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Originally Posted by jiffypop View Post

Yes, I've had surgery. But I'm here to tell you that it's really NO DIFFERENT than losing weight the old fashioned way. It's simply a tool that re-set both my eating habits and my metabolism. It requires constant vigilance. .

constant vigilance. just like everyone else.
Hi just a side note to say that you have every right to be proud of you weight loss and the fact that you chose to have surgery does not in any way diminish your success.

I dont know why some people have negative attitude toward people that had the surgery the means you took are not easy. I raise my hat to you, bravo.
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Pattience, true enough that they aren't drawing their numbers from the population at large. Even so, I think where they are drawing their numbers from matter.

This has been tested in randomized controlled trials where people have been separated into groups and given intense exercise and nutrition counselling.
Granted everyone has already called into question the validity of the science behind this. I'm going to continue to poke holes in it anyways. I think when it comes to studying something like weight loss the WHY is in a lot of ways more important than the HOW.

So they gave people intense exercise and nutrition counselling....and then assumed that it was a lack of this information that was keeping people from losing weight permanently. Studies like this are flawed from the get go.

I guess the point I was trying to make is that most of us know the information about HOW to lose weight is great... but it's the WHY that makes it happen and makes it a lifelong change.

Until they come up with a study of groups of people who lose weight for different reasons and the effectiveness, I still think it's not representing a correct proportion of 'serious' dieters (by which I mean people who are looking for a real lifestyle change).
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HEY FAWKS, I KNOW YOU IRL!!! lol. I tried to PM you but I think you're too new and I'm not allowed. Glad to see you joined the board!!!!
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I think you hit the nail on the head with the word "diet." By definition the word is temporary. People who diet, regain or don't lose more than you can in a temporary time and then regain. I had "dieted" millions of times but was never able to maintain weight loss until I changed my life.

A complete 180 change - food and exercise, but also the mental health side of it. I dealt with the demons that were keeping me overweight. I started more with the intent of self discovery and a focus on taking care of myself. Ironically, not focusing on the weight but on the behaviors behind my choices was the "magic pill" for me. It's been a journey of fine tuning and reminding myself to continue these things, and yes I gain 5 to 10lbs here and there but I've maintained my loss for 3 years now. (Almost 70lbs and gone from a size 24 to a size 10).

I think the set point concept is all mental. Your "set point" is the lowest weight that allows you to lose without having to REALLY change. It's the amount you'll lose with a diet. I think the same thing about plateau. When you reach one, it's a signal that you have a mental block and need to evaluate why you won't let yourself go past that weight. I was convinced my set point was 200 and then 185 and then 163. Now, I have seen the patterns and know that those were mental roadblock weights.

Do most people do the real work to lose weight? (By real work I mean are they willing to significantly modify their life both nutritionally, physically and psychologically.) No. That's why you see those negative statistical numbers.

Plus, I think that there is a difference between someone making a small lifestyle tweak to lose 20lbs and be at a goal weight and someone who loses (or has to lose) 100lbs or more. I think those are two different categories of weight loss and the researchers should look into them separately.

One final piece of advice that I have for someone starting out, though that is VERY ENCOURAGING is this: There isn't a magical switch when you get to goal weight that makes you suddenly feel great. You get to experience positive affects of weight loss from almost the first week. You eat better and move a little and it FEELS GOOD and your MOOD is GOOD and that makes you FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF from WEEK 1. Lose 10lbs and your clothes feel better. Lose 20 and your joints feel better, your face changes, people notice and YOUR CONFIDENCE IN YOUR ABILITY TO LOSE WEIGHT SKYROCKETS. And so on. If you look at the calendar and think, "It's going to take me 6 months, 1 year to lose this but I want to feel better now!" The good news is that you will!!

I like to think of the staircase quote - "You don't have to see the top of the staircase, just take the first step and go up." It's about self discovery and self care and dealing with each new emotion and challenge that you face as you climb those stairs. But thinking about them all now will only overwhelm you. Just focus on the first step and then enjoy how quickly you will start to feel better.

Sustained weight loss isn't easy, but not in the ways you think. Yes, the gym can be hard and so can refusing foods but that's just the beginning. Do the "real work" and I PROMISE you will lose weight and be happier and it won't take getting to your goal weight to enjoy the rewards of that.

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