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I want to be a Labor Day loser too! This is my first time posting here and I've been looking for a good challenge. I'm going to exercise regularly and be 12 lbs lighter by September 1!!
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Hello all!

Somehow, sleeping most of Friday away has knocked me off schedule! Didnt realize till today that I was never here yesterday!

About 7:30 am, DH and I started getting things ready for trash pickup this am and b/4 you knew it, we had shovels and pickaxes out trying to level the shed so the door would close. Then it just got too too hot to be out there.
Amazing how just going outside " to move a few things to the curb" had us out there almost 2hrs and covered w/ dirt and sweat.
Another example of how " a force in motion stays in motion".

Today's thought is: "Peace within makes beauty without." English Proverb.

Today's question is: "What's your favorite summer memory?"

Punkin, thanks for opening the Labor Day thread.

Anagram, thanks, I appreciate your thoughts.... and you are making me realize I should allow for "extra stress" -- thanks.

Welcome to all Newcomers! Its wonderful to have you here!
Cant' wait to get to hear more about you!

WSW- Hot enough for you?

EMPRESS!! Am so glad to see you !

Got to run-- take care all!
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Good Morning!

Just wanted to hop on and state my intention to eat well, etc. today. After this weekend's brownie orgy, I'm craving lots of veggies and salt! 'Fresh Start Monday', here I come!

My particular challenge this week: making snacks for the kids that'll be at my workplace for an art program all week. No Nibbling!
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Momma Frog
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Good Morning Ladies!!!

Had a great time at the beach. Dog tired of driving though! It's a long trip (at least 6 hours) one way.

Welcome to all new comers and old comer backers!! (We missed you!)

My goals for this challenge are to
-move more (get back to walking)
-feel better about myself
-Be at least 10lbs lighter before for my birthday (Sept 6). (preferably 15-20) but I'll stick with 10.
-find a program and STICK TO IT (even if it's just continuing to watch what I'm putting in my mouth)

Q of the day
My fondest summer memory was when I was little my dad used to take all of us to this park over by Regan National Aiport and watch the planes take off. We'd eat a picnic lunch and then lay back. It was fun to lay on the car hood and watch them go by. I always thought I could reach out and touch them. The park is closed now so you can't do that anymore. It's sad.
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Height: 5'8

Angry This is Day 1

Good Morning All... hmmmm... what shall we call ourselves? Firecrackers was good, but i'm not sure I care for Laborers

I've got to be productive today, but I wanted to pop in and state my daily plan. I'm going to report each day on how I did. And I'm going to do a 21 day challenge again, because I find it helpful.

Here's the plan:

* minimal sugar, flour, and processed food
* eat when hungry, not otherwise
* only eat seated at the table when alone
* 10 glasses of water a day
* exercise every day
* 7-9 veggies/fruits a day, trying for the nine
* Report every day

Welcome, chicklo & Jenn, and welcome back Empress!

Let's make this a great day!
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caffeine free!
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So, weighed myself and I guess I am starting out this challenge a couple of pounds heavier than I expected. Up two pounds in one week. AARRGG. O well, I guess that is something for me to think about when I do not feel like writing down everything.

So, off to study.
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the sword bearer
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Angry Fresh Start Monday!

Mornin' Ladies...

Have been lurkin'. That has been all I've had time for...takin' a minute here to post. The weekend was gorgeous...but stinkin' hot here...a few thunder dunders on Friday p.m. but nothing really exciting after that.
Will think on long term goals and state later.
Only goals for today are to drink H2O and get back onto a sensible eating programme!!!

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Spreadin' the luv.
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Talking Yummy new thread

Happy Monday, my dears!

Thanks to Punkinseed for the new thread. Boy, am I late getting on the wagon. Somebody hand me that straightjacket over there...

OK, I did get into somewhat of a habit of walking for the last goal thingy, though weekends are a major challenge. By Labor Day I want to be able to truthfully say that I did indeed make this a real habit that I can't live without.

We're moving to Seattle in two weeks. We'll be living in a much smaller apartment in the middle of downtown, so there's going to be some heavy adjustment, and I'm pretty sure that exercising every day in a new place will be a real, real challenge. Not to mention actually moving and finding work...

Ramon and I won't be able to afford gym membership in Seattle for a while, so I'm trying to find a weight program I can do at home, like with rubber bands or something. I'd like that to be another goal for Labor Day, to have some sort of resistance program in place (even if it's just pushups and squats) by that day.

Going to have to think about an eating goal...

Warmest welcome to Jenn and Chicklo. These are some of the best ladies I've ever met. And I'm so glad to meet you, Empress! I signed on a month ago and the ladies here have nearly talked of no one else. It's so good to hear about you guys and what you're dealing with. I'm proud of what you're all doing and glad to be able to check in and get a dose of goddess-hood from all of you. Thanks for being a wonderful part of my life. Moving to the big city is scary for us, and I'm glad you guys are one thing that's going to stay with me no matter where I go.

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Is it Friday yet?
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Wow!!! I had a bunch of reading to do this morning!

Ok, new challenge... what do I want to accomplish in the next 8 weeks??? I want to be in the 2-Oh-somethings. I don't care if it's 209 or 201, but just 2-Oh.... it's progress.

This morning I entered the 2-teens. Down 1.8 this week. I've got to get some fruit in the house though because the ice cream is looking tempting, especially since I'm looking for comfort food (feelin' a bit blue today...). So, grocery shopping after work to head off potential disaster!

Amarantha's back! As if you needed to ask.... pullleeeeze... Thank you for your recent PM's, I was touched that you were still thinking about me n' Mums.

Arabella, your carb fest was just a final blow out - grab a fresh start card! I think your 21 day plan is an excellent idea!

Zadie, yes, you WILL pass the bar! then we'll have a virtual party for you (I'll bring the margarita mix!) I agree about writing things down. I'm amazed at how powerful journaling is at curbing excess foodage (is that a word?).

Eydie, I'm jealous... you went to a play? Got all cultured? Man... and here I sit at work in bare feet... I need somewhere I can go where I have to get dressed!

Frogger, your beach trip makes me homesick. I miss having San Francisco just 35 miles away - granted the beaches required wet suits to go in the water, but it was still a beach!

WSW, I hope you're feeling better!

Anagram, you most certainly can be the of Monday! No "kids" yet, they'll be home this afternoon. She "checked in" a couple times this weekend - I'm taking it as proof she appreciates being watched out for - and not annoyed by it.

Ceara, welcome back from lurkdom!

Cerise, isn't that the bestest thing about online friends? You don't miss them when you move! Be careful packing, remember to bend with your knees!

Kaylets, love the holidays, hate how the extra time off and sleeping in screws up your schedule.... Hope you're bright eye'd and bushy tailed today!

Jenn and Chicklo - WELCOME!!

Well, no sleeping in for me this last weekend, I was everything-sitting for my galavanting Momma. Horses, dogs and cats to feed, and a greenhouse to alternately water and raid (lettuce, zucchini, snap peas and strawberries ). Like I said, feeling a bit blue this morning, but I think it's being tired and having far too much time on my hands this weekend to let my mind wander to places it ought not.
Plan of attack for today - Harry Potter therapy - read so much of #5 that I don't have time to stress about the upcoming week.


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Hello all!

How is everyone!~ Did I say" Welcome"- Chicklo?? Glad to have you on board.

Punkin, I can relate- Found myself w/ a bag ( small one) of M&M's at 9 am yesterday. Managed to stay on course after that slip but not without a struggle. I too was draggy and down, just did not want to be there!!

Dh and I had been looking at moving but realize that if the interest rates go back up, we could have a house we've paid too much for and can't sell for what we paid. We are going to explore refinancing for what our house is currently worth. We almost got carried away but reality hit.
Today's thought of the day:

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are, "
Theodore Roosevelt
Question of the day :

"What subjects do you avoid discussing with anyone?' -- Table Topics

Take care all!
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Height: 5'8

Angry Day 2

Good Morning All! (somehow, I can't get into saying "Good Morning Losers!") Day 1 went well. I followed all my criteria. I was lightish on the exercise -- chi qong and housework -- but I'd exercised big time AND spent all day everyday doing yardwork and such over the weekend, so I don't think that was such a bad thing. Today I'm doing a 3-mile walk, and then an hour-long tai chi class this evening.

Hmmmm.... subjects I avoid talking about .... I would have to say it's the very ones that I should be addressing If I've got a real problem with some one, I rarely talk about it with them. I will try to find some sideways approach to talking about it, but almost never will I face it head-on. There's something for me to think about today.

Let's make this a great day, Lovelies!
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Momma Frog
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Good Morning All!! How is everyone today?

Not much new here, so just a fly by postie. Reading as I go along.

Congrates Punkin on your loss! Way to go

Cerise: Remember it takes 2 full weeks to make a habit. (that's a long 14 days sister) But you can do it!!! I know that I sure need to get back into my walking routine. Let's keep eachother in check shall we?

Jenn and Chicklo- Welcome to our fam!

Everyone I didn't mention-Little High Little Low, Little Hey Little Ho!!! (OK I was watchin Stuart Little 2 last night! How corney is that?)

Have a WONDERFUL day everyone!

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Hi Folks I'm back again!

Well I would like once again to join your challenge. As far as setting a goal the only goal Im going to set is to stay on program and be down in weight by labour day. The reason I'm not going to state down by a certain amount is because each time I do that I seem to disappoint myself. I have missed each challenge by a small amount. I'm still stuggling for my 90lbs. I camr so close .6 to go and then had a busy social week so I went up 1.4 and then the next week down .4 so it has been a battle. A 2 months ago I stated I wanted to bwe at goal by labour day but I know that is to high an expectation now because I will only set myself up for disappointment. So instead I will work hard at chipping away at the pounds and be happy with what I lose by then.

So good luck to us all, we can do this, because we are willing and strong and we have each other for support.

Warriors all, onward and downward we will win this battle.
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the sword bearer
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S/C/G: 209/140

Smile Keep it up Tuesday!

Mornin' Ladies...
Hi to all the "new" faces and known faces!
Kept to my goals for yesterday...water and sensible eating...on to Day 2! Now I need to psych myself up for some exercise! Not today
Will just keep up with the plan from yesterday.....glad to hear all are doing well and that Mom is coping.
Gotta go play ball before it is murderous out there!

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Talking Yo, Yo, Yo and Yo!!!!!! Here we go, let's start the show!!!

Ahem, if you'se guys see a post from me with a strange character, it's because I have to post from the edit screen sometimes because the privacy software won't let me use the full posting screen, so now I'm typing but I can't see what everyone wrote, SO, I can't do individual replies right now, BUT do need to note that everyone here seems:


I shall obviously stop short at saying, "Hooray for labor!"

My "March to Labor Day" diet programme travails are detailed in screechingly laborious detail on the journal. I'm counting off the days that I'm on this "MARCH" whether I do good and have the sweet AODC (Angel of Diet Compliance) accompanying me that day or the BAD (Bad Attitude Demon) Be it ever so humble, the march must go on!

Thanks be to all who welcomed the wandering back to the castle!!!! And welcome from queenie to all newcomers on this thread!!!! Hooray for LABOR DAY!!! Hooray for labor, erg, no! Hooray for lying on a couch and reading Harry Potter!

Ok, can't see the QODs, but remember them, sort of, so ... best summer day memory ... odd, but it's a hike I took up the mountain in the state park that's near me here ... heat was in the 115 range and I wasn't really prepared physically and had no business being out there and could have keeled over, but I had a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and sat in car afterward with ac on and drinking cold slimfast (horrible choice for heat recovery, but ...) from a cooler and watching people and thinking how fit I would be in the future ... things I don't really discuss with anyone ... actually, there's not much I won't discuss if the conditions are right !!!!

OK, LABORETTES, LET'S GO OUT THERE AND WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER! Or, words to that effect! Hooray, it's a new day, or as Anne of GG says, "It's a brand new day with no mistakes in it ... yet!" or words to that effect! Have a banana!!!

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