New Baby, New beginnings!

  • Hi Everyone!

    I recently had baby number 5 (she is the last of my group!) I also had my tubes tied, and I was told it would be more difficult to lose weight afterwards.... I am hoping that by October I will have lost 45 of my 245 pounds.

    My ultimate goal is to lose 100 lbs by next June. I hoping to find the support I know I am going to need to get to that goal here at this website.

    If anyone has words of advice or encouragement I'd love to hear from you.

    Thanks a bunch...
  • Hi!
    I would love to be a "support buddy" to you!

    I recently had baby #3 and have roughly the same amount as you to lose. PM me if you would be interested in exchanging e-mail addresses...

    Jump into any thread that intrests you...I just recently started posting on "weighty issues" and have long time posted at Misc. clubs at Ten Pounds at a Time" I think you 'll find where-ever you decide you will be more than welcome!

    Good luck on this journey!