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Default "Dressing up" to exercise

I went for my morning walk this morning like I try to do every day and have been really good about it. The weekends are easier as the dog cries while I walk so my husband is home to comfort him. (What we do for our animals! He won't walk athletically, he's more of a strolling kind of dog so he gets a walk with me afterwards!)

So today, I see the ladies that run each weekend morning. There are 3 of them that run together but I think only one of them lives on my street. Can I tell you, they are the smallest, well-dressed, cute runners I ever saw? I felt like a hippo walking down my street next to them. I had on a pair of 2x pants that I folded the waist over twice since they are too long now that they are loose, I had on a sports bra that isn't my favorite but the favorite is in the wash so I felt like my boobs were far enough down to tuck in above-mentioned big pants, my hair was up in a clip because why shower before I walk, and I had on a fleece jacket that I bought 2 months ago (that was too small) that is now too big! These ladies had on cute spandex pants, awesome colored running sneakers, fun looking colored headbands to match their sneakers, fitted running jackets that just looked so put together.

I decided I'm making my morning walk a fashion show for myself from now on. I felt so down in the dumps after seeing them that I was embarrassed for myself. I mean, I can't change my size instantly but I can change my appearance enough to impress myself. All of my clothes were clean out of the laundry so it's not like I was wearing anything unpresentable. And I felt fine when I stepped out on my front steps. It was just seeing these ladies (who are easily 15 years OLDER than me!) that totally deflated my morning walk that I look forward to.

I can't wait for my walk tomorrow. I'm going to be all dolled up and fancy! No eyeliner and lipstick but everything else is going to look good.
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Welll that Ballgown you mentioned last night might be fun to walk in LOLOLOL... I know what you mean.. I walk in my Pajama bottoms (stretches and is now getting baggy too) and a Tshirt... Hair up in a (gasp) scrungy. I feel like a beacon when I walk and very noticable. But I am proud of myself that I did walk tho. YOU my wonderful thinner friend can go out and get a set of running/walking pants with the neon stripes down the side that just make you look like you are going fast and just look smashing.!!! That will just add to the mental thought of walking as you are in the "cool" pants (and tops).. No more rolling over the waists now... Not allowed at your thinner weight!! ..... (I am hoping when I lose about 20 lbs more I can fit into the 1 x size and being that its alittle tighter material will keep the jiggles down to a small wave)

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Yes. I developed an addiction to lululemon. I shop for them used on ebay, so I can always find an excuse for yet another top.
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Try not to feel bad about yourself, especially if it came from comparing yourself to other girls.

When I am bigger (like after all my babies! lol) Ijust do the baggy sweat capris and t-shirt look to walk. And heaven help me if I'm in MY house on the tread mill!! Oh lord I'm wearing stuff you couldn't give away at a flea market (some of which I probably GOT at the flea market! lol) And I found I would compare myself to the fit girls and feel like the blob walking on the track! (we have a local community walking path)

But when I pretty much got to goal, I bought all super cute running clothes. Partly because I could more easily find super cute running clothes at a smaller size rather than when I was bigger, and partly because I liked feeling good when I ran!! But aside from running, I still wore old jeans and t-shirts the rest of the day, I never wear make up and even though my running shoes were bright and cute (because I replaced them like every 3 months) my regular sneakers are old old old dirty and worn!!

Occasionally I would pass by someone that was dressed in sweats and a t-shirt or was heavy like I was (well, AM, since I gained it back with baby) and think I hope to god they aren't comparing themselves to me, I hope I never make anyone feel bad about themselves. I never wanted to be *that* girl...I just wanted to lose weight, be healthy and run, for me.

I guess what I'm saying is not knowing those girls, maybe that would hate to have made you feel in anyway unhappy on your walk. Not that that makes you feel any better...but maybe they were where you are now at one time. If you can try to let them motivate (as it seems it has) to feel better or dress differently if that helps. But try not to let them give you bad feelings, I bet if you talked to them that would be the last thing they would want!

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Well, why not?

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I still get sweaty and gross, but I try not to let my clothes look gross, too I don't buy all coordinating stuff or anything like that, but it fits and is appropriate for the activity and not baggy, stained, or unattractive. Keep in mind I only workout at home, though, so my appearance is more for me and my spouse. But I know *I* feel better when I'm not looking messy for things like working out or cleaning, so I put in the effort for me. If it doesn't bother you, there's no reason to drop hundreds on workout 'gear' that is unnecessary. But it can be a nice way to pamper yourself
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There was a time (when I was single, which may be largely why) I would only go to the gym if I had the "right" outfit. I envied "normal weight" women who could look presentable in even mismatched, crumpled shorts and t-shirts. If I didn't have stylish exercise wear, even just for walking, I wouldn't go. I felt like the right "gear" made me seem less pathetic, and people would assume I exercised regularly because I had the special clothes.

Now I dress for comfort and range of movement. I bought a bunch of drawstring knit pants ($2.99 on bcoutlet.com) in an assortment of Easter egg colors. I bought t-shirts in similar colors and tie-dyed or beach-dyed them to camouflage stains and match a little better (don't want to look like a complete slob).

I no longer can use "nothing to wear" as an excuse to avoid the gym. Whatever helps you be active is a good investment, for me that investment was in learning to feel good in my easter-egg, goofy (but oh so comfy and cheap) outfits.
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im fairly mismatched when I run because i'm wearing what is comfortable for ME....I did buy clothing made for working out because I found that I wore through and wore out the clothing if it wasn't designed for gym use....and I always stick to the exact same clothing...in fact I really only HAVE one outfit to wear

I have a nice spendy pair of running shoes that my mommy got me for Christmas and is WORTH the money, let me tell you!!....I have a pair of grey capri running pants, a decent sports bra and a blue active-brand shirt....literally pulled from my "closet of clothing that used be too small" and worn every since....my hair is pulled back and if i'm outside I wear a beanie hat

I WISH I could look like the girls at the gym that come in with cute outfits and good make up and never work hard enough to break a sweat and ruin their make up....but i'm out there working my tail off and sweating all over the place lol
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I agree with Glamourgirl, don't let the other exercisers make you feel bad about your workout clothes. That said, I am a big believer in doing what it takes to make yourself feel good about exercise. Most of my workout clothes are pretty cheap, but they're cute, and I feel better wearing stuff that fits. My sneakers and sports bras are pricey, but I see that as pain prevention.

I did recently splurge on a Prana yoga outfit, but it was on clearance. Eventually I'm buying myself another outfit, but I can't bring myself to pay full price when I'm still trying to lose. Thank goodness cute cheap running skorts are easy to find.

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I'm happy to read that you're choosing to dress to impress yourself. I'm inspired!

Since I work in a small fitness studio, there wasn't really a dress code. I just designed our studio t-shirts so I'm having some printed up for me with nicer t-shirts that are more flattering to my figure. And it seems that for the bigger plus sizes, fitness pants come in three colors, black, black and BLACK. So I guess anything I get will go with that?

Two weeks ago I managed to snag a couple pairs of yoga capri pants on sale at the closest Lane Bryant. They were black with an aqua stripe on each side and aqua waste band. Then I happened to find a couple aqua t-shirts at Marshall's that practically matched. That's what I wear with my aqua and black cross-trainers for cardio class. Makes me feel all put together, and everyone compliments me.

I am liking the new colorful fitness shoe trends!

Wish they made Pilates/yoga tops with sleeves for plus sizes. I like the longer, more fitted tops, but they're usually sleeveless so in order for me to feel comfortable wearing them, I want to wear a top with sleeves underneath. But in the summer, that's just soooo hot! Blech!

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Thank you all for your wonderful replies! I posted yesterday and then the day got away from me but I followed all the replies on my phone, it's just a pain to post replies from there.

I know it shouldn't matter what I look like to workout but I'm a little vain now in my thinner days.

So this morning, I put on a pair of black fitted leggings (gasp!), a bright bright BRIGHT turquoise long sleeve top that matches my sneaker trim perfectly, hair up in an updo type clip, a fleece vest to cover my leggings butt (borrowed from my husband!) and I rocked my walk!! I felt like a million bucks walking this morning. And I saw the cute runners and I felt so much better. (They were my inspiration for this, it was all my own insecurity; it wasn't like they said or did anything--it was a battle in my head.)

I felt like I walked faster, stronger, harder and it was all based on my self-appearance. And I know my body was no different than it was yesterday but I felt so much more put together.

It's amazing what small changes can do to the mind. And I'll be doing it again tomorrow!
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elvis!!! I am glad that gave you the boost you needed!

I find that I don't care if I am frumpy and mismatched, and I sure as heck don't want bright colors on me (not due to low self esteem but more so due to the fact I hate those colors! :lol) however, I HAVE to have appropriately fitting exercise clothes of I feel like I am doing an injustice to my routine. So, in a way, I get where you are coming from!

So glad it inspired you!

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LOL Zoesmom, the bright colors only showed on my arms and my top where the vest was unzipped, everything else was covered by the vest (butt, chest, stomach). I might be crazy but I'm not insane!!!
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I think that is really a fun idea, making the morning walk an occasion to make a fashion statement!

I should do that. I usually sleep in sloppy exercise shorts and top and I just wear those to walk.
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Oh wow, I guess I didn't realize I dress up to workout. heh. I don't really care about name brands, but about half way into my weight loss I slowly started coordinating my outfits colors and even my running shoes go with my clothes. It makes me feel good.

Glad to see it worked for you too Elvis!
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