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Trying to be in the 160s
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I envy men for not having to deal with this every month!
I gain every Tuesday. It's my man cycle. I'd love to be monthly.

If you want serotonin, do what I do and eat canned fish.

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Interesting what you say about men...or at least you...so I guess I'll just accept the monthly thing after all.

Have you read some research that eating canned fish helps with serotonin or is it just your own experience? Just wondering, if you don't mind sharing. Thanks!
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Given you are 5'9 you could easily increase your calories then. Except I don't know what you weigh at the moment but i'd suspect an increase might be a good idea. 1400-1500 is very low.

Remember i was losing at 1600 pretty steadily with no exercise from my start weight to about 152 or so. And i'm only 5'.4,5".
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Ian- I do eat canned tuna several times a week. I I also eat fresh fish that my husband and I catch, which includes mackerel, a known fatty fish, as well as salmon that I buy. I am having a fresh from the sea Flounder tonight! I just can't gag down any small whole bony type with guts in fish..... I just can't do it.

I decided yesterday that I am going to raise my calories and see what happens. Maybe, just maybe, I am not eating enough? I don't know. It will at least be a little break for me to see if it works, and if not, I will go back down. I don't think it will be too hard to increase if I add more fruit or legumes or nuts in. Maybe it will be good to have a little time away form being so strict. I am still going to log it all, I am just going to eat a little more. Here goes...
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I had to add this only because I've been on a plateau for 6 months. I went from 182 to 146 in 6 months and then spent 6 months floating up and down 2 lbs. I've been trying to be philosophical about it. Taking time to get used to my "newish" body. But the truth is I'm also annoyed. I've never, in all my attempts, reached my goal weight. Usually I get to this weight 145ish and I'm in a size 6-8 and I can "live with it". Well fate is cruel. At my age all my weight gain is in my apple shaped lower body, namely my stomach. So I made it this far but I can't fit into ANY of my smaller clothes. All the shirts are tight over my abs and I can't zip a damn thing up. So I've had to actually admit to myself that almost isn't gonna cut it anymore, getting to my goal weight is the only option. I've had to shave 100-200 calories off my day and add the same in exercise. Keep going. Is almost comforting knowing that getting to goal is the only option because gaining back the 36 I lost just ain't gonna happen. I don't care if it takes me another year to do it :-). Sorry I rambled a bit...but keep going!!!!!
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Sumu, i think if you can read the books by Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis you might understand why you are stuck at 145. She explains it better in the second book but the first book is important if you are not familiar with the scientific concepts she talks about.

Essentially she might say that 145 is probably your bodies "ideal weight". Forcing yourself to go below might only cause a regrettable rebound. However i know until you are convinced of this you are not likely to take my word for it. I know it might be a tough truth to come to terms with so i'll just say this. if you do get below and find you can't stay there, maybe then you could accept that 146 is your ideal weight.

She also talks about the measurements of your waist and hip. If the ratio of your waist to hip i.e. 0.8 and under, you are healthy. If not you are at greater risk of metabolic disease. This is critical for you because of your apple shaped figure.
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