It's the Labor Day Losers!

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  • Welcome one and all!!!!

    In 1882 the first Labor Day was celebrated in recognition of the dedication and achievement of the American workers. Please join us (American or not! ) to celebrate YOUR dedication and achievements!!!

    What you can accomplish by September 1st??

    Let's do it ladies!!!!

    (aka Punkin o' Friday, your faithful servant...)
  • Let's do it!
    8 weeks! We can do a lot in that time. I've been doing really well, until --- for some reason, on Wednesday, I was struck with severe, extreme anxiety and started stuffing carbs. Which went on more or less until yesterday. Today, I'm back in health mode and ready to do this thing.

    I had been doing great, eating when I was hungry and not otherwise. Starting to see the difference. So easy to start obsessing over food/weight though. I QUIT! But I'm just going to have to remind myself a bit for a few days before I get used to it again.

    Punkin, thanks for starting this off, and thanks for the encouraging words about sticking with it. We ARE awesome! Yay team!
  • Although people frequently ask if we Canadians celebrate Labour Day, too, its origins actually began in Canada! Read this for more information:

    Eight weeks. What will you be in eight weeks if you give your program your all? What will you be if you don't? The choice is ours, let's make the right one!

    In eight weeks, I want to be:
    • stronger
    • leaner
    • healthier
    • proud of myself!
  • Hi!
    Nice to see the new thread. And a new thread is a new start after the past couple of days of not so good behaviour on my part.

    My goal weight for Labor Day is 140. I also am going to drink enough water and keep working on writing everything down in my food journal. I am going to start doing more physical activity and, starting right after the bar, I am going to bike commute to work every day (unless it is very rainy). I am also going to start getting up early enough to meditate every morning for at least 20 minutes.

    Ambitious? Yes. But eight weeks is a lot of time and I am going to stay motivated.

    Oh, and I AM going to pass the bar exam!
  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks for starting this thread, Punkin. I agree- we are all awesome. Wildfire, i hadn't realized that the origins of Labor Day had begun in Canada. Those are good questions to ask. Let's see: where will I be in 8 weeks if I give my program my all?

    -will weigh 4 lbs. (or more) less
    -will have continued writing daily in my food journal
    -will have kept up with daily exercise
    -will have weighed weekly
    -and have been more consistent with my water intake

    Hi to all the Labor Day Losers! Take care.
  • Hey girls!
    I`m in with ya! I want to be 10lbs less, 143lbs Lets get busy and start working!
  • Hi Jenn! Welcome!
  • Hi Everybody! I'm in, and declaring my intention to drop at least 5 pounds. Also, to continue learning new things that will help me with staying fit: learning more about weight training, continuing belly-dance, and breaking a sweat EVERY day!

    Welcome, Jenn!

    Thanks, dear Punkin, for getting us started!
  • Welcome, Jenn!
  • Hey ladies! thanks for the welcome. We got 8 weeks of hard work, healthy eating and sweat. So I`m in for the ride, no doubt there will be tough times, but lets not let them get the best of us. Right now I am on the WW diet, and it has worked good to rid me of 15lbs, now I want the next 10lbs to go to. So good luck to you all. Let the ames begin.

  • Welcome Jenn!

    I'm in. And since it's eight weeks, I've decided to go for a whole whopping 4 four pound loss. And that's from what I weighed last Thursday as I don't want to know what I weigh today. That should take me to 203.6.

    Fresh start card picked up and ready to go. Re-emphasizing water, pool workouts, moderation. And getting the head together in every way.

    Punkin, I admire that gutsy Mom of yours more and more to take off on that trip.

    Kaylets, hope that iceberg is submerging again. Miss your daily inspiration.

    Wood Nymph - so glad to hear from you and know you've been doing well (forget the last few days - Fresh Start card to you too). Remember we are strong, vital and together! Off it comes, losers, off it comes!

  • Hey girls!
    Good luck to all of you, I belive we can all do it, and all have some success after the 8 weeks are done! I had a successful day 1, with 19 WW points and a 45 minute walk. So I am on my way to success. My goals for this week are increase my physical fitness, and create a fitness routine, drink 10 glasses of water a day, and to stop snacking between meals and stop night time eating. I truely believe with alot of willpower and hard work I can do it. My motto is 1lbs at a time/one day at a time, often I fail at diets because I get discourage went I achieve minimul results, so right now I am going to embrace the minute losses and be happy about them. Like anagram said "we are strong, vital, and together. off it comes girls off it comeS".
    Good Luck
  • Well, I'm back! Hope that's ok ... but I'm stayin' anyway!!! I promise to be brief, brief, brief in my posts, but I need you'se guys! I'll skip all the whiney reasons!

    I REALLY need a Labor Day Challenge, too!!!! Slippin' back to the bad ol' whiney bingey slumpy days. Tried a 21-day calorie challenge and failed THREE times (maybe four, dunno, I forget). I'm pledging to STAY ON MY PROGRAM religiously until Labor Day and anteing up a modest weight goal of 158. Don't do BFL anymore but my program consists of straight calorie counting and going to the gym six days a week, which may have to change because of some work changes, but we'll see. Couldn't do it the 4th (working) and took the 5th off. I'm not getting back on that Demon Scale until next Sunday, possibly the Monday after

    Hello, Jenn!!!! It is nice to meet you!

    Also thanking Punkin for starting this thread!!!!
  • Welcome back, Amarantha!!! No need to'll always be one of our family here!

    Tomorrow is Fresh Start Monday, let's make it official and start this challenge off like the losers we are!
  • Welcome back, Empress. Whining allowed but if you don't want to, that's great too.

    And Wildfire, tonight I feel I am setting the night on fire. I'm usually an early folder but tonight I am feeling so good, I don't want to waste a minute of it sleeping. May regret it in the morning but am seizing the night as it were.

    Had a great weekend with family get together. And then the princesses were here and that always fills my happiness cup.

    Along with my weight loss goals I'm planning to work on a long "to do" list and get some things really accomplished on this eight week trek. Whence comes all this ambition? Darned if I know but I'm grateful and like to think it comes from healthy living. Flare of RA must have subsided because even with incoming storms tonight, I didn't feel badly.

    Anyway I'm a ball of fire tonight and hope DH is wrong. While he is soundly asleep, I keep hearing one of his favorite sayings "The fire of the evening is the false alarm of the morning". Guess I'll have to disprove it. NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED IN MY HOUSE.

    To a fresh start Monday......Punkin, maybe I can be
    of Monday as I seem to usually be up for them. Are your "kids" back yet?