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Diana3271 02-28-2014 09:15 AM

Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - March 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
Hello Everyone! :wave: Welcome to the Check-In! Let's make it a great month!

I want to welcome everyone to the Daily Accountability Check-In. Our goal is to stay accountable and on track by posting our daily food and exercise choices. All food and exercise programs are welcome. Consistency is the key to reaching our weight loss goals.

Introduce yourself or jump right in and tell us what you have been doing.

:cheer2: Here's to the start of a great month! :cheer2:

Syckgirlsfv 02-28-2014 11:52 AM

morning! It's pouring here!!!! finally! :rain::carrot: we really needed it...and the streets are flooded so we're getting it!

Diana yes it is FABULOUS once I finish a quarter and can go blow off steam in Vegas! Only 108 more days...LOLOLOLOL ha ha :rofl: I annoy DH with it, but he just doesn't get that with everything I have on my plate these days I NEED something to look forward to. :dizzy:

Ok on the menu:
B - oats/egg whites/lite jarlsburg
S - crunchy rice roller
L - salad: romaine, deli ham, energy nut mix, BHF blue cheese dressing
D - maybe my fav chicken bacon alfredo pizza! 300 cals per slice, and there are 4 so DH and I split them. 600 calories ain't too bad for pizza!

planning cardio after work at the gym...probably watch Last Vegas on blu-ray tonight since I bought it at Costco last weekend. We saw it in the theater when it was out, and it was SO MUCH fun! Can't wait to see it again. It was filmed at Aria, where I stayed in July for my anniversary. BEAUTIFUL hotel!!!

alaskanlaughter 02-28-2014 12:36 PM

very tired this morning...but at least I can get some more rest before I hit the gym...I might just walk on inclines since i'm super sore from running yesterday...

Waterbunny77 02-28-2014 05:15 PM

Perfect, I get to start the last day of Feb! Today for breakfast I had 2 slices of cheese with those thin round flat breads (can't remember it's name). For lunch I had a very small cup of chili, one small block on dark chocolate and mid dinner I ate 3 eggs. Later I will have a small cup of navy beans and that should bring me around 1300 calories for the day.

alaskanlaughter 02-28-2014 05:23 PM

i walked on the steepest incline setting on the treadmill (15) for 10 minutes along with a warm up, cool down and gradually increasing the incline to its max setting....i was dripping sweat halfway through so i know it must have been a good workout....i am only doing 20 minutes on the treadmill right now so i'm making it the hardest that i can handle, because of my new shoes...the blisters are healing and i'm hoping no more form...i found that pushing it to 30 minutes created new blisters so i backed off a little

also my sinuses have been congested for several days, out of the blue...i feel fine otherwise...that happens every spring when the temps rise above freezing and right now it's hovering in the high 30s daily...i've been taking one sudafed a day and it's at least keeping the congestion from becoming an ear infection

Syckgirlsfv 02-28-2014 06:02 PM

Suddenly it doesn't look like I'll be hitting the gym tonight...it's super windy and still pouring! When I get home I'm going to stay there! I guess I'll do squats or something at home because no way am I going back out once I'm there. It's crazy! :yikes:

kelijpa 02-28-2014 06:29 PM

alaskan once again it's warmer in Alaska than n Northeast PA! We had a high of 18 today...so no walking outside yet. 20s until weds. Congrats on adjusting your workout.

novangel 02-28-2014 06:49 PM

Yay for March! That means the two worst months in the midwest are behind us and spring is right around the corner. :carrot: Summer can't come soon enough.

Waterbunny: :welcome: :wave:

BBL to report.

miniapplecocoa 02-28-2014 07:23 PM

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've been lurking and reading boards for weeks now looking for a place to jump in. LOL! And what do you know here it is.

I'm doing Medifaker/Wonderslim 4+2+1. My changes have been going pretty well since 2/03/14. My calories are low because its Medifast/Wonderslim food and If I don't cheat, its hard to even get to 1100/per day. I don't eat a lot of fat or meat.

I also drink 101 oz of water a day.

I've been trying to start my yoga practice again and have managed to do 5 days in a row of stretches. I have TOM so I'm reluctant to do much more than stretches. I also walk two little dogs 2x a day. I have been hula hooping to my wii and using the free run about 2x a week as well.
I also meditate at least 15 minutes a day. The lifestyle change seems to be working. But its been one of the HARDEST things I've ever tried in my life.

Whew, there the boring stuff is out of the way!

I'm just looking for a place to post and comment with people who might truly understand how difficult this undertaking really is. Thanks

Angie 02-28-2014 08:58 PM

I'm not doing so well at daily accountability! Trying again for March. :)

laciemn 02-28-2014 09:02 PM

Lots of new people! Hi waterbunny and miniapple. I found a pleasing alternative to placate my sweet tooth! I bought some nonfat, unsweet yogurt and added a little bit of pineapple and juice, a little lemon and vanilla extract, and a pack of equal sweetener. It's yummy! Besides that, I had a kind of breakfast-y hash of potatoes, peppers and sausage with a little cheese, and a chicken salad with a bit of rice.
I'm working on cutting back my caffeine again. I've also been getting in a some exercise every day.

Diana3271 02-28-2014 10:07 PM

Hi Everyone! :wave:

Welcome back to all the regulars! It's great to see all the new faces, too!

Enjoy your evening! See you tomorrow! :D

Waterbunny77 02-28-2014 10:27 PM

Hi Laciemn and Noangel, I'm in the midwest too and so hoping that the worst is over as far as the weather, it's been so harsh and we're still getting snow storm warnings :?:

Diana3271 03-01-2014 07:03 AM

Good Morning, Everyone! :wave:

Waterbunny77 and miniapplecocoa Hi and Welcome to the check-in! :welcome2:

I woke at 6 AM! :tired: I think TTOM is getting ready to start. I have some sort of hormonal insomnia during TTOM. :mad:

Last night I added on: Legs up the wall yoga pose while listening to a mountain stream cd.

Calories for yesterday: 1420 + :coffee:
Weigh In: 165.2
Down: .4

Enjoy your Saturday!

Skettihead03 03-01-2014 08:34 AM

I'm starting again today and think this accountability thread will help!

Today's food :
B - flax and chia vanilla cereal with rice milk
S - handful of almonds
L - almond butter and blueberries on 1 piece wheat, 1 banana, 1/2 cup cucumbers
S - 100 cal yogurt
D - ground turkey in tomato sauce over roasted eggplant

Workout -30 min yoga, 1 hr cardio (walking mod pace)

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