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nostoneunturned 04-06-2014 06:55 PM

Breakup Binging (or other life changing events)
Yuck. So my serious, long term (and Long Distance) BF of six years on and off and I called it quits on 3/26 (the eve of our 6 year anniversary...great timing:( ). We've been "off" before so I've been through all this but this time I feel it's for good. If you can't make it work after 4 or 5 go arounds, then it's time to let it go.

Which I am. It's not as bad as previous break-ups although lacking any hope of reconciliation makes me a bit more depressed. I'm a bit weepy here and there but overall accepting of it since things were just SO stressful the past few months, it didn't even feel worth it most times. Plus he's changing and so am I but whole 'nother story:dizzy: .

BUT. Whereas with previous breakups my heartache and utter black hole of loneliness completely obliterated all hunger and caused me to drop weight easily and quickly, this time I am drawn to eating. I'm trying to eat intuitively, naturally, whatever. Not overthink or obsess about it. Yet I keep overeating without really meaning to. For example I'll be out and about and see a sale on candy and buy a pack or two. I've been eating out a lot too which is bad financially but kind of justifying it since I am hurting. (bad decision I know, also shopping too much). All this little here and there comfort food is adding up! I stepped on the scale and saw 189 on Friday, my normal high weight.

Any advice to avoid comfort/emotional eating during and following life-changing events? I really need to start exercising for sure. But what else can I do? I lack social support (no friends, and family aren't easy to talk to about this relationship since they feel it's ridiculous I think) and tend to be compulsive about things in general.

ILoveVegetables 04-06-2014 07:30 PM

Hey, I'm sorry about your breakup but I'm sure you both did what was best for you.

As you can see from my starting/current weight, I'm not a shining endorsement for how to control bingeing, but I still wanted to add my two cents worth on what's been helping me when I feel like eating beyond reason.

For me it's distraction. When I feel like eating, I just need some way to keep my hands occupied for a while. I'm hugely into computer gaming, so I'll just start up my game and it'll make me forget about food for as long as I play. Even little games like facebook tetris and candy crush help me with this. As long as I keep myself occupied for about 15-20 minutes, I don't feel like eating so much anymore.

Otherwise I go out for a smoke :p (I don't endorse this at all, though. It makes it a lot worse when I don't have a cigarette on hand. Plus it's bad for health)

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