Regular updates from a failed dieter

  • Over the last 7 years I have been on so many diets.
    I lost 3 stone at one point and got to a size 12, by eating a daily diet of 1 slice of bread (crusts cut off) topped with low fat Philadelphia and cucumber slices, diet coke and chewing gum. I was 15. As you can guess it piled back on quickly.
    Since then I have tried various diets or attempted to eat better and whether for a lack of time, money or willpower, any weight I have lost has returned.

    I am hoping that if I post what I am doing every day or every few days then the wiser, more successful weight losing individuals out there will be able to offer me some advice on what to change or what to keep doing.

    I am 21, miserable about how I look, desperate for the confidence I had when I was slimmer and tired of not being able to wear what I want to wear. I don't want to feel embarrassed when I go food shopping, imagining people are looking at me and scrutinizing the contents of the trolley. I don't want to hate clothes shopping. I want to look back at pictures and think 'that was such a good day' rather than 'I look terrible'. I don't want to be skinny, just healthy for my size.

    Anyway that is enough rambling.

    Today I have eaten:
    3 caramel flavoured rice cakes.
    A salad with 3 slices new potatos and an egg, with a little salad cream.
    2 handfuls of crisps (chips) - salt and vinegar kettle crisps.
    I have drunk a glass of water and a bottle of coke zero.

    I also walked (albeit very slowly) for about an hour.

    I've eaten badly today (this isn't a typical day for me), but I'm too tired to prepare something better. I think I am going to have some rice and chicken for dinner. I use a diet plate to control my portions at dinner time.

    Any advice will be welcome
  • You can love your body at any size. The concerns you have about your body, about how others perceive and judge you, and how you hate your clothing are all things that you can change just by loving yourself. Yes, it's possible. Losing weight may or may not change your attitude about yourself. There are plenty of women at a healthy weight who also hate their bodies and feel judged by others. Hating yourself and punishing your body by attempting various diets is not the path to happiness.

    Love yourself. Nurture your body by feeding it healthy foods and having treats - yes treats - in moderation. Do you like eating rice cakes? If you do that's fine but don't force yourself to eat diet foods just because they are diet foods.

    Love your body. You don't have to think it's perfect, you don't have to like everything about it, you just have to be okay with it.
  • First. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you are a nice person. This does wonders for your confidence. If you hate yourself, hate the way you look, it is a downward spiral.
    Like yourself, have a positive outlook and everything else will fall into place.
  • Well what you ate was really quite poor and not nearly enough calories. This type of eating is going to have the same results as the cucumber sandwich diet you tried and failed with before.
    Pretty much everything you consumed was a worthless carb or starch. The only thing you ate with any real protein was the egg. The potato is just a white starch and really offers you nothing except probably a blood sugar spike. You are most likely dehydrated unless that glass of water was HUGE. The coke zero is also going to work against you because of the artificial sweetners in it. Rice with flavoring, just a dietarily worthless carb and some sugar really. And I think you already know that the "crisps" are fatty starchy carbs. There is some potential value in the salad, but not if it was the typical "iceberg" type.

    You say this is not a typical day, what IS a typical day then? Are you following a plan or?

    If your diet is judged by what you ate listed above, you'll likely fail at this diet attempt because it's far too few calories and of nearly no nutritional value. This type of eating will likely leave you tired, crabby, undernourished, and fighting blood sugar swings. Depending on YOU, it may also trigger binge eating.

    Perhaps you are trying to calorie count? In that case I think perhaps you should consider switching instead to a food plan so that you get some nutrition as well.