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Default 1500 calories not enough?

I recently started calorie counting two weeks ago an have lost 10 lbs since. I've been eating around 1500 calories and exercise daily. I had been feeling great up until today. I feel extremely fatigued, dizzy and lightheaded. At 5'7, 350 lbs and exercise daily, 1500 calories too low?? I've been told I should eat closer to 2000 but I feel too full after 1500..
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It depends on how much exercise you are doing (light, moderate..ect), and your age. I guess age affects metabolism. Anyway, here is a calculator to help give an estimate of how many calories you should get:

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I am by no means a professional at all. But I started counting at 1500/day as well at 252 lbs. I realized that wasn't enough for me. So I bumped it up to 1600.. Still wasn't enough. Finally after 5 weeks of 1700 cal a day, I've adjusted my metabolism to drop it down to 1600. The link Stars posted is perfect. Tells you exactly how many calories you'll need to maintain, lose and gain I suppose.

I'd personally bump it up a bit. Are you eating back your calories? If not, then that seems VERY low to me, for 350 lbs. I'd bump it up and give yourself some room to get used to eating less. In my opinion, when I was doing 1500 off the bat, it was a lot easier to slip into a binge.

Good luck!
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Sometimes it's better to start out at the higher end of calories and see how your body does, then reduce them a little at a time as necessary. I don't know what you ate before you started counting calories, but you might do well at 1800 or 2000 calories. There's a lot of trial and error involved in finding what works for you. The types of foods you eat will also impact your energy levels. Make sure you eat plenty of veggies
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Everyone is a little different but based on the information I have it is very likely that 1500 calories is enough and what you're feeling will pass.

That said - you want to make sure you're getting enough sodium, potassium, and magnesium in your diet. If you're not getting enough of those you can see fatigue.

Knowing what your diet is would be helpful.
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Basically with dieting, do as much as you can get away with and still see consistent results.

On the heavier end, I would start with 2000 calories a day (weighing, measuring, etc and make DARN sure that I'm not underestimating and sabotaging myself) and see how my results are.

When they slow down, drop a 100 or so calories, up my activity, etc to start seeing consistent results again.

1500 is fine, but I would think you could start with more, and not have to make starting out so traumatic.

On the other hand, in my 'real' life, I sometimes find that sticking with lower counts is actually easier, b/c when I have higher numbers I tend to think 'oh I can eat that' or 'I can afford another bite or two' and then I realize that I've overdone it for the day.

Ultimately, it's up to you, and how you feel comfortable but not so deprived that you think "I can't wait to be done dieting so I can eat again" This would be bad mojo
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I started at 310. My cal limit is also set at 1500. I didn't have these symptoms starting out, but I had a few questions/ideas...
When are you eating? Sometimes if I skip lunch or dinner, I'll feel loopy even if I've had enough calories for the day.
Are you getting adequate macro + micro nutrients? For example, you can lose weight eating 1500 cals a day in only pizza, but the body requires more than pizza alone can offer.
How much water do you drink? Water is a big one for me, if I don't drink enough I feel lethargic and weird.
I hope you are able to solve this! CONGRATULATIONS on your loss so far.
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I'm on 1,200. It's pretty sufficient for me but everybody is different. I'm not a huge eater. Some days I could eat a whole house of food if I wanted to, but most of the time I just eat small meals and I'm ok. I also work out everyday as well. I am also a go go go person, I just don't stop so I don't really have time to think about eating. It varies for everybody. One person could be at 2200 while some people could be at 1200 like me. All in what works for you.
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