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the sword bearer
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Smile Thursday

Good Day All!

There must have been something in the air yesterday because I could have tied one on too....fortunately there isn't a lot of binge food here...so I compromised with mindless eating of grapes and Quaker oat bran squares. Had there been chocolate around here it would have been history!!!!!!!

Am doing fine today...have only .5 L under the belt...more to go!

QOD...toughie. I agree Metta...you did the right thing with your co-worker. Encouragement is always a good thing. Sometimes it is better to tint the truth a bit....only when it builds up someone else. There are ways of saying things that blunt the harshness of reality, but they are hard to come up with on the spur of that moment.

I've read the new Potter and someone is going to loan me the tapes...Jim Dale here I come! I can hardly wait!

Anyway, am off...

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Hot Stuff
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Well, I had planned a nice long treadmill trek after work tonight, but DD called me at work to request that I schedule a dentist appointment ASAP for her...sore molar...so I may be delayed, but I will get on that treadmill tonight, even if it's 11:59pm! (Just could NOT get out of bed to work out this morning.)

You know what girls? Binges (big or small) are going to happen. Sometimes the best thing to do is let them happen and resolve to start fresh the next day. Get it out of your system, then GET GOING! No guilt about it, either. You can't change the past, but you can sculpt the future.

Metta, I think you did the right thing with the co-worker. He was looking for affirmation that his efforts are paying off. Even if you can't see the weight loss yet, he is healthier, even if only 25lbs lighter.

Amarantha, are you still doing the weights? I noticed somewhere that you said you aren't doing the BFL, but have you continued with the weights? Seeing any difference? I've taken the basic program and stuck with it, but have made some adjustments.

Arabella, DD is currently attending summer school (for the month of July) to try to get two credits. She only passed three out of eight for the year. Isn't that wonderful? (where's the sarcastic smilie?) She leaves for CB on August 3rd. I'm hoping that she'll do some serious growing up and get responsible while she's there. I know what you mean about having wisps. I have them! My hair is very short, with longer layers on top and wisps around the sides. You need to ask them to razor the sides so they will wisp.

We have a Chicklo? I missed her post. Welcome Chicklo!

Better get over to the dentist's office. Catch ya later!
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Ending Day 5, details on journal (1755, 30 min. treadmill/10 min recumbent bike at gym). Mooooooving on down the line to Day 6 of the March to Labor Day, YAY!!!

Wildfire: You betcha I'm doing weights!!! Just signed up for five more weeks with the personal trainer. I still do the BFL exercise rotation pattern (from the Success Journal), only I do lots more cardio ... 20 minutes 3x a week isn't enough for me.

I truly do believe the BFL program is a very good one, especially the eating clean and balancing carbs and proteins at every meal. I just think you need to be a saint to follow such a perfect diet.

Metta: That was so nice of you to lie and encourage your coworker ... and the only thing possibly you could have done!!! Good for you! I bet you made his day!

Punkin: Your binge was 1 1/2 cups of ice cream!? Consider it calcium ... I don't think you even need a no-guilt card for that! You are doing great and your attitude, as always, is so strong!

You are right about when one door closes, another opens. I am fine about the job thing today!!!

Cerise: Kudos on taking the positive step of returning to the gym!!!

Once again I can't remember all the posts and I can only see a few of them ... I don't have a "post reply" button on my screen ... can only do quick reply or edit because of the software thing.

Am brain dead and want to go lie down and read more of Harry. Keep getting interrupted and am only halfway through. I like this one so far!

Avanti!!!! No binges tonight!!!!

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Default Fabulous Friday!

Ok, this is it-- I have been one way or the other off program since July 3-- Holiday is OVER and I am going to stay OP one 15 minute chunk at a time today. Even if I have to go to bed early!!
Yesterday, I felt as though I could feel the fat cells expanding as chocolate was going in my mouth. ( It was the good stuff in case you were wondering)
But today, will fight the sugar cravings!!
Today's thought of the day is:
"Things do not change;
we do," Henry David Thoreau
Today's question is:
"Do you find antiques attractive?? Why?"
-- Table Topics

Take care all!
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Momma Frog
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Hi all!

Where's my good walking friend Cerise? Haven't seen you post that your movin and shakin girlie!!!

Weather is crappy here in N. VA. Foggy, drissly etc. so far this morning. Bleck...

Weighed in this morning and I'm up 2 lbs. I'll post a mini goal for this weekend: Lose at least 1 of those pesky sneak attack things. That means eating right, packing boxes and moving my fanny. Along with getting a haircut and my nails done of course...

Well Ladies, work becons, but I'll be checking in off and on today.

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Hi all!

Well I think I figured out what my problem was as far as being stuck with my wt loss. I got that 90lb number in my head and that is all I could think of. I don't think i was being as careful as I should have been with my foods, in a sense perhaps a little self sabbatoge because I was so disappointed in myself when I would weigh in because I just didn't get that 90. The first week I figured for sure I would hit it I went down .4 leaving me .6 to reach 90 I was so upset because I had started walking 5k a day and riding a bike *which by the way I hadn't done in 31 years* so I couldn't beleive I didn't make it. That was 4 weeks ago and I have been up and down and all around that silly number ever since. I even started having trouble going for my walk at 515 am.
So now I have changed my focus, I have managed to get my walk in all week and Im back to being right on track with my eating. This is far to important to me to be getting hung up on numbers. My number one focus now is to make sure Im getting in my walking because I feel so much better when I do, it is my time for myself. I still pick a goal so instead of focusing on the 90 I will focus on 95 and when I get to 92 I will look at 97 I think that way I will avoid the disappointments.

So onward and downward .
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Anagram, Sometimes I know why I binge, sometimes not. Still whenever it happens it's disturbing---feels so "old life", no room for it in the 'new and improved'! Wildfire's right, sometimes it just happens.

Arabella , you're doing SO well!

Wildfire, how was Triumphant Thursday?

Frogger, feeling better today, I hope?

Amarantha, I agree with you about the aerobic part of BFL. I'm used to moving; I can't live without it!

Punkinseed, HEE!

Metta, I'm veg too, by the way.

Ceara, I just listened to new HP on audio. Jim Dale is splendid!!!! How does he do it?

Had a great day yesterday. Food part was great, Didn't get in as much of a workout as I wanted 'cause time closed in on me. But I got in 20 min. Of Pilates and 30 min. on the treadmill.
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Height: 5'8

Angry Day 5

Fly-by postie: I've got to get to work, but just wanted to pop in and say :hi: Couldn't BELIEVE all the posts since yesterday. I guess I was working all day and didn't get a chance to stop by.

If anyone happens across a good pic of someone with wisps, could you post the link? I'm determined that next time I'll get what I want. This hairdresser kept saying she knew what I meant and then lopping off the potential wisps

Let's make this a great one. Love to all!
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I did my weekly weigh-in this morning, and I'm down a pound. Not a big loss, but anything to break my little plateau is cause for celebration in my book.

My workouts yesterday and today have been pretty meh, but at least I did something. I'm seriously jonesing for sugar this morning, too, but I'll survive.

Question of the day: yes, antiques are attractive. They seem classy. It's the nature of style: new stuff is good, old stuff is bad, but once it's old enough it comes back around to being good again.
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Smile YO!

I'm also on the fly ... gotta be at photoshoot 52 miles away in 75 minutes!!

Congrats to Metta for one pound down!!!

Eydie: Yup, the aerobic part is the lifeblood of an exercise program for me. I like the weights, the pilates, the boxing, but just running is what I really crave ... not quite there yet, but I will be.

Gotta go! I'm on Day 6, details in journal!

QOD: I do like antiques, both for the pleasure they give me and as an adjunct to my lifelong passion for studying history. Also, my mom and I always collected them together and combed the countryside for them (before they had the internet one had to comb the countryside for stuff!!

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Spreadin' the luv.
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Red face Somebody slap me

Ooooh. Coffee not working.

I was up 'til two last night cleaning the house. My brother and sister are coming down for a wedding and are staying with us. Since they moved the visit up a day I stayed up late cleaning like a maniac. So did lovely Ramon. I'm such a lucky girl.

Frogger, dang it! I haven't walked this week at all. Tonight I'm walking if it kills me (it may - see above complaints). Thanks for keeping on me, please don't give up. How're you doing?

God, Amarantha. Please tell me you weren't always this into exercise. Please tell me it was hard as **** at first but you got addicted to it through long, grinding effort and patience. Is any of this true, because I seem to equate exercise with torture and try my hardest not to do it.

I'm so proud of you guys. You're all working towards something amazing.

Metta, thanks for the reassurance about fat veggies. That lady almost had me convinced. Eydie, I didn't know you were veg, too. How long, and how in the **** do you get in your servings of whole grains?

OK, have to drag my butt around the office now. Somebody give me a hug...

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Momma Frog
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to you Cerise!
I'm doing OK. Couldn't make it on a walk today. Maybe later. But girlie, I think your mad cleaning counts as moving the fanny big time!!!
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Is it Friday yet?
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Happy, happy Friday!!!!

I'm SO looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!!!! It's been a loooong week...

Had myself a little celebration yesterday - my Mom finally gave me the go-ahead to take a little time off so I'm heading to California in a couple weeks! Goin' to Bo-Beena's house for a short visit. Mom's been doing really good a couple weeks out from her chemo, so that's when I plan on making my getaway...

Cerise, no icon for a slap, but here's your hug...

Metta, congrats on the loss!!! You're right, *any* loss is good!

Ceara, they had a story on Yahoo news about the guy who did the voices on the Harry Potter tapes. Sounds like quite a guy! Got a giggle on your binge too - grapes and oatmeal squares.... yea, it coulda' been worse!

Wildfire, I guess that's true. Binges will happen from time to time - the challenge is to keep them to an occassional happening, and not a weekly (or daily!) happening!

Amarantha, ok, I'll call it a calcium "treat"....

Kaylets, I'll send you some "stick with it" energy for each and every 15 minutes you need.... You can do it, and don't forget, you're STILL healthier than you've been in years!!

Frogger, packing and moving is great exercise! Have fun!

Dollar, I agree - setting a new goal when you're getting close to your old one is a great idea! I've done it, saying "I want to weigh ____ by ____" - then get there and never loose anything else! Gotta keep setting goals!!!

Eydie, you've just hit the nail on the head. I don't think it was so much the quantity of my "binge" as much as it was a reminder of something I thought I was "over" - it was an *old* behavior that I thought I was done with. Guess not. Like Wildfire said, I have to accept that they'll still happen from time to time - and that it doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to undo all my hard work because of one misstep. I just have to keep them to a single happening and not a month long free for all!

Arabella, I'm sorry to say I'm whisp impared. I have curly hair that wouldn't whisp if I begged it to...

Q o' the day~
Love antiques. I have a couple tables that belonged to my Grandmother and Great Grandmother. I love the simplicity, function and look of them. I often imagine what their lives were like when those pieces were brand new. Were the pieces expensive to them in their day and what did they look like brand new? I only know the history of a chair I have that was my Grandmother's - before she died she told me one of her "beaus" bought it for her. Can you imagine??? A boyfriend buying you *a* chair?? It's a nice chair, but it must've been some chair in those days!

Toodles all, have a great weekend!

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Spreadin' the luv.
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Punkin, I hear you on the wisp-challenged thing. I have this mop of long, curly hair. Rock star hair. Actually, I really love it (ohmygod, a woman who actually likes her hair the way it is!!! ) I just get the layers trimmed every so often and let it fly...

Coffee just kicked in.

Goal for the day: weigh in. Then take my 35-minute walk. Are you listening, Frogger? That's all I have to do today to feel like I'm the person I want to be. Thanks, lovelies, for the hugs. I needed it.

But now that the coffee's in my system I'm JUST FINE!!!!!! Hope I don't have a heart attack. Hee, hee.

Status report manyana...

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Hot Stuff
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Hey you bunch of "losers"....it's FRIDAY!!!!! (and therefore Punkin is )

I'm gettin a bike I'm gettin a bike My Schwinn Super Cruiser is on sale tomorrow, and hubby said when it went on sale again it was MINE! A birthday gift, so it's early. But I'm gettin a bike! WHERE I'm gonna put it in this apartment is another thing!

Cerise, I used to have "rock star" hair...halfway down my back and permed to get the curls. That was a long time ago, though...I stopped fighting with my fine, straight as a board hair and found a good stylist that knows how to work with it. I still have moments when I long for long locks....but then I think about how frustrating it gets with my hair. Enjoy your natural curls! Many of us would kill for them. (Don't worry, you're not in any danger...I don't mean that literally. )

Punkin, nothing wrong with a little calcium supplementation every now and then. Calcium actually helps weight loss.

Metta, congrats on one pound banished forever!

Amarantha, I added more cardio, too. And abs to every weight workout, so every other day. I have to admit, I'm loving the weights, loving feeling strong and pumped. My favorites are the bench press (currently only 48lbs, but I'm working on it!) and the lat pulldowns. I've been doing an hour on the treadmill, 3 times a week. Other days if I feel like going for a walk or riding my soon-to-be bike, that's just bonus.

Oh, and Cerise, I don't know about Amarantha, but I HATED exercise. Then I bought a fancy treadmill that I can use at home, in my pyjamas if I feel like it. Don't have to go anywhere, look presentable, can do it whenever I can find time....and that made the difference for me. Then I bought a weight bench and weights....and started getting up at 4:45am to work out before I had to shower for work. There are days I have to haul my butt off the couch still, but most times I actually want to do it!

Kaylets, how did the day go? Perhaps this break was needed so you can get motivated for the next segment?

QOD: Antiques for me hold unlocked memories. They have survived through families' good times and bad times. Whether they are from my family or from someone else's, antiques have a past and represent it in a world of MDF and melamine. They were crafted with pride and care. I have a large antique armoire in my living room that somehow stands there as a sentry. It commands your attention. I also have an armless rocking chair that was my great-great grandmother's that was passed down through the family, once belonging to my twin great-aunts who were known as the village witches. Knowing that the women of my family sat and rocked in that chair ties my life to theirs. A past QOD asked what would be saved in a fire if you could only take one thing...for me it would be the rocking chair.

I'm cat-sitting for a friend for a week. I have to say I am amazed at the state of her apartment. There is junk everywhere....stuff that should be thrown out, broken, garbage kind of junk. I'm always so paranoid about anyone coming over when I have dishes in the sink or shoes by the front door....but holy crow that place needs to be shoveled out. Last time I looked after her cat I tidied up and did the dishes she left, took out her garbage, straightened up what I could without being invasive. This time it's even worse....I wonder does she think I'll clean it for her again? I have to spend some time there each day keeping her cat company, but it's so messy I can't sit in it. I actually think an intervention might be needed here...you know, I'll help you throw some garbage out because it's getting out of hand kind of thing. Geez, if I had someone coming in to my place to look after my cats it would be spotless before I left. I guess people have different standards. Makes me realize I probably don't have to be paranoid about my place. I don't think I should clean it up this time, though, other than taking out the garbage so it doesn't attract bugs or creat fruit flies. (Punkin, I know the Martha Stewart in you is freaking out just reading this! )
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