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Default This has been the week from you know where and the bloat proves it!

Everything was, is, going ok. Kinda.

As I knew, this past week was going to be killer. I worked 78 hours in 5 days, and had thanksgiving on top of it all. I did really well leading into thanksgiving, where my plan fell all apart.

My family had been planning the menu for weeks, so I had already planned what I was going to eat. Only problem was that when we got there, several of the healthy things had not been made, and basically the whole thing was redone. I had been awake for almost 36 hours by then, and I just didn't care. I ate what I wanted. Immediately I regretted it. The moderate heartburn I had flared up very badly and my stomach hurt. We left my family's house and went to my boyfriend's family's place, where I ate 2 Hawaiian rolls to try to quell some of the acid in my stomach, which did not work. After that, I took a nap and went back into work.

That morning I got a full 8 hours of sleep, but woke up late. Then I had my butt kicked at job #3. The bar was packed! No breakfast, no lunch, no time for dinner til I got off at 8pm, and you guessed it totally unhealthy. This time, my stomach just couldn't handle it and I ended up vomiting a scary amount of red-streaked stomach acid. So I'm positive that the ulcers are back and I need to get serious about going back on my meds for them.

Today was a tad better. I ate better, but my throat is sore from all the acid, I'm incredibly bloated and my stomach is burning. I feel like I've gained the measly 4lbs I lost back ad then some.

I'm just frustrated. How the heck can I do this when my schedule is jam packed and always changing? I'm always either working, sleeping, spending time with the kids or being so tired I can barely drive home safely.

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That sounds like an awful week! I hope things have calmed down now.

This is my first holiday not working in an industry and at a job that is absolutely ape**** all the time, and a million times worst around the holidays. The things that helped me most was: packing a snack. Well, a lot of snacks. Lots and lots of fruit cleaned and cut up in containers, granola, Fiber One bars, POPCORN, hiding small frozen meals in the staff fridge, knowing what the healthy options were for fast food in between work/home or closest to work if I might get a minute to dart out. (I highly recommend this if your schedule is always changing; I would eat dinner in the car on the way home and pass out when I got there. Is it the best thing? No. Is it viable and can you lose weight doing it? I did.)
Because I will binge if I let myself get too hungry, I always kept options available to me and options I could quickly scarf down in the 15 seconds I could get to where I couldn't be seen.

My best advice for the ulcers (which I had from 13-18 and am very careful now so that they don't come back) is water, water, water. That's the only thing that ever helped the acid even a little, aside from steady medication.
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