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Talking Hello~~~

Hey there Gennel~~and the rest of the chicks on here. I am an old friend of Gennel's and decided i needed to find how she is.

WOW~~those pics of your new house are just fabulous. What timing i had. I might not have found you if looked any sooner, as it sounds like you've been pretty darn busy w/the move and all.

I need to get more active with a good bunch of support on here. My group is dwindling down to only 2 or maybe 3 posters(and that is counting me!) so if you don't mind my dropping by here, or if you start a brand new thread, i would be honored to join you all. Right now i'm doing a bit of low-carb with watching portion sizes. DH really needs to watch his carbs, so i figured we both could do this at the same time. Won't hurt me any to cut back on them. The good part is you can still have melon and berries, and those are in season now and you can get real good ones at a fair price.

I am still about 12# from my goal weight. Spent the winter in Arizona for the first time last year and things were not good on the eating front. Too many people having us over for dinners and of course going out to restaurants a bit too often! I gained 10 and since then i've lost 1 # of it, so still want to lose 11 # more. I am walking more often now, sometimes 3 miles a day. usually 1 to 2 miles tho.

We are going to be in AZ next winter also, but living on our own, (not w/MIL and her husband--so eating will be much healthier at our place). The fruits and veggies down there are always fresh and reasonable, so i should be able to keep a good lifestyle. Especially if i want it bad enough, right chicks??

~~DIPS~~the yoga and pilates sounds very interesting. I have heard that you feel it later w/the pilates. YGG!! Proud of you.

~~APPLEBLOSSOM~~i may have met you a long time back on 3fc? Seems familiar!

Well, nice to meet all of you ~~KINA~~AngieME~~ and i hope to be back soon.

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Hey Lizzie,

Nice to see someone posting on this thread again. Good for you on cutting back on carbs. I know it's a hard thing to do. And I know vacations can be a killer also. But 12 pounds is a lot closer than most to a goal. I'm about 15-20 pounds from where I want to be. I'm just excersising religiously and eating right. I count my calories and watch my fat intake. I'm doing pretty good so far although I think it will be about another week or so before I notice any major results. We'll see, but in the mean time, I'm gonna give it my all.
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Hello again
Want to bump us up on these boards and just let you know i'm still here. Been away while it's been so humid. We stayed at our trailer that is on a lake and swam as much as we could to cool off. Now the storms are moving thru but on the good side this is supposed to rid us of the humidity.

How is the weather in Italy, Dips?? I heard it was above normal heat in that vicinity. Do take care.

I am going to weigh in tomorrow(just doing this on my own now-- i had lost 40# by attending Weight Watchers). I try not to weigh in more than once a week or even two weeks. Right now my clothes are feeling a bit looser, so i think it would be a good thing to weigh in now.

need to get off these last 12# and KEEP THEM OFF!! HELP~~
I hope to hear from more of you again!

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