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Yesterday I didn't get home until almost 8, so in my hunger, I munched on some baked kettle chips while at Target. I probably didn't get to eat until almost 9 after cooking, cleaning, homework for the little one, and packing lunches for today. We really can't be out that late - it was an overzealous errand run after our long days at work and school.

March 4, 2014
B: Hot tea w/lemon and agave (30), 1 cup roasted red pepper soup (92) = 122
S: None = 0
L: 1 cup chicken enchilada soup (149) = 149
S: Baby carrots/cherry tomato (50) w/ light ranch (80) = 130
D: corn tortilla quesadilla (80), turkey taco meat (128), cup 2% cheese (160) 2T light sour cream (40), salsa (10), mushroom, spinach, jalapeno, cilantro (35) = 453
S: Baked kettle chips (130), frozen banana chocolate slices (80) = 210
TOTAL: 1064

Today, I'm making a vegetable cornmeal casserole, but I'm thinking of asking the boyfriend to bake some chicken wings too. The casserole is only 216 calories a serving and I'd end up being in the 600 calorie range - that's no good! I could use a little bit of chicken wing in my life today
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Originally Posted by Diana3271 View Post
Larry Did you put all the extra veggies in the soup or did you eat them separate?
Diana - All the veggies went into the soup and then into a casserole for microwaving. The soup broth flavors the veggies and they in turn add body and texture to the soup. It is a win win situation and the finished product is almost like a stew.
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Red face First Day posting

Just getting started. It is inspiring to see all the success. Yesterday I ate 1/2 protein shake, 1/8 cup cashews, chopped salad (veggies, feta, salmon) for lunch, luna protein bar for snack, banana, veggie chili and asparagus for dinner. Trying to remember to drink a lot of water which is also not my usual habit. Happy to have found this forum. Thanks.
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Lifelong Alaskan!
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we are home in the village now....it's good to be home....I only have internet at our hotel room....eating has been little and sporadic because I am busy, stressed and sad...not to mention a bunch of drama I went for a few nice long walks on the road next to the ocean, beautiful and peaceful....I need more of those in my life I wish it was easier to live here....financially, emotionally and logistically...without all the small town drama and drawbacks because I love it here....I intended to do some running outside but it's snowing and cold so the roads aren't in good enough condition to run on
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Hi everyone!!

Sherma - Welcome! I share the non-habit of water! For some reason unless I'm exercising I don't find myself ever being thirsty. So I have to force myself/remind myself to drink. But we'll get there

Alaskanlaughter - I'm sorry things have been dramatic for you being back home. I can totally understand the eating situation, you're only human. Once you're back home you can get it right back together! Skipping running was definitely smart. You wouldn't want to hurt yourself and then have to skip a lot more running!

Okay so here's my stats for today
Weigh in 312.6 (-0.2)

B - Nothing yet!! (This night shift stuff really has me screwed up)
L/D - Wheat flat bread veggie sandwich (Green peppers, cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, onions, cheese)
S - Plain yogurt with carrots and walnuts

I will definitely have a much better eating plan tomorrow. I know it's not healthy to skip so many meals but it's very difficult working 12 hours overnight, getting sleep during the day, and then waking up and trying to fit in 3 meals like I would normally. And I'm trying to go to sleep at normal time tonight to get back to an AM - PM routine.
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got a late start to posting today...been busy at work getting statements ready to go out.

I have to go BACK to campus tonight to work on that damn project for accounting...I was right in that my financial reports are off by $420. I think I know where to find it though - I saw that amount in the rental equipment account so I'll see if I can journal entry it away. Waiting for the TA to respond is **** She only responds to email during a 2 hour time frame each day! ARGH!!!! Gotta get it done tonight cause it's due tomorrow.

B - Santa Fe instant re-fried beans/egg whites/green salsa
S - mini babybel light
L - 2 slices leftover Papa John's Hawaiian Pizza
D - will fix a turkey patty, steak fries, asparagus

no exercise AGAIN because I have to run off to school for the 3rd night in a row GRRRRRR I had to work on it Monday, last night I had class, gotta go finish it up tonight, tomorrow night I have class, and saturday is the 3rd and final CIS midterm. *sigh*
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Happy hump day!

Weigh in: 235.6 (no change)

Breakfast: 1 slice toast, 2 slices turkey bacon, coffee with cream
Lunch: Eggplant Parmesan, spinach salad
Dinner: Leftovers -- roast beef, brown rice

Calories: 1378
Exercise: tba
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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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The kids and I went on an impromptu cabin camping trip. It was one night and with very little prep. We ate at a Mexican restaurant, bought late night snacks and Mcdonalds for breakfast. It was not pretty. :P

Some hiking was done and I got my gym workout in today. Back to business as usual!
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coolmom that's great you can go camping! Camping here now, way, way too cold...and I love camping...we're going to camp in NC in April, can't wait, also music festival, eating will be off for sure those days...lol

Alaskan good to see you back, it's always good to be home, sounds beautiful...was thinking of you when I heard the Iditarod was having issues because it's been warmer than normal up there, they should have it down here...

Larry that sounds wonderful

Munchy your food sounds so awesome, yum

miniapplecocoa thanks for the smile, weighing in at the vets office

Had a good day today, hope everyone has a great day

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Trying to live below 200
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Hi Everyone!

Steelslady Daily fluctuations happen, sodium, lack of sleep, eating too late, even intense workouts. No worries, it will regulate. Keep working it.

Miniapplecocoa LOL at laughing at Jillian. It's better than crying.

Congrats on the new low!

Waterbunny A chili potato sounds delish! Good job on your day.

Radiojane It's good to see you.

Shr1nk1ngme The retreat sounds great!

Did you get the chicken wings?

Larry I might have to trying the extra veggies in the soup sometime. Sounds good.

Hi and welcome to the check-in!

Alaskanlaughter Sending good thoughts your way.

Skettihead Good job on the .2. Would a protein/nutrition bar help? It would be easy, nothing extra to prepare.

Syckgirlsfv Good luck with your accounting project.

Angie Happy Hump Day to you too! I am so ready for the weekend!

CoolMom The camping trip sounds fun.

Kelijpa How is your DH doing with his weight loss?
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/184.8/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Total Approx 1420 Calories +

Breakfast (395 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
Rudi's Whole Wheat English muffin 130 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (375 Calories)

Rudi's 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Flatz 100 calories
3 Slices Hormel Natural Choice Deli Turkey 60 calories
Honey mustard/Lettuce 25 calories
Raw Sugar Snap Peas 90 calories
1 Apple 100 calories

Dinner (650 Calories)
Salmon Kabob dinner, included salmon, Greek salad no dressing, roasted veggies 650 Calories

TF Fire 60
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Diana - Me too...the weekend can't get here quickly enough. Only two more sleeps until we get our new puppy!

I had some big cravings tonight, and I was already maxed out on calories, but I managed to curb it with an apple and some greek yogurt for dipping. It puts me over on calories, but could have been so much worse, so I'm calling it a victory.
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/184.8/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Angie Good job on dealing with the cravings. What kind of puppy are you getting?
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Height: 5'5


Hello to the new peeps and Hey to everyone else too.

Oh, I've given up on trying to get the extra calories in.

So far today, I had 5 meals and I splurged and ate twice my vegetables and had extra fat. Now, I'm not hungry again. I have one more meal to go.

I walked on my raggedy manual treadmill holding on to the wall for 10 minutes today. The original front bar to hold on to is gone. That is really a work out. its like doing a push up and walking at the same time. I had to stop after about 10 minutes going slowly! My arms hurt so bad, I didn't even remember to feel my legs. LOL!

I'll also walk the dogs about 4 blocks again in a few minutes.

Angie what kind of puppy are you getting? I'm a dog groomer. And another crazy dog lady. There are legions of us in the world ya know!

Diana: thank you for this thread. Its so fun to check in here daily!

Good night everyone.
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Trying to be in the 160s
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S/C/G: See my siggy ;)

Height: 5'8"


I am almost back. I am at Frankfurt airport again waiting for my flight home.

I had a fantastic time in Thailand and Myanmar. I did not weigh daily but my weight was doing OK the last time I checked. So I'll get back on tomorrow and report here.

I ate very well and a lot. The most amazing seafood. I exercised a lot, both in gyms and running outside.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Here is a selfie of me running around Lake Kandawgyi in Yangon. The Karaweik can be seen in the background.


I bought quite a lot of canned seafood while away to bring back. Fried catfish in chilli, seasoned cockles and baby squid. Yum.

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