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Default No idea what I actually weigh

Hi everyone, I'm back! I was quite active here last year, but due to family drama, I fell off the wagon. I went from 210 to 190, and now I'm up to 240. Very depressing, but I don't know what I actually weigh.

So, last August I started birth control. It was a fairly high dose birth control and it made my appetite go CRAZY. I ate everything in sight and I just could not control myself. I also was bloated ALL THE TIME except my placebo week. Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the zoo on Saturday and Sunday, and we probably walked at least 10 miles both days. Ever since then my ankles, feet, and calves swell up like balloons if I'm on my feet for even 15 minutes. The only thing that helps is sleeping it off. I also quit my birth control on Saturday because I was fed up with it.

Since then, my weight is constantly fluctuating. It looks like I'm down 10 lbs from water one day, and the next it's back up to 240 despite the swelling going down and not even feeling bloated.

I have no idea what my body is doing right now, and it's so frustrating to feel like I have no idea where my actual starting point is.
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Welcome back, Euphy!

I totally understand your frustration, esp. with the swelling of the legs/ankles/etc. I still get it once in a while now but nothing like when I was heavier. Make sure you are drinking enough water as that will help with the water retention (seems weird that you need water to get rid of water but you do!).

Are you able to make a doctor's appointment to have a check-up and get your weight, etc?

If you have to, you could always try a scale in the store for an idea of where you are exactly.

I didn't know my weight for years and years. The day I got on the scale just before I was having surgery and saw I was over 300lbs, I almost passed out. Thank God they knocked me out soon after that...

Good luck with your weightloss, we will all be here for you. I look forward to more of your posts!
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We have a scale, but my weight fluctuates so drastically from day to day, I don't know what my actual weight is. I felt like it was just the bloating, but this morning I weighed myself and I was still 240 from last night when I was 232 yesterday morning. Maybe my scale is broken. *crosses fingers*

Thank you for the sweet comment though, it's too hard not having someone to talk to about this stuff when they've never experienced it themselves. My boyfriend just seems to not really understand what I've gone through.
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I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time. Birth control is evil, as far as I'm concerned - the physical ramifications, alone, are just awful.

Even if you've struggled, you back! That's great news! Give it a few weeks off the birth control before weighing, if you can manage. Your scale may be broken, but you're absolutely experiencing hormonal fluctuations right now, too, and those can impact the scale hugely. After a few weeks test your scale with something you KNOW weighs what it says, like a hand weight or sack of sugar. If it is being weighed correctly, then you can be reasonably confident your scale isn't on the fritz.

But even if it is - the scale doesn't dictate our weight, it just reports it. Our behaviors are what primarily controls our fat accumulation and size (some things like medications definitely make things tougher, and different nutrients also affect our bodies in varying degrees, but in the end it still comes down to the choices we make and how we adjust for those confounding factors).

Get on top of your diet and just focus on making health promoting choices, one at a time, every meal. The scale will take care of itself - but your habits, choices, and mindset are what you can exercise direct control over, and they are what makes the difference.

Big hugs!
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8-10 lbs is A LOT of fluctuation. Check your scale. Is it digital? Maybe put some new batteries in it. I have fluctuated pretty badly after a cheat/slip up day but maybe 5-6 lbs at the very most. I would try a different scale, and use it in the morning after potty time (assuming you can go in the morning) and before you have anything to eat or drink. Try water like Elvis said, green tea will help also. Sorry you're having a frustrating time but things will look up. Welcome back and good luck on your journey!
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Thanks Arctic Mama, I took your suggestion and weighed one of my 5 lb hand weights and it was correct. Honestly, I'm in huge shock because I've been tracking my weight everyday in the morning. Mostly to see how much water I retain, but wow, I had no idea the birth control was doing this.

May 29: 237
May 30: 236
May 31: 233
June 1: 238
June 2: 240
June 3: 232
June 4: 240

It just amazes me because I know how much I eat, and even when I have bad days, it's never more than 2000 calories. I know that is fairly normal, but I am pretty severely inactive. I just moved to a walking town so that has increased and it's really hard to get used to.

Thank you all for the suggestions.
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