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Life is about balance
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Good Morning Everyone,

It's been awhile. The weather (minus yesterday's snow) is changing to Spring which means I can come out of my cocoon. I have maintained my weight through the Winter, which is amazing since the only exercise I got was shoveling snow...the few times it snowed.

I went through a battery of tests over the past months and have been deemed free and clear of disease, and or, ailments other than Hashi's, Celiac's and Bipolar. My new neurologist recommends any exercise I want and like...no limits have been put on me. When my muscles rebel, he will offer shots, and or, meds for pain...I am going to do my best to not partake in anything stronger than Tylenol.

I'm looking forward to getting back in the groove. Right now, I'm in manic stage of Bipolar so for the past two weeks I have been up at four...this morning, it was 3...I've already had a small workout (in my slippers). I think, for a time, I will workout on my bike and maybe evening walks with my DD. I also look forward to getting to know you all, again.

Hi Diana

I see a lot of the regulars are still here...it's nice to see.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and healthy day.
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So, I've been on plan and exercising intensely for the past week and I haven't lost an ounce. It's annoying. Eat less, move more and the scale won't budge. Grr.

I'm watching the carbs, haven't drank any soda, calories are no more than 1400 (and they are good calories, no garbage), doing zumba, wii, and I did a boot camp yesterday and still---nothing.

Not happy.
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Trying to live below 200
Thread Starter
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Good Morning, Everyone!

canadjineh Hi and Welcome to the check-in!

Mamakat Welcome back! It's good to see you. Sounds like you have done a wonderful job of taking care of yourself during the colder months. I'm glad that things are going well for you.

Last night I added on: Strong Knees (the stretch section, this is a full lower body stretch.)

I also used the heating pad. The pain in my hip is not as intense, but it's still there. I will see how I feel as the day go on.

Calories for yesterday: 1565 +
Weigh In: 165
Up: .2

Have a great day!
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Starting Over Again
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Calories: 1831

B - Quaker Cherry Pistachio Oatmeal + Coffee
L - Whole Wheat Pretzel Bun w/ Sliced Ham & American Cheese + Sliced Strawberries
S - Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich
D - 2 Slices of Pizza
S - Hi I'm Skinny Sweet Onion Sticks + Crunchmaster Multigrain Crackers

Was higher on calories than I should have been. Wasn't expecting the pizza... And I hate how unfilling regular pepperoni pizza is. I'd rather have a spinach, mushroom, chicken and alfredo pizza any day. No one else seems to like that except me.

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Starting over sucks.
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Down .4 this morning. Things are getting really crazy at work right now.

Yesterday calories:1066
Brussell sprouts
baked salmon
snap peas
mayo dill mustard dip
a little cheddar cheese

I did a 30 minute pretty intense swim yesterday. If the weather warms a little I will run the dog tonight, but he's not a huge fan of the cold.

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Trying to be in the 160s
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S/C/G: See my siggy ;)

Height: 5'8"


Gain day and up another 1.4lbs. It must be sodium but I am trying to cut back. Calories will be about 1600 today.

Fat Calories Protein Carbs Sodium
oats 5 300 8 54
Flaxseed milk 4 38 0 2
dried apricot 0 32 0 9
honey 0 21 0 6
Coffee 3 25 0 1
Small can of mackeral 9 180 27 0
Coffee 3 25 0 1
Ekone lemon pepper oysters 6 165 17 12

quails eggs 3 42 4 0
Vital choice canned sockeye 16 340 48 0
East Point shrimp 2 100 22 0
Ekone habanero oysters 6 165 20 9
Honey 0 64 0 17
Tomato 0 11 1 2
Mushroom 0 2 0 0
Red onion 0 8 0 2
Kidney beans 0 18 1 3
Kimchi 0 100 10 10

Total 57 1635 158 128 0
Weight 171.6
Protein/weight ratio 0.92
Targets based on weight Low High
Calories 2402 2746
Fat based on 20-30% caloric intake 36 55
20% less calories to cut 1922

Exercise: Did 1 hour boxing. Will run about 3 miles at lunch.
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California licensed CPA!
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morning another water pound down.

starting off my Tuesday irritated...not the best way to go! Crazy coworker is also lazy coworker, and she refuses to learn things (like excel) so I get stuck doing a lot of stuff she should be doing. She makes more than I do (by only about 2K a year, but STILL) I'm tired of having the bigger workload and the lion's share of the responsibility around here! I'll never understand completely why she even still works here - she's miserable and *****y and rude and spends the day whining and complaining, and wandering around the temple. This is the one thing about my job I can't stand. HER. And her inability to be a team player. ARGH!!!!!

anyway. FOOD
B - 0% Fage Greek Yogurt/almonds/honey/pumpkin pie spice
L - kale salad w/poppy seed dressing, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, chicken breast
S - popcorn
D - leftovers. hopefully chicken breast and avocado wrap as I have to run right off to school tonight but it comes down to what's left when I get home! there is a sirloin, too...

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Well I'm back here again... Not in a good way, but back is back which is better than not ever coming back and giving up, right?

So... I have a LONG way to go, but if I did it once, I can do it again! Waving to everyone.
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Lifelong Alaskan!
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Height: 5'5"


hi melissa!!

i'm getting better at my running again...increasing speeds again but not time running because it messes with my lungs too much...and wearing my new jeans...so SO happy that i can fit this size (13 junior) which I haven't fit in years...maybe never since high school...not sure....but so far back in memory that i can't remember lol
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Making it a lifestyle!
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Been a while since I stepped in here. Mostly been maintaining at 140-146. Now that summer (my favorite season!) is around the corner I really would like to lose just a few more pounds, as it's easier for me to lose when the weather is warmer. Most of all I REALLY want to get back into regular exercise (been far too cold ;-; ). But I'm already enjoying rocking some short-shorts on an unseasonably warm day today.

large banana - 135
2 tbsp almond butter - 200
greek yogurt - 140
2/3 pack thai lime rice - 315
fruit me up - 60
blackberries - 50
tuscan-style soup w/spinach - 330
low-calorie snacking (baby french beans, baby carrots, raspberries) - 120
small apple and handful of raspberries - 80

total: 1480 kcal

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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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Hello all,

Psychic cherry pistachio oatmeal sounds awesome, I'll have to look for it.

Alaskan Congrats on the jeans, that's great!!

Dinner was salad
greens, beets, chickpeas, sprouts, sunflower seeds, Colby jack cheese and Italian dressing
didn't eat my oranges yet, so still have a snack ahead.

Ian I can't remember, did you try drinking tea help flush the sodium.

SyckgirlsFV sorry to hear about your co-worker, definitely added stress, best of luck with that.

Weather was nice this afternoon, so many people were at the rail trail it was unbelievable, everyone must have cabin fever

berryblondeboys much better than not coming back and giving up, you'll do great, like you said, you know what to do

Diana hope your hip gets better fast!
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Hi Diana, I need to be back here. Thank you for providing this thread. I'm sorry that your hip hurts. Hope you feel better soon.

4/1/14 - 1186 cals.

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California licensed CPA!
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Height: 5'8


just a quick note before I rush off to school...had chicken breast and 1/4 avocado wrapped in low carb tortilla. I'll finish my popcorn there if I get hungry. Good night to you all!
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Hi everybody. Special hello to all new and/or returning folks. I've been gone for two day and the thread grew 4 pages. I'll have to be careful not to do that again.

I been on plan and exercised yesterday and today to Leslie Sansone. I bought another of her tapes from the thrift too.

I found out today that Myfitnesspal is not accurate for calories burned during exercise for me. I used my "MotionX" tracker and it read only 1/2 (half) the calories burned that the other AP suggested. I think because of my "cadence" which is the amount of energy I put into it is read. Man if I was eating back those calories I'd be doing a real disservice to myself.

I'm eating on plan but ate extra yesterday. I won't go into a whole big thing but lets say I been sick. Never take "Smooth Move" tea and eat extra fiber (glucomannan) all in the same day. I'm just starting to feel normal today. Uggggg!

Oh and Up 1lb after all that drama go figure. LOL!

Diana: I hope you feel better soon. Middle age is the pits with all its crazy body symptoms. My hip has been hurting too. And tom was erratic. I know my post is full of "too much info." I feel for you.
and hope it passes soon.
Have the very best evening you are able to!

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Starting Over Again
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Height: 5'5"


kelijpa - Its delicious, but kinda expensive. They go for $1.50 each here. My mom found some at her work for $0.50, so she bought me a whole bunch. They're single serve cups that you just add water to and microwave. They're very convenient when you eat breakfast at work.

miniapplecocoa - That "smooth move" tea doesn't do anything for me. I just like the flavor. Lol.

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