Getting out of the 180's???

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  • I found a thread but it was in the 20's support group. I'm no longer 20.

    Is there a recent group here? I would like to join one. Hopefully there's a few of you here in the 180's? I can't wait to get of this decade!
  • Not a lot of action in this thread. I just hit 189 this morning and am super happy to be in the 180s!
  • Congrats!!! Might be joining you in a month, hopefully less.
  • I hope that you do!
  • I want out!
    I'm back! Recommitting to my health and I'm starting out (again ) in the 180's.

  • Finally, a new decade for me! Haven't been in the 180's since 2007!
  • I finally hit 189.2 this morning! I'm very excited to be here, but am only looking for a short stay! Let's do this!
  • Congrats, leopard!!!
  • Congrats katiam247 and leopardspots
  • Thanks, Raining!

    Today I hit 40 lbs lost! Yesterday made 5 months eating healthy and I'm so excited! I tried on some things that had been hanging in my closet for years and they are starting to fit. 1 more lb until my halfway goal.
  • Yay Katiam! Thats great! I love wardrobe shopping!

    I'm at 186.8 today. How is everyone else doing?!
  • Congrats katiam247, you are doing amazing!

    Leopardspots, you are cruising through this decade! Yeah!

    I have been at 180 for days and days. I have been sticking to my eating plan and exercising, but have a lot going on, so I am sure the stress isn't helping! Hoping to break into the 170s sometime soon.
  • Hey, guys!

    So, I got a new scale and it put be 7 lbs (yes, SEVEN) above where my old scale (RIP) had me. So...I'm "back" in the 180s.

    It's kind of hard to find a 180s thread on a forum I visit. Are there so few of us?

    Anyway, hello!

    Weighed in at 180.6 this morning. Hopefully I "return" to the 170s soon.

    Raining: stick with it! You'll break through!
  • Hi leopard, Raining and Penny. Glad to see some activity on this thread.

    leopard - congrats on your lower number!

    Raining - hope you break into the 170's soon!

    Penny - sorry your new scale didn't jive with your new one, but you don't have far to get back into the 170's.

    Yes, there are just a few of us posting. I have noticed other people that could, but I guess they are just trying to keep track in the other threads they usually post.

    This weekly weight in today, I had a little uptick. 187.2 lbs. I had a nice loss the last week, so I guess it is evening out.
  • My new scale says 178 this morning, so I'm out of the 180s! (Again...).

    Now I need to find a 170s thread... Anyone know where to find one? I think I've seen fewer of those even than 180s threads.