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Welcome back, Larry and Ian!
Kelijpa, thanks! I did feel much better after Wednesday and even better now that it's the weekend.
Marniadec, I'm not sure how much I've been "undereating" but I definitely know that the only way to tell if it's a headache is from hunger is to just eat and if it goes away, then that's the problem. It's not that big of a deal if that happens though, just eat one good meal and go back the same way you were eating before.

I've been staying on plan. Today, I ate 2 cookies, 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast 2 rice cakes(2 of everything?), a graham cracker, and a shot of whiskey and a couple of crackers. I might eat something else later.
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Between, Shriners volunteer work, my DW's vertigo (she is better now) and my yard and garden preparations I barely have had time to sleep.

I suspected my anemia returned due to extreme fatigue returning. My doctor had blood tests done. Yes my anemia is back but the doctor says it is mild. He said my good and bad cholesterol ratio is excellent but my total cholesterol is too low. I have never heard a doctor tell anyone that their cholesterol was too low.

My low fat meals must be having an effect.
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Trying to live below 200
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Good Morning, Everyone! Happy Weekend!

Last night I added on: Short Rest from AM/PM Yoga for Beginners

Calories for yesterday: 1370 +
Weigh In: 163.8
Down: .2

Have a great day!

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Halfway to my CPA!
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morning! just finished my CIS final...easy-peazy lemon squeezy!

weight holding steady, but I did have two shots of tequila last night and snacked a little, too. had a slice of light swiss between two pieces of sourdough toast with a tiny bit of light mayo and some grey poupon before final. Going to do our taxes today (RAWR) and then DH wants to go to lunch to celebrate the end of my Winter quarter. HA! Spring quarter starts in a week!

rode bikes yesterday, almost 11 miles. My brain needed a rest...it was nice

going to get some more coffee now!
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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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I did the exercise class all week, like planned, but ended on two high calorie days. Now I need to remind myself it's 80% diet, 20% exercise and not let the calorie creep set in.

Menu planning day!
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I ran and walked at the gym 4 out of the 5 work days this week...work was killer and busy but not as busy as it could have been and spring break went really well at work...the boys stayed home and managed not to kill each other although I got a bunch of phone calls tattling on each other lol

i'm sore and retaining water and can feel it in my hands and wrists...I ate more than normal this week and it wasn't healthy ugh so i'm not weighing for a bit

it's a rest day from a workout today but I have lots of other things to get done on the weekend
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Starting over sucks.
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Taking today off from swimming and dropping my carbs down again to get back into a deep ketosis. I'm seeing body composition changes, but I need to get some of this fat moving again.

Yesterday 30 minute swim
Calories were 1880
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Vegetarian low-carb
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Originally Posted by Radiojane View Post
Taking today off from swimming and dropping my carbs down again to get back into a deep ketosis. I'm seeing body composition changes, but I need to get some of this fat moving again.
Sounds like a plan! Adding fat and lowering carbs, along with JUDDD (intermittent fasting) always seems to work for me.

I haven't been exercising as much as I did in February though, because donating plasma twice a week really takes the umph out of me. I am still walking an hour five times a week, but I have stopped all the squats and abs workouts for now. Once I reach goal I hope will be able to add squats, abs, and weights back in because I will be increasing my calories at that time and my body will be used to donating plasma by then, too.
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Height: 5'4


Weight today was 145.6. Planned on going to the gym but got called for work. I think I'm going to do some nighttime skiing with a friend though!

B: scrambled eggs and green smoothie
L: greek yogurt with strawberries, blackberries and pumpkin seeds
S: oikos greek yogurt, strawberry fruit bottom.
D: Salmon salad; dessert was fruit (strawberries and kiwis) and greek yogurt with chopped almonds on top. Yummy. I've been holding steady at about 1300-1350 calories/day.

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Really quickly because I'm tired again. My food today was crap because I've been going from cafeteria to cafeteria.

I also went shopping again. I got a pair of pants and a t-shirt. The pants were large size and the t-shirt was small. And they're both from the same store with the small sizes. And I got a compliment for my figure which happens every time I walk into a store lately. It's such a nice change from what used to be. They'd either kick me out right away or they'd get all depressed.

Breakfast: Coffee and 2 cookies that have jelly in the middle and one edge is dipped in chocolate. One had chocolate sprinkles on the jelly and the other had coconut.
Lunch: Pasta with marinara sauce and various vegetables with a tiny bit of feta cheese:
Dinner: Yogurt with honey and corn flakes.
I had another cup of my regular coffee with another cookie that has jelly in the middle. And after that I had a latte machiatto and 2 tiny dark chocolate cookies with milk and white chocolate chips.
Calories: 1196

I might eat more but I don't think so because I'm too tired to be hungry...

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S/C/G: 171/150/115

Height: 5'4


Small victory! Found a cute size 12 dress at the thrift store. Only $5! Anyway, I broke my scale. I was going to replace the battery and got a little forceful with it. Oops!
Today, I had 2 graham crackers, a bunch of roasted peppers, a can of tuna with crackers, 2 cookies, and a hamburger patty with cheese and a salad.
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Laciemn, sorry you broke your scale because I know those things aren't cheap.

Even though I had which seemed like the richest tastiest donut at work, I still did well.

B: 3 eggs
S: Donut
L: tuna fish, one slice of bread
D: Half peanut butter sandwich and Tostitos

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Trying to be in the 160s
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S/C/G: See my siggy ;)

Height: 5'8"


Thanks for all the welcome backs. Glad to see that Larry was gone with me!

I was 170lbs on the nose today. I am slowly getting back into my home regime which is tough after a trip. Calories will be about 1500 today.

Fat Calories Protein Carbs
oats 5 300 8 54
Flaxseed milk 4 38 0 2
dried apricot 0 32 0 9
honey 0 21 0 6
Coffee 3 25 0 1
Vital choice sardines 11 180 19 1
Coffee 3 25 0 1
Ekone lemon pepper oysters 6 165 17 12
quails eggs 3 42 4 0
Skipanon Smoked sturgeon 2.8 132 24 0
Millers jumbo lump crab 1 120 26 0
Ekone original oysters 5 165 17 11
Honey 0 64 0 17
Tomato 0 11 1 2
Mushroom 0 2 0 0
Red onion 0 8 0 2
Kidney beans 0 18 1 3
Kimchi 0 100 10 10

Total 44 1447 127 131
Weight 170
Protein/weight ratio 0.74
Targets based on weight Low High
Calories 2380 2720
Fat based on 20-30% caloric intake 32 48
20% less calories to cut 1904

Exercise: Ran 3.5 miles outside. Did 50 minutes weight training after lunch. Did six sets of squats. Ouch.
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Height: 5'5


Hi everyone!

Woo I'm pooped! Worked the shop alone this week and yesterday had 6 very matted and angry little dogs to deal with. Ugg I'm glad its over. Yay!

Miss Diana: I just want to hug you thru the computer! That is one of the single most important things you can do for your dog's health. And with an electric toothbrush! : ) go girl. Groomer happiness! I'll bet Codie has the prettiest smile of all. A lot of people don't understand at all "BRUSH YOUR DOGS TEETH JUST LIKE YOU DO YOUR OWN!" It will save money in the long run and his/her health. The big company I was trained at sold them. ($$$)A regular spin brush works good too, with dog tooth paste only. ( shameless dog toothbrushing plug!)

Today, I'm still a little low on calories but, I'm gonna put on a spread for me and the dogs in the AM. Pancakes, turkey bacon, omelet and probably some jicama cooked like home-fries w onions and peppers. Sugar-free cranberry juice too. Yum! All program food but served at the table with real dishes, like I'm somebody special. I am. I'll make my dogs some cookies later with peanut butter, oats and chicken bullion. Woo Hoo. Watch LifeTime all day and ride my peddler. That's the plan anyway.

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend every body!

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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/186.6/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Hi Everyone!

I had to do some more shopping today. I don't have many dress clothes. Our friend is going to pass away soon. I needed to get some clothes so I can attend his services. I am not a fan of shopping, at all. I am so glad that I found a lady that I can work with at Dillards. She is a personal shopper. They don't charge for this service and it's wonderful for someone like me. I have worked with her a few times. It really impresses me that she tries to work from the sale rack. I thanked her for that today. So, I got everything I will need and I like how I look in the clothes. That problem solved. I was having to eat lunch out today and not in an area where I normally eat. I went to a soup/sandwich shop. I eat regular sandwiches during the week, so I really enjoy chicken salad sandwiches at other times. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich. It comes with a side of chips or a "taste" of soup. I don't need the chips and I know the soup would probably do a number on me with the sodium. I chose not to get a side and only eat the chicken salad sandwich. I was under stress because of the situation with our friend and having to do shopping. I feel I handled the situation well today.

This is going to be a quick post. It was a long day!

miniapplecocoa I use a spin brush on Cody! I also have an extra Sonicare brush. One of the toothbrushes from the Sonicare set broke, so I replaced it for me and DH. The extra one is for Cody. It sounds like you had your hands full yesterday with the matted pups.

Total Approx 1535 +

Breakfast (395 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
Rudi's Whole Wheat English muffin 130 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (500 Calories)
Chicken salad sandwich 500 calories

Dinner (640 Calories)

Artisan Bistro salmon dinner 280 calories
sauteed asparagus 100 calories
vanilla yogurt 100 calories
topped with Dole Apple cinnamon fruit crisp 160 calories

GYBB Slim and Strong Arms w/5's
TF Fire 30 w/#1 hand weights
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