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The conclusion I have come to about normal is! We, as individuals need to find our own "normal", whatever that may be.

I had a tuna sandwich, on whole grain, with olive oil mayo for breakfast yesterday.

Sounded good, enjoyed it and was satisfied and happy!
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Originally Posted by sacha View Post
Hey we aren't all (were) emotional eaters.... I just liked eating food too much. I just enjoyed it. Nothing to do with happy or sad, it just tastes delicious and I want more
Good point. I remember the era of every overeating behavior (especially in women) being about some kind of codependency or deep dark emotional issues. Some is just metabolism or brain chemistry. Dopamine receptors or something.

Several of the posts I could relate to about the husband who got grumpy yet wouldn't go eat. I have done stuff like this - my guess is that a person gets busy and ignores the brain's hunger signal and then the hunger signal turns off.

Sometimes, ironically enough, I do this while grocery shopping because I'm doing that last on a bunch of errands so frozen foods don't melt, and I'm wanting to hurry up and get it done. And I'll be aware that I'm shopping on an empty stomach and don't want to make bad selections or overbuy - which knowledge only makes me more indecisive! There's a certain point when I can't make any decision, it's like my brain's running on fumes and I have to wrap it up and get out of the store.

My mom was Type 1 diabetic and if her blood sugar was low she could be pretty grumpy - and I'm the same way - I have insulin resistance but am not diabetic, trying not to become diabetic.
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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
This could go very badly if you copy the wrong skinny people. I know I would personally be screwed if I copied the diets of my thin family members. As a child I didn't understand that metabolisms differ, I just knew that it wasn't fair that I couldn't eat the types and quantities of food that others in the family could.

I remember when I was in kindergarten a lady at the supermarket started ranting at my mother, because I was fat and my baby brother was so thin (underweight). She thought my mom was neglecting my brother and she actually told my mother that she needed to feed my brother the food she was feeding me (not knowing that even at 3, he was eating more than I).

I started crying, because I thought my mother was going to stop feeding me (I already was being encouraged to eat less and my brother encouraged to eat more).

BTW, my brother's hummingbird metabolism did eventually slow down, but even at 45, he has a physique and diet most men would kill for.

He and I are adopted ( and not bio-related). Our younger sisters (parents' bio-kids), have diets and weights that more closely resemble those of our parents (one taking after Mom and her side of the family, and the other taking after Dad and his mother's side of the family).
I definitely believe genetics plays a big role in what our body shape and metabolisms are. Almost all the women in my family gain weight and become rounder and rounder apple shapes as they grow older. It's happening to me too, in my forties, and I am not thrilled. Trying to get a handle on my diet to stop fate!
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My husband is super skinny and one thing that frustrates me is him eating chips and salsa before dinner. I guess he needs the extra calories so it is ok but I wouldn't eat before a meal or otherwise I'd ruin my appetite. I'm not perfect but I can keep treats in the house for days before touching them.
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I know I do not eat normally at all. I have to change that. I will be hungry every few hours and if I dont eat then I get shaky and sweat and feel like passing out. My fiance on the other hand will go alllll day without eating cause he is not hungry and then will have one serving at dinner and be full. Or have a sandwhich for lunch and a small dinner and be done. NOT ME! Its crazy
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