So sad :(

  • I was so happy beacuse I finally hit a mini goal, get to 217, I've lost 44 lbs and I do see a lot of change, but still my body is far from what I want.
    Acording to the BMI, my goal weight is about 170 lbs, but after taking a few pictures of me I was like "All I've done is for nothing, I still see a huge fat person".
    Will I ever lose all the fat I have? seems impossible
  • Will you or will you not ever lose the fat you have - that depends. It depends on one person only, and that person is you.

    You've so far lost INCREDIBLE amount of weight and you proved that you have what it takes. There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to carry on in the same manner until you reach your goal weight. Only you can stop yourself, by imposing a false feeling of being too fat anyway and not being worth it.

    If I were you, I wouldn't do it. I would hush the voices in my head that are preventing me from continuing in what's has been an amazing journey to thinner and healthier yourself!!!!
  • You are doing awesome!! The journey is long but we have to keep going! It's an emotional, mental and physical battle. The most important part is you posted here. You can do it and we will be right here for you.
  • What! don't be sad you have come a long way I'm not even where you started first and only dreaming about where you are so seems pretty awesome to me, besides you see yourself every day its better if you compare with pictures and then you really notice how much you have changed
  • I have read so many people post (and I've felt myself) that they simultaneously know they're thinner (based on objective measures such as the scale, the measuring tape, and clothes), but they look at themselves and don't see it. This is from people who've lost 10 lbs, 40 lbs, even 100 lbs.

    For whatever reason, that seems to be part of the process--just not feeling as if you've made as much progress as you have. Have you looked at your before/current pictures so you can visualize the change? Put your hands on your waist--do you feel the difference there?

    You're doing a great job and only you will know when you're done. But I hope it helps to know that it's common to have the sense of not making progress when you've made lots! (and you've made lots!)
  • Did you take some "before" photos? A lot of times, people only notice a difference if they take photos, standing in the same place, same pose, same clothes.

    Also, you are not just losing weight to look better. You're improving the quantity and quality of your life!

    Negative thoughts about our bodies...most of us have them at one time or another and I know that I struggle with thinking positively about my body, but I know that those negative thoughts aren't going to get me to my goal. One year from now, we could be at a much better place or we could gain all the weight back (and then some). Which is better? Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Focus on what you DID accomplish and how if you keep going, you'll become more confident and pleased with the results. It didn't take just a few months for us to gain our weight so it will take more than a few months to take it off.

    Finally, I love that you have set up minigoals for yourself. Why not also set up rewards for yourself? For every 5 lbs., treat yourself to something that is not food related. It could be a new nail polish or a massage, depending on your finances too.

    Hang in there! I think you're doing great! I hope you realize that too.
  • We are our own worse work in the full length mirror I think hey...starting to look pretty good now....people have noticed and commented that I'm doing great etc. BUT I get home and in the workout room mirror I look pudgy ...and dont get me started on how I think I look neekid!!!
    BUT all it takes is to look at the profile pic compared to my heavy starting pic to help snap me back on track....See that it is working, just slower than I would like LOL
  • From 230 - 205, I didn't notice hardly any changes at all. But from 205 -187 (current), I notice changes every day. Our stats are similar, so I would just keep pushing through. Having someone who knows how to take good pictures is also helpful, as if my boyfriend takes pictures of me, I look like crap, but my friend took the awesome profile picture of me!
  • It is common for some to have these kinds of feelings during weight loss. You kind of have to ignore that and focus on the data and the data says you are doing an amazing job and have lost much weight. Instead of taking pictures, I hope you are measuring yourself regularly because numbers don't lie. Log the measurements something like weekly or monthly as you do your weight. You'll see you ARE changing. Your mind will catch up eventually. Just get the negative thoughts out of your head and tell yourself it is gonna be great, because it is and you are doing it!
  • Thanks to all of you for your nice coments, it's just...sometimes I just feel bad that my body will "perfect" I've a lot of strech marks, a lot of flab, fat everywhere and I DO know I look better than I did before, but sometimes It seems impossible to get the body I want :/