Calorie deficit question.....

  • This may be a crazy question, but was thinking about a post I read the other day. I've been using MFP to track my calories. And it says that I should be eatin no more than 1450 calories per day. Here are my 2 questions:

    1. Is the 1450 calories per day actually a calorie deficit?

    2. If yes and I usually eat 1000-1200 calories per day. Is that considered the calorie deficit instead whereas it's lower than MFP suggested. Or am I eating much less than I should be?

    Can't believe I didn't think of this before
  • Yes, the 1,450 is including a deficit so by eating 1,000-1,200 you're eating less than you should be. Generally they advise not to eat less than 1,200 so stay somewhere in between 1,200-1,400.
  • Thanks novangel! Well, I've been creating a deficit upon my deficit not sure why my "light bulb moment" took so long. should I reconfigure MFP to my weight now for a more accurate daily calorie? Or doe it do it automatically as you log your weight. I've not noticed it going down as I lose weight, but then again I was making a deficit way off dorm the allowed anyway :half empty:
  • I would re enter current weight/goal and if you can eat less than your given daily allowance just consider it a bonus. If you occasionally go above 1450 a little don't beat yourself up either since most days you eat below. It's like checks and balances. Just don't go below 1,200 and you're golden.

    Don't forget to log any exercise including walking because that will give you a little more wiggle room.
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