Reverse before and after photos

  • I've been living in a fog of denial about my massive weight gain for a long time.

    To cut through it, I put together a "before and after shot" - only the before shot is of me at 63 kgs, the after one is at 100 kg.

    It's bloody shocking!

    98 kgs today....
  • Congrats on the 2 kg down! You're taking control and heading in the right direction!
  • You can do it! Keep going!
  • Coming to grips with our "truths" is hard. But just for the record, you're a beautiful girl in both pictures!
  • For me it was also very difficult to face the truth! But my old clothes opened my eyes! when i understood that i can not even put a leg inside of my old jeans i started to cry. I was crying the whole night long and in the morning started my new life! May the force be with you! Facing the problem is the first step! Now make the second one and start to change your life for better!!