings better than just water. I don't even want to think about the pending cravings! UGH! Also, something I learned about this trip. My body really likes my usual veggies, apples, etc. Toward the end of the trip, I wasn't using the bathroom and my stomach was hurting. I finally went to the store and bought some apples. I ate 4 in 2 days and this morning I went to the bathroom better than I had the entire trip. I know this is all TMI but it's all part of the process.

No time for personals since the whole house has been dumped in my living room. UGH!

Have a great evening!
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Happy first day of 2016, everyone!

Surprisingly, I am well within my calories today. I've been having some strong "eat, eat, eat" cravings the past couple days. Any crap food in large quantities sounds good. I had to watch out that I didn't sit down with a bag of candy or a container of cake and just eat it all. I wanted to. A lot.

I'm so glad I chose not to. Things would only get much worse (but that's hard to remember in the moment). And I hope these cravings go away soon. They're never very fun. :/

B- pumpkin oatmeal
L- teriyaki chicken, a side salad, mini sausages, and a slice of carrot cake
S- cocktail shrimp in sauce
D- leftover teriyaki chicken, mixed baked veggies, pink cloud salad
D- A lindor truffle

Sundove: Thank you! Today was my LAST holiday party! I'm thrilled!
The peanut butter sandwich is usually half a sandwich, then you stick one end in your bowl until it's saturated with chili, then eat it. I keep putting it back in to keep getting more chili on it. It's delicious!

GoodyFay: I hate having no Internet - hopefully things get squared away so you can have it back soon!
It is kind of like a mole! It's one of my favorites, and so easy.

pnkrckpixikat: Welcome! Falling off the wagon happens. The important thing is that you're going to try again.

Midnight: I hope your husband feels better soon!

Ladyfat: Welcome to the thread!

Diana: I'm glad the trip was awesome! Good luck getting everything put back together - that's always a big undertaking after a vacation!
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Eek, 2016! Where is time going?

I didn't restrict yesterday. I did fine for breakfast and lunch and went to the gym, but then had a big dinner, lots of ice cream, and some whisky

Today was good. I mostly snacked rather than had meals, so I hope my calorie estimates aren't too off. I got in a good workout though, so it's no worry. 20 minutes of jogging, some walking, stretching, a 4 minute plank, and 15 minutes on the eliptical

B: banana, some nuts (200)
s: eggplant, bread (500)
s: bread w/ hummus and veggies (800)
s: almonds, tortilla chips (1200)
D: rice, tofu, veggies (1800)

Now some peppermint tea, a bit of writing, and hopefully a good night's sleep.
Let's make this year the best yet!
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