I'm tired of being obese, starting exercise program

  • I recently turned 30, have been overweight/obese for pretty much my entire life. Currently unemployed and have too much time on my hands. As the title suggests, I'm ready to make a real commitment to changing my health. I feel like my weight has held me back in so many ways. Despite being known as a charismatic person, I'm certain I've hindered myself socially, physically, and even professionally by being out of shape. I feel like if I can escape this body that the sky is the limit.

    This morning I started the T25 routine after buying it, did the first cardio bit. It felt good to break into a sweat and work out hard for the first time in a while. All the fat jiggling around lol, I looked and felt ridiculous. I obviously had to modify all the moves they do but I kept my heart rate up the entire time.

    As for nutrition/food, I'm definitely no expert. A lot of what I have eaten recently/up until now has been: pizza, cheese quesadillas, chips, sandwiches, occasionally some candy and so forth. I plan on just eating as lightly as possible and in greatly reduced portions while cutting out as many carbs (bread/etc right?) and pizza as I can.

    If anyone here has any suggestions for me as a fat guy just starting out, feel free to lay it on me. I want to make this work. What are the best foods to eat before a workout and after? Tips/suggestions to keep motivated? Tools? Is T25 worth it as a pretty overweight male?
  • First of all, welcome!!! And good luck!!!

    Most people suggest one change at a time, like cutting out sugary drinks, or upping your veggie count. IanG would actually be a really good person to talk to about food. I find women's and men's bodies tend to behave a little differently when it comes to food and weight loss, but that could just be my personal experience and not the norm.

    You could try making changes to thin crust pizzas that are veggie loaded, or getting more water in you. I don't think less carbs always equals healthier... I think its more about which carbs. But I personally go by calorie counting and just having appropriate portion sizes. I don't eliminate anything, just have it in moderation and if I have a bad day, I don't let it become a bad week by repeating bad mistakes.

    I have no idea what T25 is, sorry

  • Congratulations on your goal to lose weight.

    It's a battle, and take one step at a time. I would just make sure to burn more than you're consuming in calories.
  • For long-term success, I think two things are vital:
    1. Find healthy foods you love and can enjoy in moderation.
    2. Find a vocation or avocation to replace the pleasure of overeating.

  • I've heard T25 is great, but hard work! the fact that you have started it is immense! Don't be disheartened if you can't do some of the stuff, it's a hard workout !- just keep going, you will soon see differences if you keep up the exercise, I would also do as bellylose says and start walking/jogging/running - I've been doing it for 4 weeks using c210k app and have seen changes already :-) and also feel so much better in myself. Small changes are the way forward if it's going to be a lifestyle change for you, changing everything at once and it being extreme usually results in 'cheating' or 'falling off the wagon' and beating yourself up about it which isn't good, small changes over time make a BIG difference. YOU CAN DO IT :-)
  • For food:
    You have to stay away from all that is unhealthy .. and remove the kitchen from ready-made foods
    Read the table of foods you buy before you eat them
    Drink more water
    Try to start walking and heart exercises