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I skimmed through the responses, so sorry if I missed a similar one. What I've found works in the past (have previously maintained 135-140 for years) was to eat 3-400 lower calories the days before or after an event, similar to calorie zig zag. I don't think having a few drinks and a dessert twice in 3 months will stall you in the long run, but in the short run, it will....

If you are able to handle weighing yourself daily without getting upset, you'll see a clear pattern (same time every day). Weigh loss isn't linear but goes up and down, even on a downward trend. If you weigh daily, you'll be able to tell what will make the scale go up (high sodium, TOM, heavy work out) etc.
I'm not saying weigh yourself every day, once a week or month, but it's just something to consider. If I don't weigh daily, I tend to lose track of my healthy ways. For me, weighing daily gives me invaluable insight and helps me every day. Some people get upset, for some people it triggers unhealthy habits. Find what works for you.

Eta: and yes, take your measurements!

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Originally Posted by lin43 View Post
When you gain, how long does it stay with you? Based on what you say you have, you CAN'T have gained any real weight. It's water weight caused by either increased salt intake or alcohol. It should go away within a few days. To really gain a pound, you would need to eat 3500 above your maintenance calories, and based on what you wrote, you don't do that.
I would focus on the overall trend in your weight loss rather than occasional vicissitudes. After all, overall, you've lost 15 lbs in 2 months---that's great!

I'm with you: It's not an option to never go out again, so I think you're doing just right, i.e., giving yourself permission to loosen the reins on your eating on occasion. The only thing that you maybe need to change is your reaction to such events. Expect to see a gain on the scale, but realize that it isn't real, lasting weight.
This REALLY helped me. I've been struggling as well with the stupid gains that seem to happen OVERNIGHT or within HOURS, like 5 pounds and it's so depressing when you've worked so hard. I never thought it was just water weight or salt.. I mean who would think that anyway, that water can do that to your body within such a short time. I didn't think so anyway, lol. And then I would weight in and after the "gain" I'd be down the 5 pounds within a day or two.. it was insane. I was starting to think I should just give up because the scale was taunting me. I'm so glad I opened this thread and read this, thank you!
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