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Halfway to my CPA!
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S/C/G: 172/ticker/145

Height: 5'8


busy day today! a pound of water gone this morning...pretty sure the other 2 are right behind it.

here's today's menu:
B - 1 piece of sourdough toast w/1 egg and 2 turkey bacon
L - packet of white tuna/1 tbsp light mayo/herbs - wrapped in low carb tortilla
S - I have leftover steamed broccoli
D - stuffed chicken breast from Omaha steaks; we have cordon blue, broccoli cheese, and wild rice. I may go for the broccoli cheese for tonight! Also, a veggie with it. Probably more steamed broccoli!
Going to do biceps and triceps at home after work. maybe take a walk with DH.
I bought an Amazon Local voucher for pizza today! I paid 10 bucks for a $20 voucher - we're going to probably use it tomorrow night. I go back to school for 10 more weeks on Tuesday, so it should be fun to go out for pizza for a change. Maybe a pitcher of beer between me and DH, too
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S/C/G: 171/150/115

Height: 5'4


Just a quick check in to let everyone know I'm not off track! Doing really well on staying low cal. I have had a few issues keeping my energy up. I don't know what the reason is for, besides maybe not getting some elusive micronutrients. I am adding in a multi and omega 3 supplement and maybe I'll cut out bread and snacks once I finish what I have.

Today, I've had a rather boring menu of 2 turkey BLTs for a total of around 700 calories. I also had some extra calories from some chocolate creamer I added to my coffee. It was about 30 calories but really good. Tonight for dinner, I got 3 chicken wings from my mom and they are literally so good. Best chicken wings ever!
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Today was on plan and so far I've done 44 minutes of zumba and I plan to do 15 more and some wii.

Question: This doesn't make sense to me, why does myfitnesspal add more calories to my daily allowance after I exercise--for me, eating more doesn't make me lose weight, I actually don't lose anything if I follow their advice. Why would they tell me to eat back the calories I just burned off?
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Height: 5'5


Hi everyone! Hey There newer folks too.

Sh1nk: Its worst than you think. So I refuse to cook for him. AT ALL! Plan is actually helping me to not have to. LOL! Lucky the little dog doesn't have anything I want. LOL!

I exercised a bunch today. My peddler was not getting my heart up enough in 45 minutes, so I added 2 miles of Leslie Sansone. Eating on plan.

Oh, 'woe is me' the cholesterol thing has me loopy, so I added 4gr glucomannan (soluble fiber) every morning and Green tea 2/d. Doggonit, I will not be defeated by these health problems that stem from over eating for years.

Ok. I'm done. I don't really have anywhere else to voice this stuff. Doc is like 'yeah, yeah yeah here's another dangerous pill with side effects.' Just in case. I'm just fearful I guess.

Ok ,everyone have the best evening you can.

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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/186.6/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Hi Everyone!

I mentioned this morning about the angioedema flaring up. Well at the dinner table I noticed a few hives on my arm. Earlier in the day my lower lip started getting hot. At the dinner table I noticed my lip had a whelp (hive) and was swelling. Oh the frackin' joy! I have been doing pretty good recently with it. So it appears that I am going to have more of a flare up than what has been going on.

Alaskanlaughter I hope your DS has a great birthday this weekend.

Waterbunny Hopefully you can get some rest this weekend.

Miniapplecocoa Hang in there with the house guests. Good luck with lowering your cholesterol. I have heard of people taking fiber right before your meal and that seems to help. But don't take the fiber around the time you take your meds.

Larry Congrats on the 2 pounds and the 250's!

Kelijpa Congrats on staying in the 150's this month! Keep up the great work!

Hi and welcome to the check-in! Congrats on saying good bye to the 220's!

ShrinkingStudent Hi and Welcome to the check-in! I did Insanity in 2012, I think. Just about killed me.

Ian Great job on your day and the .2.

Radiojane Way to go on the 2 pounds!

Keep up the great work.

Munchy Hi

Great job maintaining through everything you have going on.

Good job on your day. Hope you can break that stall soon.

Syckgirlsfv Congrats on that pound!

Laciemn Good to see you check in.

Kaitie I have heard of programs adding the calories back in that you work off. I never added them back in.
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/186.6/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Total Approx 1420 Calories +

Breakfast (395 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
Rudi's Whole Wheat English muffin 130 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (375 Calories)
Rudi's 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Flatz 100 calories
3 Slices Hormel Natural Choice Deli Turkey 60 calories
Honey mustard/Lettuce 25 calories
Raw Sugar Snap Peas 90 calories
1 Apple 100 calories

Dinner 650 Calories
Pasta e Fagioli soup 130 calories
Herb Grilled salmon w/broccoli 520 calories

GYBB 60 Second Slim Down
GYBB Metabolism Boost
GYBB Slim & Strong Arms w/5's
GYBB Core Strength
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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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S/C/G: 206/143 on my scale/143

Height: 5'3 1/2"


Diana hope you're feeling well, I have a feeling the added stress with your friend's health and TTOM on the horizon might be the culprit, think calming thoughts, I like to take deep breaths when I feel like something is coming on and chanting (in my head, not out loud) "good healing energy is flowing through my body awakening my white blood cells" I have to watch my stress levels for cold sore/fever blisters on/in my mouth, (knock on wood) I haven't had one in ages, so it helps me. best of luck

miniapplecocoa I love how you say you have houseguests, 2 extra dogs and a human...

I love reading RadioJane's food, it sounds so awesome syckgirlsfv usually has some interesting choices, too

Put together a pretty good day, got in my water, stayed mostly on plan, DH made some kind of Jamaican sweet potato, it was good, had a kind of nutty flavor, he was shopping with our Jamaican neighbor and they came across the sweet potatoes. Our neighbor got excited about it, hadn't had one in a long time so DH had him pick one out for us

shrinkingstudent I think about trying Insanity or something like it, good for you.

Ian congrats on keeping in the 160's, I hate eating lunch late, sometimes I'm looking to eat it at 11:00

best to all

Early to bed tonight, sleepy girl....

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Height: 5' 6"


On plan today. Fiber One and skim milk for breakfast, Cici's Pizza at lunch including anchovies because of Ian Dinner was beans and frank's DW request. I diluted mine with a lot of salsa to lower the calorie density.

I have not been posting a lot recently because I have been working hard on my vegetable garden. I built a new 4 foot wide by 8 foot long by 2 feet high raised bed. It is a combination of hugelkultur http://www.richsoil.com/hugelkultur/ and Square Foot Gardening. I also built a fence to keep the critters out and I made it big enough for another 4 X 8 raised bed that I want to add in the future I also make five gallon self watering containers. so far I have planted Radishes, Yellow Onions, Bibb Lettuce, Leaf Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Beets, Cilantro, Eggplant, Georgia Collards, Green Beans, Wax Beans, Jalapeno Peppers, Big Jim Peppers, Cubanelle Peppers, Grape Tomatoes and Slicing Tomatoes.

Here are a couple of pictures. Hugelkultur is a method of composting wood and in one picture you can see there is a lot of wood in the raised bed which is now covered with Miracle Grow Potting Mix..
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Bed with wood.JPG (92.9 KB, 7 views)
File Type: jpg Finished.JPG (87.4 KB, 6 views)

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S/C/G: 229/216/180

Height: 5'4"


Better late than never, here we go.........

B: 4 pieces of sausage and 1 slice of bread
S: 1 cookie and small piece of chocolate
L: Turkey sandwich, 1 small ice cream cone
D: Pretzels
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/186.6/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Good Morning, Everyone! TGIF!

Today is my early day.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

DH wants to go to a hunting/outdoor expo on Sunday. It's about 1 1/2 hours away. Danny would normally go with DH to these types of events. He can't go so I will go with DH. I can probably do a little shopping around the area after I drop DH off. We will take Cody with us, so I will have to take care of him, too.

Last night I added on: Carol Dickman's Bed Top Yoga

Calories for yesterday: 1420 +
Weigh In: 164.6
No Change

Have a great Friday and start to your weekend.
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Trying to be in the 160s
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S/C/G: See my siggy ;)

Height: 5'8"


Up 0.8lbs today which is a little strange. Calories will be about 1600.

Fat Calories Protein Carbs
oats 5 300 8 54
Flaxseed milk 4 38 0 2
dried apricot 0 32 0 9
honey 0 21 0 6
Coffee 3 25 0 1
Polar Kippers 12 162 14 0
Coffee 3 25 0 1
Ekone habanero oysters 6 165 20 9

quails eggs 3 42 4 0
Skipanon Smoked steelhead 21 315 36 6
Conservas mejillones en escabeche 6 116 14 2
Ekone original oysters 5 165 17 11
Honey 0 64 0 17
Tomato 0 11 1 2
Mushroom 0 2 0 0
Red onion 0 8 0 2
Kidney beans 0 18 1 3
Kimchi 0 100 10 10

Total 68 1608 125 134
Weight 167.8
Protein/weight ratio 0.74
Targets based on weight Low High
Calories 2349 2685
Fat based on 20-30% caloric intake 36 54
20% less calories to cut 1879

Exercise: Did 50 minutes weight training before work. Will run 3.5 miles before lunch.
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Lifelong Alaskan!
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S/C/G: 230/180/150

Height: 5'5"


larry the gardens look amazing!! that's what my DH wants to do although i don't have the time at the moment to commit to big gardening projects

i have a busy day in which i work from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. because of a conference that i'm attending between my work shifts...and tomorrow i am at the conference all day long...there will be no gym and we will see how food goes
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Halfway to my CPA!
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S/C/G: 172/ticker/145

Height: 5'8


Morning!!! Thank God it's Friday!!

I got my grades...not what I wanted, but an improvement over Fall quarter. I had all B's that quarter, yuck. So, for this last quarter (Winter) I got a B in accounting (usually get A's in that subject but the final and midterm were ridiculously hard) and I was terrified I choked so I'll take that , a B in CIS 301 which I don't agree with, and an A in that stupid diversity class. So at least I did a little better, now for Spring I have to step up my game!!!

Ok, today:
B - omaha steaks burger patty (leftover from our grill Sunday) and a tiny piece of chicken breast that was leftover...literally two bites worth!)
L - going to post office to send textbook to buyer, so maybe salad from El Pollo Loco
S - fuji apple and / or popcorn
D - we are going out for pizza! YUM! Better get some good cardio in this weekend!!!
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Fat to Fab and Fit
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Height: 5'3"


Larry we had a garden like that in our old house. I miss it. This new house has so many trees that growing anything is a challenge. We actually grew peppers on our front flower beds last year It is the sunniest spot of the house.

Good luck with your garden.
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Halfway to my CPA!
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S/C/G: 172/ticker/145

Height: 5'8


I forgot to mention that another water pound dropped off...and TOM showed up! Did biceps and triceps last night at home, 8 sets of each. soreness is setting in . I just ate a mini Twix, too. I don't care either, because it was good and literally only bite size Everyone have a kickass weekend!!!

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