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Spreadin' the luv.
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Talking Post-coffee, feeling FINE.

Cerise in da HOUSE.

Hey, ladies. God, I woke up wishing I were dead. I just hit the bottom of my coffee cup (I get 12oz. a day ONLY) and I suddenly feel GREAT !!! Anyone else know that feeling?

Ceara, I hear you on that cheat list idea. Actually, I've been doing it since the beginning of my time with this Faboo bunch. Speaking of super-size (confession ahead) , I BLEW it last night. I ate an inordinate amount of Taco Time. Kept me up for a while, too. That's what I get. Hand me a fresh-start card, willya?

Eydie, THANK YOU for that Japanese proverb! **see above confession**. You made me feel a lot better, my friend.

Metta, welcome! Another vegetarian!!! I gave up meat a year ago and am now fighting the "junk-food vegetarian" stigma. **see above confession**. Someone told me once, "You're the heaviest vegetarian I'VE ever met." Whooeee. I think they mistook me for a vegan. Pooters I'd like to add cooking and jogging to my "fun" list, too. Cooking's getting better. Nutrition's mattering a lot more to me now...Jogging will have to wait until my body stops trying to shut down when I walk! (Help me, Frogger, HEEEEEELP!)

QOD: Three words that describe me? "She means well." Damn. Wish those weren't my words, but it's true.

NO!! Be the person you wish you were!!!!!

Kaylets, tear your "Fresh Start" card in half and we'll share it. I have to say, though, that M&Ms don't come near the transgression I pulled yesterday **see above confession**. I mean, chocolate is MEDICINE. You were MEDICATING yourself, right? Very necessary. Deep-fried bean burritos are not medicinally viable, at least not to my ol' body.

Arabella, I swear, why is it that some days no clothes look good? No matter what I try on, no matter how cool the clothes are and how neato I looked in them yesterday, some days I look in the mirror and see this piggy-eyed stranger. You doll up, girl! Because it's all in your head. Your smile and walk and way with people is what folks see, not the stationary chick in the mirror with a horrified look on her face. I'm speaking from the heart, here. Hope it's true for me...Besides, you didn't sound whiny at all. Or me-me-me. I like hearing about your struggles. Gets my head out of my own...sandbox for a while.

Punkin, congratulations to your Mom for finding pleasurable foods. I'll bet pleasure's a big part of healing. I think you did mention your friend's lump briefly at one time. I remember thinking, Oh, Dear God. Hasn't she had enough? That was around the time that you couldn't find Gracie, either. I think. Anyway, I'm so glad that it was benign!

OK, Frogger I did NOT walk yesterday, on top of my Taco Time binge ** see above confession**. Send me some walkin' vibes, Mama! Drat. Today's the DAY. You, too, right?

Big love to you all...

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welcome, chicklo and Metta! welcome back, amarantha and dollar! kaylets-it's definitely hot enough for me! punkin-thanks, i am feeling better. glad your friend's report was good! again today, hot, hot, hot!! have been sticking to my program, come **** or high water. hope all you guys are doing well. thinking of you all. take care.

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Hmmm. Feel loads better now than I did in the a.m. ... posted this on the journal but I was very upset about not getting a job that would have kept me in town and gotten me off the road, plus general everybody hates me, I can't lose weight, my career is over stuff. Absolutely determined that I couldn't do weights, but the trainer supersalesed me into doing a "light" workout just to feel better and I ended up signing up for five more weeks and feeling lots better! Exercise is the best medicine there is, saith !!!
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Smile Wed Continued

Afternoon all!
Empress, that reminded me of the song...nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I'll go eat worms....amusing where the mind goes....anyway, you've gotta do positive stuff when that happens and you DID! KUDOS on the GYM VISIT!!! You are the best!
I also did a positve thing...I went back to the gym...not been since February....shoulder was stiffish on some things but did do the circuit 3X. So that is just over 1 liter of H2O and have .5 to go! Off to the WC!

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So many posts! I don't know where to start....

Jenn, you're doing great!

Cerise, coffee is a magical elixer indeed. I allow myself a cup a day [a BIG cup! ], and am never going to give it up! oooh, that rhymes!

Metta, Have I mentioned I love your name? Does it refer to the loving kindness meditation? I try to do that, really I do---fail miserably much of the time, but I try!
Monday night at the end of yoga class: everyone was nice and quiet during the final guided relaxation and I started thinking of a really funny dirty joke and almost exploded, I wanted to laugh so much---but I held it back somehow. Am I the only one who has such impure thoughts?

Arabella, my hairdresser never got the wisp thing either, so I just take it all the way down. Sounds like it might be time for you to take a little shopping expedition; there's some cool, drape-y, girl-y tops out there now!
Oh, and you are inspiring me to get back to 9 servings of fruit/veg a day again. I've been gone too long!

Amarantha, You're on a mission, you do have that determined look!

Punkinseed, I'm so happy that you got good news about your friend. And it sounds like Mom's digging her some creamy comfort foods now. Mmmm, pintos and cheese.

I'm feeling really good about my workout today. I walked 4 miles on the treadmill, did a 30 minute upper body thing, and 10 minutes of ab stuff. As far as food, there's still room for improvement--not too bad though. Tonight, I'll make a plan for tomorrow. it's always enlightening to see if the plan matches the reality!

Greetings, Frogger [still have that honeymoon glow?], Dollar, Zadie, Chicklo, wsw, Wildfire, Kaylets, and all!
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Hey girls, thanks for the words of encouragement, they really mean alot when your dieting.
Cerise: I live on coffee when I`m in school! Thank god for the summer cut back.
wsw: good to know your feeling good
Amarantha: exercise really do help how you feel...maybe thats why I am feeling a little down, I really got to have more exercise!
Ceara: tHE water drinking aint as easy as it seems! I`m trying to add more to my life style too!
Eydie: i admire your exercise routine, and I hope i can incorprate something like that in my life!
Metta: welcome
Everyone else, good luck, keep moving and keep strong! I find it so hard to keep under 22 points a day, it is terrible trying to pick out things for lunch and dinner when you are so hungrey! I am glade I am working though or I would always be eating! I really have to improve on the exercise part though, and I think I really will try to, this week has been very hetic with work and extra stuff. Anyways, I just look at it that in 8 weeks I will be happy, even if right now it is really hard. I am really going to have to watch it this weekend to start with the weekends are so hard, b/c there are always parties, and i have a date w/ marcel on sat. night. So I am either going to have to really cover my *** on Sat. or conserve points on Thursday and Friday. I`m going to keep smiling and keep going strong. Good luck to you all!
Good night.
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Hot Stuff
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Just a drive-by . Busy, busy, busy.

Welcome to Metta!

Been horribly off program. No take out, fast-food, junk food...just way off track. Tomorrow will be Triumphant Thursday for me, 'cause I'm getting back on the wagon!
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Welcome, all newbies, and hi to all others.

Life has generally been running amok here the last couple of days. Will not whine. Will hardly mention that Monday I had the WORST, most senseless binge I've had in more than thirteen months. One of the stupid kind I thought I had left behind forever. And I have no clue why or whatever. I had had a good day, etc. Yesterday and today have been sheer hellers and I haven't binged. Just don't know what triggered such sheer stupidity. Hoping tomorrow will be better in general and that I'm able to start the long road to balancing out healthwise for all the damage I did Monday night.

I have the "wisp" problem too. Done right, I really love the look but I wouldn't have thought it was such a tough concept.

Tomorrow's weigh in and I'm not sure I can face it. I think I said that last week too but this will be worse. I am on my way back but still trying to figure out what possessed me. (Devil made me do it? Just let guard down? Dunno.)
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Wink Sometimes we just need a little ...

LIFT! I found this quote from RavenToy in her journal. Dunno. It just hit home and kept me from eating the one donut I have in the house, so I borrowed it and pasted it in my journal and thought I'd share it here as well:

"I need to stop getting tired of 'dieting' and I need to remember WHY I'm trying to change my life." ~ RavenToy

'Nuff said.

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Hello all!
Today's thought is:
Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift.
That's why it's called the 'Present'.

Today's question is:
"Is honesty always the best policy?"
--Table Topics


Sorry so short but need to get to work early.

Anagram- Plenty of fresh start cards and Monday was a bad day for me too ( Tuesday too!)

Empress-- Couldnt agree w/ you more and thanks--

Everyone-- We're doing the best we can and sometimes our best is just coming back here!

Take care!
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Height: 5'8

Angry Day 4

Good Morning Beauties!

Day 4, all systems GOGOGO! Whilst walking past a woodland trail this morning I had an impulse to go in for a run, so I added a 15-20 minute run to my walk. Good news: I can still do it! :banana: So good for weight loss, stress release, and just generally feeling like myself. I had a bad case of the blues yesterday, but am back in the game today.

Amarantha, so true about exercise being the best medicine. And I'd forgotten how much difference it makes to REALLY work up a sweat. If I weren't a Woodland Nymph, I would have called it a jog... but WNs do NOT jog, they merely run in a very casual manner Sadly, I cannot go back and get my wisps, because the hair is not long enough

Anagram, Don't you hate those binges that come out of nowhere! I find sometimes it's not the absolute worst days that can lead to a binge - if I'm really upset I can't eat. Frustrating when you can't even tell where the darn thing came from! Re: wisps - I think I'm going to have to find a photo to take with me next time...

Wildfire, how are things going with your daughter? Well, I hope. Kaylets, you're right. Keep coming back, ride it out, and eventually you'll feel more like yourself again!

Must run. Have a wonderful day, all!
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Smile Yo!

Also have to get to work early but determined to go run on treadmill first. I'm on Day 5, details in journal!!!

Arabella: When I'm on treadmill today, I shall strive to run like a wood nymph ... floating along very casually with wispy hair gently bobbing in the gym fan induced breeze as calypso music from enchanted headphones gently wends itself into my spirit ...

Anagram: Hope your weigh-in is all you wish it to be (but it's the courage to do the weigh-in consistently as a statement of your determination that makes you a real winner and every weigh-in a victory ... it's the journey that counts, not the numbers on Demon Scale, who HAS been known to fiddle with the data just to drive us crazy)!!!!

Kaylets: It is my firm belief that honesty is almost never the best policy!!!

Wildfire: I was just checking my calendar and there it was in black and white ... TRIUMPHANT THURSDAY!!!!! (Wildfire back on track!) ... what a coincidence!!!! Congratulations! Have some balloons ~

Jenn: You're doing great at keeping on your points!!! I hear you about how hard it is to relax enough to take time to exercise when you need to get a bunch of things done. Sometimes I just do a few minutes ... like walk out the door for five minutes and then walk back ... then maybe add a little more around noon and maybe a little more at night. Seemingly, it all adds up, so they tell me, and I don't get stressed by taking big chunks of time out of my day.

To all, mentioned or unmentioned, avanti!!!
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Momma Frog
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Mornin' All

Today has already started bad. hubby is sick and is staying home today. And I have just had a peanut butter cookie for breakfast. (Along with 2 strawberry pop tarts) AUGH Pass me a fresh start card..........

I'm currently looking for a new job as well. When we move I refuse to drive 2 hours to work in traffic everyday and 3-4 hours home in traffic everyday. If this company thinks for a moment for the peon pay they give me every week that I would even consider such a torture, they are

Sorry for the rant, it seems like one of those days........
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Is it Friday yet?
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Must've been something in the air yesterday 'cuz I had my first binge in months yesterday too (mmmm, ice cream... ).

Granted, in my mind I think I've blown it out of proportion (which I think we all do to some extent) because after the fact, I think my binge was about 1 1/2 cups of ice cream. 9 points. Eaten after 20 minutes on the elliptical and I think I went over in my daily points by about 4.... I need to reevaluate my "binge" methinks and not beat myself up over it.... How 'bout you guys and yours??

Frogger, how exciting, moving!!!! I bet you can't wait to get in your new home.

Cerise, thank you for the Taco Time warning. We have both them and Taco Bell and I've never been to Taco Time. I shall continue to avoid that place like the plague since Mexican food is a weakness of mine.

Amarantha, remember dahling, when one opportunity passes, there very, very well may be a good reason - like another one coming??? Hang in there, I hope today's better. Love RavenToy's quote too!

Eydie, YOU, have impure thoughts????? now who was it that sent me all those Harry Potter fanfics????? Hmmmmm......


Jenn, I'm doing WW too and when I notice I'm screwing up lunch and dinner I plan them the day before, and write them down ahead of time (like after dinner the night before), so that way when you get home and are starving there's no "what can I have?", you just look at your journal and cook.
A lot of times too I'll do some pre-prepping for the next night's dinner while I'm making my current dinner (make 2 salads and throw one in the fridge, etc.). But then again, I'm told that super-organized part of my personality is a bit annoying, so nevermind....

Wildfire, so how is your Triumphant Thursday?? Do we need to send you the wagon "seatbelt"? Don't let the straight jacket appearance, uh, scare you!

Anagram, I hope things are going better today.... everyone!!!

Arabella, you ran? That's SO cool! There's been times that my walks feel so good I feel like breaking into a jog... but I've never been so daring. Maybe I need a little Wood Nymph encouragement?

Q o' the day ~ is honesty the best policy? Yes, it's the best policy, but not always the smartest one. Telling a 1/2 truth to save someone's feelings, or to make a situation less volatile is better than being 100% honest and making a huge mess of it all.

Toodles everyone!
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Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. Thanks again for the lovely welcome.

Cerise: I've heard the same stereotypes about vegetarians and weight, but I don't really understand where people get them from. What do people think makes a body fat? Too much steak? Maybe that's the case for a few people, but I would guess that bread and pasta and candy are the primary villains for most of us. Along with a large dose of sitting on our asses.
There aren't a lot of diet plans for vegetarians out there... most of what people talk about is low-carb, Atkins-y stuff. I'm always trying to balance my carbs and protein better.

Eydie: yep, that's what my nickname refers to. I'm not sure that my name mirrors my actions all of the time either, but when people call me by it, it reminds me of the way I want to be.
And as for your impure thoughts, bursting into giggles is a perfectly Buddhist thing to do. As a yoga teacher of mine once said, the word enlightenment just means 'lightening up'.

You people talking about the hair thing? The wisp thing? What is that?
I need a haircut something awful, but I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet. (I lost some of my hair when my doctor put me on Synthroid, blech.) My hair has been the same - long and blunt - for so long that I don't really have any ideas.

Anyway, I'm doing well. I managed to get through PMS without doing any major damage to my diet. I haven't exercised yet today because it's freakin' pouring rain, but I am going to get around to it. Tomorrow is my weigh-in day, and I'm crossing my fingers for a good one.

ETA the question of the day: is honesty always best? Hm. I think honesty is always right, but it's not always the kindest thing to do. And I'd rather be kind than right.
I love debate, so I'll give an example that's close to home. One of my coworkers is morbidly obese and just started dieting. He's doing a great job: he says he's lost 25 pounds. He asked me the other day if I could tell. Now, truthfully? I couldn't tell. But I said that I could.
I know how important every bit of encouragement is. If I had said no, it could have been crushing to him. And I like him; I worry about his health and I want to see him keep going.
I thought about it later - was that the right thing to do? I don't know. Felt like it to me, though.

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