Volumetrics Diet Info

  • hi everyone

    ok, i feel silly and totally lost. i thought there was a board that had different eating plans, and the particulars about them. i was wanting to check out the Volumetrics plan, but i can't find the board. can someone point me in the right direction puhleeeez?

    thanks so much!
  • I posted before on this - LINK

    I hope it helps!
  • I am transitioning from traditional calorie counting to Volumetrics. I bought two Volumetrics books on eBay and I am reading them now. This seems to be a plan that I could easily follow for life.

    I have looked but I have not found a board dedicated to Volumetrics.
  • I took the bull by the horns and started a thread on Volumetrics. Join us and lets see how many other Volumetrics fans are on 3FC