March 2015 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!

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  • Mossy he's doing ok, thanks for asking! still has the catheter, I think it comes out soon.

    flower I actually take dandelion root capsules! But, I ran out of them and kept forgetting to replace them for a couple weeks and so now I've retained more than usual. They help keep the excess water off
  • Thanks everyone for the kind wishes.

    At the airport. My flight is delayed by an hour or so. I have a connecting flight to make but it will be tight. Strangely I packed my running shoes in carry on this time so I will be changing into them and running to catch the connecting flight tomorrow. Should be fun. I always see people running to catch flights. But I am going to be doing it in style and at a very swift pace!

    Anyway, no change today at 174.8lbs.

    Breakfast was sardines, anchovies and smoked oysters.

    Lunch was fish and salad.

    For exercise, I did 60 minutes weight training after breakfast and ran 4.5 miles before going to the airport.

    The old me would never leave the house before going on a flight.
  • Safe travels, Ian.

    Over a week into my trip and I just now discovered there is a scale in my apartment. Hubby noticed it tucked under the entryway table.

    W 156 (up 3 pounds from my lowest)
    B veg, sausage, egg
    L sushi
    D not sure.
  • Woke up at 6:30 today, showered, and headed to campus early. I didn't work out today other than walking up and down hills as usual, tuesdays are my long days.
    B: banana and granola in soy milk, melon (400)
    L: Salad with steamed kale, wild rice, chickpeas, hummus, and a piece of bread (1000)
    s: banana (1100)

    Just as I was about to cook dinner, a friend dropped by and roped me into hanging out with him, so I had a tiny handful of cashews and another banana in place of dinner (1300 calories). I'll probably eat the leftover zucchini and tempeh dish I have, or maybe more cashews when I get home later

    That should put me at 1500 or 1600 calories for the day. Not bad! I was anticipating eating a lot more.

    Happy tomorrow is wednesday! I just have one class, then have the rest of the day to do homework, get in a workout, and relax!
  • Hi Everyone!

    I have read everyone's post, but won't be able to do personals tonight. I am trying to post the check-ins for the new month.

    Ugh! Rough day! Customer with the stolen truck came to the shop yelling and screaming talking about getting a lawyer, etc. I called the insurance company yesterday but they hadn't gotten in contact with me yet. I explained that I had done all I could do and all we could do is wait. I finally told them to leave or I would call the police. It got really ugly. A friend was here and witnessed everything. At least I have a witness to him threatening me. I'm glad DH wasn't here and I dealt with it. I am more calm than he is. The truck has been ready for 3 weeks. The customer kept saying they didn't have the money yet, hadn't been paid yet, expecting a wire of money, etc. Now it's an emergency that they need their vehicle. Also, you wouldn't believe all the stuff they are claiming was in their truck. We were not aware of all of this stuff but they said they had 4 cell phones in there (they haven't needed them all of this time? ) over 300 CD's, etc. We have a sign in the office that we are not responsible for stolen vehicles or their contents. It's also on the invoices, but they don't have that yet. So anyways, right after they left the insurance company called me. Hopefully the customer won't come back down here now. I'm sure they have made contact with the customer by now. There is literally nothing else we could have done to protect the vehicle or keep it more safe than we did.

    But we did get some good news. The biopsies came back negative for DH. No cancer, no fungus, no bacteria (H pylori), etc. I was so relieved that jokingly, I asked if there were any parasites. The nurse came back with "we didn't check for that but there might be an alien in there and I think the Dr. will want to follow up with that test." DH was sitting right here and I thought he was going to fall out of his chair. I am so glad all is good. He will need to continue with the prescription antacid.

    I don't usually get headaches. I have had a headache all day. It's from the swelling in my eyes. Under my eyes is so puffy that I can see them. My vision was also blurry from all of the swelling. My shoes also became too tight today. It's amazing how the body can react to stress.

    Total approx 1485 calories +

    Breakfast (400 Calories + coffee)
    spritz oil in pan
    egg 70 cal
    egg whites from carton 60 calories
    Mediterranean Blend Veggies or Zucchini w/Tri Pepper Blend
    1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
    Rudi's Whole Wheat English muffin 130 calories
    1 teaspoon pumpkin butter 25 calories
    juice 75 calories
    coffee w/sugar and cream

    Lunch (385 Calories)
    Rudi's 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Flatz 100 calories
    2 slices Applegate Farms Black Forest Ham & lettuce 50 Calories
    Laughing Cow white cheddar cheese 35 calories
    Greek Yogurt 100 calories
    1 Apple 100 calories

    Dinner (700 calories)
    Salad w/grilled chicken, brought my own dressing 700 calories

    Cathe's Basic Step
  • Getting us started for the new month:
  • Diana do you think the truck owner may have had something to do with the theft of it? Sounds suspicious and a little too coincidental...

    Rode 21 miles today
  • Diana, that sounds horrible! Syckgirl might be onto something there. That's good news about your husband's biopsies.

    I tried to do a little shopping today because my pants are sagging too much. Every clothing shop has a tiny selection and tiny sizes. I saw the Gap so I thought maybe I could find something there but nope. I even thought maybe a belt would do, but the belts were too tiny too. they do have plus stores but I'd need to venture back to the mall.

    I went a little nuts at the sushi place. So good! And heaven for an introvert. Each person is sat at a bar-like station that faces a tablet and a conveyor belt. Digital ordering and then everything zooms up. Yummy stuff!
  • Coolmom what a great idea, digital ordering and a conveyor belt that brings your food, could be dangerous tho congrats on the saggy pants, too bad about the sizing, my DH prob would have noticed the scale, too, he's so used to me weighing everyday.

    Diana sorry about the added stress and stress induced angioedema. Hope it all gets resolved quickly.

    Syckgirlsfv glad to hear your dad is doing well. I might look into that dandelion root thanks to you and Flower

    Hope everyone has a great day
  • Just posting to say that yesterday wound up going downhill. I came home, had my leftovers like planned, but then had a movie/snack night where I ate at least 1000 calories extra (nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, bananas, 2 small hummus wraps).

    But today is the first of April, so I will move to the other thread and start new today!
  • Yesterday:

    E: 2 mile walk
    B: power bar
    L: 1/2 kielbasa, mashed potatoes, 5 crackers and a tbsp of peanut butter
    D: grilled chicken on salad with extra veggies and 2 tbsp ranch dressing.
  • Diana, That's horrible. I too wonder if syckgirl is right about it. Maybe the guy just has serious anger issues. idk. But I am glad your friend was there to wittness it.

    Syckgirl, glad your dad is doing okay. Recovering well.

    Coolmom, sorry about those saggy pants. Maybe a nice ribbon could substitute for a belt? With some velcro?

    Have to make the personals short tonight. Just stopped by to say hi. Read and post a bit. Food was better today 940 calories. very low in carbs.
    I am hoping that I will have another low calorie day tomorrow. On monday I am having a friend over for dinner. I do not want to look and feel bloated.

    I hope everyone has an awesome Thursday. I think I will.
  • morning everyone

    my daughter is having a great time in Vegas she's been texting me pics. I'm glad.

    Going to ride a short one after work - 11 miles. DH has a meeting so I'll go it alone. Stayed well within calories yesterday and I've lost 4 pounds of water, but really I guess I had picked up 5 so I do have one more to go to be back in my low range.

    B - belvita
    S - dried apricots, fancy mixed nuts (cashews, 2 kinds of almonds, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans)
    L - leftover Omaha steak (from DH's grill fest...last piece!) and brown rice, A1
    D - Omaha steaks pork carnitas, tortilla, guac and sour cream. Either asparagus or steamed broccoli

    everyone have a great day!!!
  • Hi all!
    170.5 this morning, inching back to the 160s
    Pretty good day weather wise, got the chair massage at lunchtime, my shoulder feels better.

    First week of working 4 10s, happy to not have to get up early tomorrow and loving the time change. Had some pretty good snow melt in the front yard, the woods are still pretty white.

    Hope everyone who celebrates has a nice holiday weekend. No big plans.

    Diana hope you're swelling is going down, said a little prayer for you today.

    Think we're going to watch a movie, have a good night everyone
  • Kelijpa Join us at the new thread. It's already 3 pages long. You've got some serious catching up to do. I know what you can do tomorrow with your day off.