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Trying to be in the 160s
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S/C/G: See my siggy ;)

Height: 5'8"


Down 1lb today to 174.4lbs.

I fly this afternoon so I had to get some workouts in and pack which has been a rush.

For breakfast, I had sardines, squid, scrambled eggs and smoked oysters.

For lunch (and in answer to a few of your questions), I had octopus, smoked mussels, petite sardines, smoked oysters, squid, smoked trout pate, hummus (with chili, ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon), balsamic pearls, kale, mixed greens, chopped date & almond cake, anchovy stuffed olives, 3 quails eggs, mushrooms, tomato, onion, kimchi and a dried fig dipped in dark chocolate.

For exercise, I ran 5 miles before breakfast and did 60 minutes weight training before lunch.

Got to catch that flight soon...

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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/184.8/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Ian Safe travels. Check in if you can.
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Hi, I'm Penny. I'm brand new to the site.

Today I weighed in at 182 lbs. That's down from my high, but up about 40 lbs from where I was a few years ago.

One of my biggest issues is sticking to my routine in times of stress, and being able to adapt my routine to fit what's happening in my life. I'm hoping an accountability threat might help some.

I really dislike exercise until I get into a groove with it (and then I like it). It's rough getting back on track, though. Especially now when it's so cold outside.
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I am losing it!
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Welcome Penny! What exercises can you do inside? Do you like to workout in the AM or PM? I have a treadmill but the bike path by my house is so much more fun and rewarding mentally- so I understand about feeling like exercise is difficult because of this extreme cold & snow. Routine is hard but you are smart to start here. Great support and encouragement on this thread! March, here we go!!
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i don't post on this thread often but need prayers and good thoughts my way.

Been in maintenance at least 2 yrs now and doctor put me on Zoloft--i am bipolar and also on mood stabilizers for the past 20 yrs but perimenopause has just knocked me on my keester (at least i think that's what's going on) and the anxiety started getting out of control so..
i am PRAYING that the Zoloft really puts me in a good place and especially that i do not gain weight on it, i know it's supposed to be one of those "weight neutral" SSRI's but that's individual.
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Warrior Princess
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ReillyJ, I'm scared to death of menopause because of my anxiety but try not to worry about the Zoloft, I have taken it in the past and it never affected my weight. Matter of fact it made me eat less but I know we're all different. As long as you don't change your calorie intake there should be no difference. If you're really nervous then increase your exercise. Take care.

Fluffy, I'm seeing a cardiologist on the 9th and I'm going to inquire about a beta blocker to replace my anti-anxiety meds. We'll see.

Ian, safe travels. I want to go to Europe so bad but I'm too afraid to fly that far. Hopefully someday.

Diana, I truly hope they can figure out the deal with your edema and get it under control. That has to be such a pain to deal with. I'm sorry.

To all the new people:

Sunday is always my rest day. I'm making pork chops and waiting for The Walking Dead.
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Height: 5'5"


May I join your group? I am new and just starting another weight loss effort - have lost and gained these pounds before - but determined to get them off for good this time.
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S/C/G: 215/168.4/159.8

Height: 5' 5"


Exercise: I'm going to do some flexibility exercises, and probably some YouTube Pilates before bed (sometimes it de-stresses me from the day).

2 eggs
2 tsp soy sauce
1/3 cup mixed veggies
1 cup white rice

1/2 jumbo hot dog (at a ball game)
1 slice pesto toast
1 egg

1 cup rice
Leftover moo shu veggies
1 small cake treat
A couple (literally 2) lime chips
1 funsize peanut butter M&Ms

Not bad. I was right in my calorie range, which is good.


Veil: Thanks for the welcome! I prefer morning workouts, but I work so early that it just isn't realistic most days. Inside, I tend to do yoga or pilates... I dislike most cardio videos (which is tough), but some are okay. I prefer running on the treadmill at my gym, but it's a bit of a trek to get there. I'm starting with just a bit each day, and hopefully that gets me going. Thanks for the support!

ReillyJ: Here's hoping your new med does only good things for you!

novangel: Thanks! Glad to be here!

ncjane: I'm new too, and in a very similar place (lost weight, regained, want to lose weight and keep it off). Welcome to the thread!
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/184.8/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Hi Everyone!

My TTOM didn't actually start, yet. I am having symptoms, though. I am at the age where noting is normal anymore. Sometimes it's early, sometimes late, sometimes long, other times short. You never know what to expect.

Novangel Keep us updated on the supplement and how you are doing with it. Enjoy the Walking Dead. I think hormones or stress flares the angioedema up. Last week I had a lot of stress with DH's situation and now TTOM is looming. No telling which one causes more problems with the angioedema. It seems like they all walk in a circle holding hands. Ha Ha Maybe it's more like vultures circling overhead.

Fluffypuppy Congrats on the concert. I'm glad it went well. I had 7 hours of sleep both days. That's not bad, but I would normally get 8 hours. I have been known to wake at 2 and 3 in the AM and not be able to go back to sleep. Glad I haven't done that in a while. For me, that stuff is hormonal. I don't usually do it any other time.

Flower I'm glad it warmed up some in you area. Next week the time changes, so hopefully the temps will be improving.

Veil Good job on the successful day and that you enjoyed in moderation.

Momwithdogs Hi and welcome to the check-in.

Ronja Hi and welcome to the check-in.

CoolMom Enjoy the new mattress. What kind did you get? We got a new one a few years back and it was awesome.

Good luck with your goals and incorporating exercise in your plan.

Penny Hi and welcome to the check-in.

Reilly Sending good thoughts your way that the new med is beneficial and does not cause any problems. I think a lot of my current issues have to do with menopause. Hang in there.

Ncjane Hi and welcome to the check-in.

Waving Hi all around! Enjoy your evening!
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/184.8/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Total approx 1150 calories +

Breakfast (400 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Mediterranean Blend Veggies or Zucchini w/Tri Pepper Blend
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
Rudi's Whole Wheat English muffin 130 calories
1 teaspoon pumpkin butter 25 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (350 calories)
iced coffee my usual way 50 calories
chicken salad on wheat 300 calories

Dinner (400 calories)
Chicken salad on wheat 300 calories
apple 100 calories

10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme Cardio Kickboxing w/gloves

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S/C/G: 158/158/125

Height: 5'4


Today was hard. I feel like my body was detoxing from the crap I've been eating but I stuck through it even though it was tough. I'm proud that I did. Now I know it's going to be easier. I woke up pretty late today but haven't been moving at all all day and barely at all the last few days so I want actually even that hungry just craving.

B: eggs with veggies
S: Apple
L: protein shake with protein powder, cocoa powder, kefir
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S/C/G: 174/145.6/130-117

Height: 5feet1


Employed my new weapon today, the iPhone journal, to combat binge urges. The biggest craving hour is yet to come though. But I am determined to lose weight in March. My mini mini goal is 141 with no set date but hopefully before April 1. Tonight the binge brain says, you are high in cals, not gonna see a loss tomorrow, might as well binge. I am at 1080 but that is only approximate as I am still at my folks and not in control of dinner. I might be closer to 1200 which would mean I am gonna gain. Why gain a little when you can gain a lot. Stupid.

Welcome PennyB, ncJane and ReilleyJ
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S/C/G: 197 / ticker / 140

Height: 5' 4"


Hi Everyone,

I'm M and I also run more than I should. At least I used to and slowly doing so again. I have a job I love which lets me travel a lot and I also love to cook.

2014 kicked my butt, emotionally and physically. My relationship with my live-in boyfriend of 6 years ended (amicable but sad) and I gained 23 pounds. I'm determined now to get back to my normal weight (and more would be a plus) and to run my 2nd marathon at the end of 2015.

This weekend to be honest has been a bit lonely but food / exercise wise was good.

I ran a 10K on Saturday and 2 miles today.

Today I ate:

Breakfast - 1 egg + 2 egg whites, 2 strips bacon, 2 pieces of 60 cal dave's killer bread
Lunch - ham + lettuce sandwich on dave's killer bread + 1 cup strawberries
Snack - 1 cup plain popcorn
Dinner - Chicken Teriyaki, brown rice, salad - (homemade)

I'll work my way into meticulously counting calories but for now, the fact that i've stopped late night snacking and overall being more mindful -- I'm happy to just write that out for now.

Hi to everyone, old faces and new.
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S/C/G: 174/145.6/130-117

Height: 5feet1


I just mastered an extremely strong binge urge surge. I kept seeing in my minds eye an image of myself eating various things and thinking reasons why it'd be ok for me to do so. It was almost overpowering. But I won! I can hardly believe I did.

Welcome solar plant.
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Wow oh wow, so many new people. How great is that !

Veil, its great to hear more about who you are. Glad you are so committed to health. That's great. I was not sure if you were M or F. So I learned all kinds of things about you from your post.

Diana, I hope you got better sleep last night. Damn those hormone

Momwithdogs, great to meet you. wow, a 6 month old. You sure do have your hands full with 2 so young. And I noticed you wrote you are the "owner of a needy DH"

Ronja, welcome. How old are your twins? Sounds like you did great at the restaurant. I am not sure I would have been so good

Fluffy, HUGE CONGRATS on controlling that urge. You did it

CoolMom, congrats on the new mattress. 7 lbs extra wll not cause it any harm. When do you go on vacation?

ohclementine, sounds great that you will be walking. So healthy

Ian, hope you have a great trip. yay for that 1 lb weight loss

PennyB good to meet you. congrats on what you already have lost. This is a great thread for accountability. I REALLY like it a lot.

ReillyJ I am hoping you do great with the Zoloft. I am sending prayer and good thoughts. SO glad you are here posting on this thread.

Novangel, hope those Sunday pork chops were good !

ncjane Great to meet you. Of course you can join in. Its great to have new people here. I have lost and gained the same lbs more times than I can count.

Sensualappeal, I totally hear ya re body detoxing. I need to stop all sugar. Otherwise my body is always craving.

Hi to Kelijpa, Northern and everyone else who has not posted in the past day

Same old thing. Broken record. Cocoa overload. too many calories are going there. Going to switch over some of the time to dandy blend. It tastes horrible. But I add some black cocoa powder to it and it is a bit better. I wish I liked tea. What's a woman to do?

Other than that I was good today. Had
codfish, salads boneless skinless chicken breast and chicken sausage. Plus the frozen lemon low calorie stuff I make. Its that pesky hot chocolate. Low on calories as long as I am not drinking it all day and night.

I hope everyone has a great Monday !!!

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