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Lovethyself13 01-24-2014 07:20 AM

Help - i'm confused!
Hello everyone,

2014 is the year I want to get fit and lose weight. Christmas was a nightmare, I couldn't help but stuff my face with Lindor, turkey, stuffing, mince pies...... the list, depressingly, goes on and on. This doesn't even include the amount of booze; the wine and Irish coffees, oh god.

I've been speaking to a few friends, and some have recommended trying a diet plan, all of which immediately said weightwatchers. My sister's had their drinks before, but I just don't know.

As you might guess, food is my big weakness. I watch all the cookery programmes on TV. Every time I see Mary Berry bake something I turn into a salivating, uncontrollable animal.

I don't want to give up food, and think I would struggle. So need to find a good balance. A friend of mine shared a link on Facebook the other day that the Hairy Bikers have started up a site. I love those guys and their food, but am confused about what to do :?:

Would love to hear what everyone thinks about these plans, I guess it feels like it would nice to be part of something, like a little community to help spur me on.

diamondgeog 01-24-2014 07:46 AM

I had a similar eating pattern. I had fast food, potato chips, candy, pies, cookies, pies, ice cream daily. Not all of those but at least some.

You don't want to give it up because you are in the addictive throes of the foods now. But you will never be healthy eating that diet. You will never have the mental clarity or energy you are capable of on that diet.

I shocked myself by going cold turkey on all that junk AND all bread and pasta. The addiction is a sugar/carb addiction. I've had no fast food for 9 months. I've occassionally had some things on that list, but they have lost their hold on me.

The transition was hard the first few days then rapidly got better for me. Although it did take 3 weeks of cold turkey to soldify it. Now I can't believe how good life feels. Getting rid of the stuff gave me enough energy to exercise. I am not a 'slave' to hunger and cravings any more. I move with ease. If you could feel now how good it is to be free of the stuff you'd say oh yeah I want to give it up.

Some people say cold turkey isn't best. I am sure it isn't for a lot. But many find it the way to go. I could never succeed trying to just cut down at first. It kept the cravings. And like I said now that my body is functioning properly I have everything I had before, occasionally, except for me bread and pasta and it no longer triggers anything.

I just don't crave the stuff I used to. It shocked me this could happen but it is about the most wonderful thing that could have happened. I still love food, it is just different foods now. And different combos.

Best of luck.

Inkrid 01-24-2014 08:19 AM

Hi There!

I don't know about the Hairy Bikers yet..

I do know that if you stay on A Plan indefinitely, it could be psychological torture.

Since you know this about yourself, I would plan cheat days. However, the trick is to plan your cheat days!! No endless snacking, but maybe ~ have any type of meals you want, and only three yummy things.

That said, once you give up sugar, every day it gets easier and easier not to crave it!!

What I've done is I will do slightly different things every week (IFing, paleo, portion control) so I don't get bored. But the bottom line is no diet likes sugar!! That is half the battle!

Mara 01-24-2014 09:09 AM

Maybe you could try calorie counting at first and get a better understanding of portion sizes. I know I was shocked by how much I was overeating. It took a few days for my stomach to realize that it was full and the rest really made me feel bloated and sick. Amazing what you ignore in life. LOL

I still have times when I eat more than I should and feel overly stuffed, but it is a reminder that I don't always need to eat just because the food is there.

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