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Originally Posted by justmary View Post
I had a "friend" tell me the other day, when I was trying to talk about Gary, that I should just "get over it" "it happened" "time for you to move on"!!! That hurt really bad. "It" was the death of my son. How insensitive can some people be. I will never get over that loss.
How painful to hear from a friend. I think, in general, our society is very uncomfortable with death and grief. People often don't know what to say or how to react. It's hard for them to watch someone they care about in so much pain and they're at a loss for how to deal with it themselves. If this is a good friend who is normally a kind and sensitive person, maybe they were just trying to express their desire to see you eventually move forward with your life and it came out wrong. I hope it was just a miscommunication that you two can sort out.

It's been hard dealing with the grief of losing my Gary. I live alone and can not stand the quiet of my place one bit. Feel like I'm going to lose my mind.
I'm sorry, that sounds really tough. I hope you have opportunities during the week to get out of the house and give yourself a break from that environment.
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