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Originally Posted by Stripes 237 View Post
Once you buy it, it's going to waste. Either it rots, gets thrown away or flushed down the toilet.

Eating it doesn't stop it from going to waste. It just pack on pounds.
Or perhaps the nutrients in healthy food feed the cells of the body before they are elminated and go to waste. Many of these nutrients are essential to health. So they are beneficial and even essential before they are waste. I think I say this because I do not absorb nutrients properly partially due to a lifetime of inproper dieting. (yoyo syndrome) My body doesnt really absorb many nutrients in food now

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I felt the same way for a long time because even though that was not the case at home, I went to a very strict private school where they would check and make sure everything on your plate was gone or you'd get in trouble.

My mom actually fixed it herself several years later by giving me this mantra:

"It's just as much of a waste if it's in your stomach when you don't want it as it would be in a trash can."

Which is true. When you're eating food you don't want or need, you're still "throwing it away," you're just using your own body as a trash can. Actual trash cans can't get sick or overweight, so they're a better choice.
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I would typically eat everything on my plate, but not because of a fear of wasting food. That would not explain why I would go back for second helpings, or if I was full, go back to eat the leftovers a couple hours later when I wasn't full any more. That, my friend, is compulsive overeating. I haven't solved it. But like Ian, I make myself HUGE low calorie meals so that I can eat a lot, but still lose - or maintain - my weight.
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I grew up poor and we never wasted any food. So now that I'm older I refuse to waste food.
What I do is I make smaller meals and also use smaller plates to eat from. If I'm still hungry I'll make something small to eat. Yet I eat slow, and I know how much of food will fill me up.
I would also try what other suggested and make a large low calorie meal.
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