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BVMarie 12-10-2015 06:46 PM

Hey Jaime, came back to check on you! Congrats on not being obese! You're soooo close to the next decade! Keep it up girl, you're doing great!

KrisM11 12-11-2015 11:19 AM

Hi everyone, just a quick check-in. Back at 189.2 today. Need to step it up this week. Mid-180's would be nice! :)

Watercolor 12-11-2015 03:56 PM

Congrats to no longer being obese!!! It's a BIG deal and one I hope to reach someday.

You're still in the 180s, so keep working it. Good job with the treadmill.

I'm on day 2 of no sugar and feel good about it. YAY ME!

KrisM11 12-12-2015 01:24 PM


Originally Posted by Watercolor (Post 5221793)
Congrats to no longer being obese!!! It's a BIG deal and one I hope to reach someday.

You're still in the 180s, so keep working it. Good job with the treadmill.

I'm on day 2 of no sugar and feel good about it. YAY ME!

Thank you! Clocked my day on the treadmill and just had a healthy wrap for lunch. Still hovering in 189, but that's OK, at least I stayed out of 90's!

WTG being 2 days sugar-free! That is great! :)

Jaimie, how are you doing?

jaimie1980 12-12-2015 07:40 PM

Marie! Thanks for checking in, hoping to be coming to see you in the 170s in the next 7-10 days!! Hopefully you will stick around long enough for me to get there, lol!!

Kris, way to stick with it and kick it in gear with the treadmill! You got this, keep on truckin! You will get a whooooosh, I just know its coming for you.

Watercolor, sugar is the hardest! I do way better without carbs, but that darn sugar is my lifeblood. I really miss Mountain Dew, haha. Its been almost 9 weeks since I have had one. Super sad, but I know that I can't have that relationship anymore. Mtn Dew for breakfast is no longer a part of my life. *tear*

As for me- I decided to reward myself for not being obese anymore. I got a fitbit charge HR, so far love it. I had a fitbit zip, which was great too, but it met its demise when I left it hooked on my bra and my DH washed it a month ago. I found that I really missed that little green goober, so I splurged and got this one. It ROCKS. I have been so much more motivated. I have eaten much less with the tracking, and I have killed it at the gym the last two days. Weighed at 182.5 yesterday, and today I did not weigh. Hoping Monday am to be near 180. I have def burned a pound with calorie deficit these last two days, and plan for another workout Sunday and Monday. Then I will take a day or two off to rest my muscles. Sounds like everyone is on track and heading for the 170s! GO TEAM!!

......... Even though it is incredibly unlikely, I am not going to give up on my Christmas goal just yet. I know losing 7lbs in 13 days is a long shot, but I have really been pushing harder these last few days. Previously, I was walking 3 times a week for 30 mins, and some times I only got that in twice. Hoping this new surge in calories out (previously was averaging 1800-2200, now 3000-3400) will be a kickstart for me.

noshoes 12-13-2015 05:56 AM

Currently about 183. I'd love to get out of the 180s.

KrisM11 12-13-2015 03:10 PM

Hi All,

Noshoes ~ You are so close to the 70's! Keep at it, you'll be there soon! :)

Jaimie ~ Thank you! I'm certainly hoping so! :) Good for you for getting yourself a new fitbit -- what a great reward for getting out of obese territory! Definitely important to acknowledge our victories along the way. Hey, I say go for it re: Christmas goal! Why not? Worse that can happen is that you stay focused and on track for the next few weeks and best case, you make it! You're going to make the 70's this week!!!! Woohoo!

Watercolor -- how is the no-sugar going? Are you feeling better being off of it?

I'm hangin' in ladies! Was at 188.5 this a.m, so moving in the right direction! Going to really focus this week with clean eating and keeping my carbs on the lower side. Treadmill every other day.

Watercolor 12-14-2015 10:38 AM

:welcome: Noshoes
Let's DO this.

Thanks so much for the shout out. That rope is really coming in handy!
I'm actually now on day 5 of no sugar! However, being diabetic, I'm also supposed to be low carb, and I've been missing that boat. It's okay, one issue at a time. This is the week to train the carb monster. I'm DOING this. Congrats on the treadmill habit. Exercise is the 3rd monster I need to slay. I'm glad I'm getting my act together now, so I'll be ready for all the extra encouragement that comes with January 1st resolutions time.

Congrats on getting and USING the FitBit. Everyone I know who has one loves it. Do me (and others) a favor and explain more about it to us. It might just be what I need to get exercising in gear!

jaimie1980 12-14-2015 10:43 PM

Welcome to Noshoes!! We can use some more posters here, we love it!

Watercolor, the fit bit is a little gadget that connects to an app on your phone. You can get a zip for about $50, and it hooks on your pants or bra. Or you can get a Charge, which is $100-150. The charge tracks your steps, miles, flights of stairs, heart rate, active minutes, sleep patterns, calories burned for the day, water you drink, and you can input your food to track what you have eaten. The zip is more basic but still counts activity, steps, miles, water, and you can input food as well. I have had both and loved both of them. It keeps me so much more accountable. And when I don't meet my goal, I find myself running steps in my house to meet them before I go to bed! It is definitely worth the money if you will use the food tracking part. This way I know my intake vs output, and I also eat better when I see that something I ate was not worth the calories it cost me. If you google it, you can learn more about it, but I LOVE it!

I have not been down for a few days, even with all of my extra exercise. I have been hovering in the 182s for days. My caloric deficit for the last 4 days has been 8300+ calories, but I think I am retaining water in my muscles from the addition of working out. Hope it evens out soon as I really want to see that drop. I should get a good two pounds!

jaimie1980 12-15-2015 11:43 AM

And finally a mini whoosh to 181.4! I am getting close to the 170s!! Starting to get scared about that 168 number, even though it is likely 6-8 weeks away!

KrisM11 12-15-2015 12:53 PM

Hi, friends!

Watercolor -- go you for day 5!!! I didn't know carbs affected diabetes,or is it the sugar in the carbs? One monster to slay at a time as you say! :) I'm trying to do lowish-carb myself and I told myself I could indulge in some really good foods that I wouldn't normally get -- fresh deli turkey, good cheeses, etc. I figure if we're in it for the long haul, it should be appealing!

Jaimie -- Yay for the mini-woosh! Wow! You are so close to the 70's! We'll miss you on this thread, LOL, but of course will look forward to seeing you again in the 70's thread! I'll make sure to check in with you once you get to that 168 number to remind you how far you've come and not to give up! :) That is great the FitBit has helped you so much; I know a lot of people who swear by them. I"m using the LoseIt tracker and even just putting in the numbers has helped. Keep that momentum going!

Just got back from the grocery store and stayed in-line. lol Lots of fresh veggies, lean meats, and salad mix. 187.6 today, so heading into the mid-80's! :)

LesGetFit 12-15-2015 01:17 PM

A mini whoosh for me too, today. 181 this morning, but it may be back up tomorrow. Still happy about it, though. :)

Hope everyone is doing really well!

KrisM11 12-15-2015 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by LesGetFit (Post 5222499)
A mini whoosh for me too, today. 181 this morning, but it may be back up tomorrow. Still happy about it, though. :)

Hope everyone is doing really well!

WTG, Les!!!You all are inspiring!

Just got done with the treadmill. I keep pushing myself a little bit more each workout. :)

jaimie1980 12-15-2015 07:33 PM

Lesgetfit, congrats on the mini whoosh!

Kris- I LOVE all things Deli!! I like to wrap a piece of cheese and turkey together, makes a nice little low carb snack. Way to get on the treadmill. I am taking today off, after four days of pretty intense (for me) working out. Need to give my muscles time to recover. Undecided on if I will go tomorrow or wait for Thursday. Guess I will see how work goes first.

Today I held to a liquid fast, trying to flush out the muscle retention, and hoping to get a good number in the am. Not counting on it, as I weighed in late this am (day off- slept in) and I always weigh less when I sleep longer than normal. Weekends are usually my best weigh ins for that reason.

KrisM11 12-16-2015 10:53 AM

Hi all,

Jaimie, probably a good idea to give yourself a little breather since you've been going at it so hard lately with working out. Get the excess water flushed out and you'll be feeling good! I can almost never show decent losses if I'm in the midst of many days working out -- granted, I know they're helping in the overall goal!! :)

Went out to eat last night and overdid it, but getting back on wagon today. Lots of lemon water and fruits/veggies!

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