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Trying to live below 200
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Ian Thank you.

I always appreciate all the support I get from this thread. It's so much more than "diet and exercise" support. Thank you very much.
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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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Originally Posted by Diana3271 View Post
Ian Thank you.

I always appreciate all the support I get from this thread. It's so much more than "diet and exercise" support. Thank you very much.
So true Diana! we're home safe, Hunter is happy as a clam and looks like he's back to his normal weight, Maybe that would work for me

Still quite a bit of snow on the ground, but the road and driveway are clear and some spots in the yard, it's a start! C'mon spring.

Have a good night all
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Diana - we'll be waiting for the good news.

Kelijpa - When will the snow ever end. One positive, there's not been any tornados in the midwest...we think it has to be all of the snow affecting the weather patterns.

B - Bacon, eggs, blackeyed peas, espresso
L - Potato, salmon, blackberries
D - Pork roast, salad greens, balsamic reduction dressing
E - Swimming

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I ran 3 and walked one. I don't know about this left calf, peeps. Oh well I did it and that's all that matters.

Tomorrow I've got too much to do so I doubt I'll make it back to the gym but Thursday is better.

Hang in there, Diana. I'm sure everything will be fine.
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E: Nothing official. On my feet for 12 hours.

B: power bar.
L: McChicken sandwich.
D: a small bag of plain chips, 2 triple oreos, almost 2 beers, and a handful of pickle chips.

Not the healthiest day food-wise. I just got back from work. I left at 5:30am and am home at almost 11. A 16 hour day. Whew. Bed time. I've got like 3 pages of posts to catch up on tomorrow.

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RetroRabbit I totally hear ya. When I was a smoker I knew full well that I had to wait until I was REALLY ready. I know how hard it all is. The food. Cigarettes...

Diana, I am thinking of you and DH. Sending prayers and lots of light to you both. Hope it helps a bit. One thing is for sure, you take good care of him We will all celebrate here when you give us the good news.

Ian, congrats on the bigger muscles !

Syck, I want what you had for dinner

Violet, sounds like you are doing great with the exercising. And food too.

Novangel, I hope your leg continues to heal.

Kelijpa, glad Hunter gets to be home. Hoping that the snow melts soon. We too have snow left. But the good thing is that summer is near. I do not know what spring is. We call spring "mud season" in vermont.

Mossy, what you ate sounds really good. I hope you are seeind the results I know you SO want

PennyB On your feet for 12 hours? Ouch. I am sorry

Victoria, you really are doing great with the exercise.

Veil, great re: the 1200 calories. And also the dancing. I want to find a dancing group. Just women who get together and dance for exercise. For free. No routine to learn. Just dance.

Hi to Fluffy and eveyrone else.

Total calories: 1100 Not bad

Mother is having a procedure on her eyelids today. They are droopy from age. she is quite old. So I am in a panic. Anxiety it my default. I would be with her but she really is not very happy when I am around. I offered but she said no. It takes about 5 hours for me to get to her. And she does not have a bedroom where I could stay. She has people she loves who are going with her for the procedure. And then someone staying the night at her home with her. She has lots of people who adore her. She is VERY good to them. She has a huge fan club.

So I will be a wreck from afar. Sadly, I will be driving on the interstate to go to the dentist when she will be finished with the procedure. I cannot cancel the hygenist apt. Because I did that the last time, due to bad weather. It takes an hour to get there. I will be a wreck driving there. And then when the cellphone rings and I cannot answer it because we have a "hands free law" in VT. I do not have a hands free set up in my car for the phone. So I will hear the phone ring but will not be able to answer it to hear what they are calling to tell me.

I would not feel quite as bad but the hygenist was in a snit the last time I was there. I called the day before to say I was sick. But they said to come anyway. Turns out that is not what the hygenist wanted. The office mgr thought she was telling me the right thing. But she wasnt. I found out the hard way that the hygenist did not want me there when I was sick. So she got angry and took it out on me. So I am dreading this apt, and the drive knowing my mother is being cut and sewn Okay, that was very long. Sorry. But thanks for being such good human beings <3

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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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Checking in from Tokyo.

Diana, good luck for. DHs procedure.

Flower, calming vibes for your dentist trip/mom's procedure.

I did a lot of walking today, figuring out the subway and walking through the zoo. Lunch was some awesome concoction from a street vendor. This pancake thing was grilled up like a popover, stuffed with coleslaw, crab, bacon, an egg. When he plated it up he surprised me with a mayo drizzle all over the top. Oops! I ate two. So good.

I'm making a peanut butter, chicken noodles for dinner. It's not going to be my usual low cals but hopfully I'll maintain.

Eta skipping dinner. My plans to keep everyone up until 10 is not working, despite offerings of a rare soda purchase. 3/4 kids are asleep by 6pm. Dammit!

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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/182/under 200

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Good Morning, Everyone

Thank you for the support, thoughts, and prayers. They are welcomed and appreciated.

Kelijpa Welcome back home. Yay for Hunter being in such good shape. I know he was happy to see you. It's wonderful to get away but even better to get back home.

CoolMom Glad you made it to Tokoyo and you are able to check in. Enjoy yourself and don't fret over the calories too much. Just try to enjoy in moderation.

Thinking about you today, too.

Penny Those long days can be really draining.

Mossy Your food for the day sounds delish.

Novangel I hope your calf feels better soon. Maybe try foam rolling. I know of other people who have gotten relief from doing it.

Things didn't get started with DH until after 1 AM. I did some yoga before bed but won't do any Oxycise this morning. Just too tired for that.

Last night: Unwinding Muscle Tension from AM PM Yoga for Beginners

Have a great day!
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One Meal At A Time
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Good morning! I apologize for going AWOL, but sometimes denial gets the best of me.

Diana and Flower- Saying a little prayer for DH and mother. Flower, do you typically avoid the interstate or is it a combo of driving and your mother?

Coolmom- I hope you have a fantastic vacation! I have never been to Japan, but my DH was there very briefly while he was stationed in Korea and a quick layover on his way to Afghanistan.

Retro- Pretty sure I tried every smoking cessation product out there and the only thing that worked for me was nicotine lozenges. Granted, it took me 2 years to stop using them, but it was better than nothing. Good luck!

Ian- A little late, but I hope everything works out on the job front!

For now, the only goal I have is to survive until the day after Easter. I've come to the conclusion that half of my issue is my love for food porn, lol. Every month, one of the things I look forward to is my new issue of Bon Appetite mag and the rest of the time, I stalk food blogs and Pinterest. Think it might be time to give it up for awhile.
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I am losing it!
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1200 calorie day
E- none, home with sick kid and then friend cancelled our walk due to cold

Personals are stacking up! Best wishes to all.
Im home sick so I'll try to work on them later.
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momwithdogs- I haven't even heard of nicotine lozenges. I've been up for about 2 1/2 hours today ad have yet to smoke, but I'm wrestling with it. I figured I would try to keep it to 2-3 cigarettes a day for now, then try to phase them out. It's easy now since I'm the only smoker around, but it'll be tougher next week when I'm around lots of smokers who want me to smoke with them again.

I'm a little frustrated right now with the scale. My parents have two in their bathroom, one new one (less than a year old) and an older one. I weighed in on the new one today and got 175.6. I was naked, had just gone to the bathroom, and hadn't had anything to eat or drink yet. Then, just for kicks, I decided to weigh myself an hour or so after I had breakfast (banana and peanut butter) and a glass of water. The scale told me I was then at 171.6!!
I tried on the old one to see what that said, and it told me 174. So I don't know what to do. Either way, these numbers are lower than what they were a week ago. And now when I head back to school, I'll be using the super old scale that says I'm 5 lbs less than I am. Oye!

Anyway, I took yesterday as a rest day. We had a long day out, so by the time I got home, I was ready to curl up in a ball and snooze. I had a big lunch at a restaurant, but breakfast and dinner were good (pear and almonds for B; soup and bread for D).

Today is a gym day, so I'll just do eliptical for an hour and do some stretching and weights. Hopefully I'll go for a jog later on, too.

Hope this hump day goes well for everyone! It's finally starting to warm here. I'm going to break out the bike finally once I get back to school. When mud season is a bit more managable, I'm going to try to bike to the local pond to do some drawings
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Hi everyone can I join in? I have a lot of weight to lose but I'm determined to succeed this time.
Anyway I haven't exactly got a solid plan just yet, at the minute I'm cutting out all junk and swapping breakfast for a green smoothie and just generally eating healthier. I walk about 50 mins a day to take my son to nursery and back again. I hoping my boyfriend will agree to buy me a treadmill so fingers crossed please.
It was a very rough night with my son last night, he has a dreadful cough so we both slept in till 9am! So for breakfast i had a small banana and strawberry smoothie. Then for lunch I had 3 ryvita with low fat cream cheese, a tomato and a few slices of cucumber. For an afternoon snack I had a small green smoothie which had half an apple, 1/4 avocado, handful kale and a handful of frozen mango chunks. Then for dinner I think i'll be having a plain jacket potato, broccoli and a chicken breast.
Does that sound OK or am I doing it all wrong?

I have to wait till payday to buy new scales and stock my fridge/freezer up so i'm using this week as a sort of trial run
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California licensed CPA!
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morning all

walked 4 miles last night for a 400 calorie burn. Not horrible. Tonight we do the 20 mile ride if all goes well. We really need to grocery shop so I will have to see which is more important when I get home.

Dad is going in for surgery tomorrow to have the tumors removed from bladder and sent to pathology for biopsy.

B - basil garlic chicken sausage in low carb tortilla w/dijon (can you tell I'm low on groceries?!?!?)
L - deli chicken (buffalo flavor) slices w/provolone on sourdough with chipotle just mayo
S - greek yogurt if necessary
D - DH wants Omaha chicken fried chicken, so that with steamed broccoli
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Flower: An older relative of mine had that same surgery for her eyelids. I'm happy to say that everything went perfectly and she was thrilled with being able to see better. Hopefully this is just as helpful for your mom. And I'm sorry you can't be there with her. Hang in there.
For your phone, have you thought about maybe putting it on speaker to talk? Does your state allow that?

Mossy: Your post on Bob Harper's book was interesting to read. I like learning about other methods of weight loss - sometimes I like try them or incorporate parts of them into what I do (or not). But I'm always interested in what's out there.

RetroRabbit: Way to go getting back on the wagon. And as far as the scale, I tend to only weigh myself on mine and take the 1st number as the day's number (otherwise it just keeps changing).

lilmonstervictoria: Welcome to check-in!

Diana: I hope everything's going well with your husband and his procedure today. I'm sending positive thoughts out there for him. :

novangel: Good luck! My fingers are crossed that your leg has recovered! And I might be joining you back on the exercise wagon - I think I might be able to go back to re-learning to run (hopefully...).

webb89: Welcome to the thread!

Syckgirlsfv: I hope your dad's surgery goes well and that he can start feeling better soon. I'll keep him in my thoughts for tomorrow.

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Do More than Survive
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Sorry I've been MIA for several days. Life has been very busy and I've not spent much time online. I hope everyone is doing well and I'll try to catch up soon. I'm staying focused and on-track!

Happy Wednesday.
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