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Wood Nymph, be strong. You'll wrestle those demons and win and be the stronger for the battle. It is hard when you've been so "together" by stuffing things down. And "little" things are magnified by the stuffing down. I have struggled for years to let go of "little" things not acknowledged at the time. And one thing that I didn't recognize for years still troubles me but I have acknowledged it and try no longer to be hurt by it. And, as you say, life is good and these things should not have a part in it. But you have to air them out before you discard them. And look at them from all angles and decide what you want to do with or about them. And overall I bet you think your March to Independence is great.

On the QOD of nice things said recently, I've decided to be immodest and tell y'all that DH said again this week how lucky he is to have met me. (Now that more than cuts both ways.) I'm still floating on air. PLUS good friend who has not previously mentioned my weight loss said that she and her dh have noticed I've lost a lot of weight and am walking so much better and I look great.

And I do rememmber my first bike. DH gave it to me for a birthday somewhere past 35 or so. I had no bike as a child and never learned to ride. So after he taught our kids he bought me a bike and figured he'd teach me as well. On the second try, I fell off and never tried again. Put that down to one of the things I regret. I SHOULD have learned no matter how many times I fell.
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Anagram, thanks for the support! You're very right that, on the whole, I think that the quest is great. And, when I occasionally have some food impulse and remind myself that I only eat when I'm hungry, I feel liberated, rather than deprived. I think the reason this is hitting me so hard is that I haven't put the whole package together for years - I've done the behavioral part, but without declaring that I was giving up the obsession (unlike other addictions, we can't quite give up food). And I suppose there may be hormonal and situational elements to this too. However, I am hanging in, and being strong.

You're doing so well! And reaping the rewards. So terrific when people start to notice. And what a nice comment from your Sweetie!

Re: bicycle - I got my first one when I was about 26 or 27. Never had one as a kid, but (sort-of) learned to ride one. I don't have one now, but am hoping to get one soon. I used to cycle an hour and a half out to the beach, spend a couple of hours and cycle back in town to work 10 or so hours waiting tables. Ah, I was young! And slender
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caffeine free!
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Quick Hello. Work is being very demanding. I almost did not wake up in time today and I was late and this is the first day my boss is back after about a week off, so even though I am usually the first to arive she got here before me. Job still not certain after I pass the bar so every time something like this happens I feel like it is one step back.

Generally going well. Lost one pound this week so I am down to 152.

I hope everyone is holding on well. Kittens are the cure for all of the worlds ills in my opinion.

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Wink sunny day

HI All, hope everyone is having a happy TUESDAY! The sun is shinning today!

Yea my brother still exercise with me however i have been able to work out on my own more recently. I enjoy his company though. He will work out this afternoon with me. I need to work out harder. I feel like i lost my motivation a little. However i do work out at least 5 times a week. Just not as hard as i used to. I feel bad about that. However you can just keep trying.

Hi Pumpkin praying for your mom...and thinking about how supportive you were when my mom was going through soemthing similiar. THANKS! Oh and i think your doing awesome with your 30lbs down. You go girl!

Arabella, i dieting can bring on a bunch of emotions. Its really hard to be hungry and remain stable sometimes. Especially if your low on carbs. I understand about feeling silly however i the feeling is so real. I joke about thin people being cranky all the time cause they dont eat.

Kaylet, thanks for the warm welcome back. You are so sweet. SO how have you been doing? WHat have you been up too?

SO im back on trying my pound a week method. More salads less carbos...and more water water.

Talk to u all later
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Yep - you nailed it, Scoob. It's the carbs, nature's tranquillizer. I'm going low-ish carb, mostly aiming for really healthy carbs. I'm opposed to hunger, though. I'm trying to ALWAYS eat when I'm hungry, and never otherwise.

Your comment about "cranky skinny people" reminded me of a kind-of funny story. My ex-BF used to work with a skinny cranky guy who said he had trouble controlling his moods. My BF said, you ought to try eating something when you're cranky or depressed. The guy tried it and was amazed at how well it worked. Then BF didn't see the guy for a couple of months. When he did, he hardly recognized him, he'd gained so much weight. Nasty side effect of this "drug of choice."
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Is it Friday yet?
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Mornin' all...

Semi- quick postie as I've got 501 things to do today... (busy is good though!). Mom left a card on my desk this morning - made me cry - it amazes me how she can think of *me* right now when everyone is so worried about *her*. Have I mentioned how awesome she is?

Scoob! Good to see you again! I was wondering where you dissappeared to... don't be a stranger!

Kaylets, you had me laughing this morning!! Run around the shower to get wet... HA! That's not quite true, but I was telling Bo-Beena a couple days ago that the little shelf that developed between the butt and lower back is quickly shrinking to just a mini ledge (and if I stand really, really straight it's gone!!!). I'm melting.... meeeelllltiiiiing!

WSW, no long posts necessary, I'm just glad you're here. Check in when you can

Anagram, what a sweet hubby you have! Hmmmm.... Onderland by 9/15? That's almost exactly 3 months away, so it'd be close... but something we could shoot for?? I'm exactly 30.5 pounds from that blessedly beautiful, much coveted "1-something" number. You think we could do it????

Arabella, I empathize with your feelings right now. You go right ahead and be in a foul mood, be emotional, be angry. It's probably been a long time since you've *felt* instead of medicated.
Since I've been loosing weight with my Dr.'s help (aka pharmaceutical assistance) I've been forced to feel every emotion. I can't eat it when I have no desire to eat! I have my 1 month check up with her tomorrow and I have to tell her what a learning experience it's been. Mom was diagnosed 4 days after I started loosing - and I've had to FEEL, not eat. You and I are finding non-food ways of coping with emotions and I think that's an incredible tool.
Besides, now my decks are stained, my scrapbook almost caught up, the house is spotless, etc....

Frogger, I'm sorry about your Whiskers. Loosing a pet is never easy but when they're around for most of your life it seems even harder. I have a few pooches in canine heaven, I'm sure they're giving him the grand tour...

Zadie, I agree, kittens are the cure-all aren't they? Too bad you couldn't hide one in your desk for stress relief too!

Speaking of which, I should probably go let the heathen out now. I'm kitty-sitting, Mom left at 6am for the hospital - they said they'd know the results while she was still on the table, hopefully by noon. My stepfather and family friend (she's a cytologist and my self-proclaimed surrogate grandmother) went with her. Thanks for your thoughts everyone.


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hi firecrackers

punkin-hope things go well for your mom today. she does sound like an "awesome" person, as is her daughter! way to go on your weight loss.

anagram-glad you're receiving such nice compliments on your weight loss.

frogger-sorry to hear about losing your doggie. that is very sad.

hi scooby-good to hear how things are going with you.

wildfire-hope things begin to improve for you and your dd while she is at your sister's. must be rough dealing with all this.

hi also to arabella, kaylets, ceara, zadie k, cerise, and everyone else.

i made it out early this morning to get some errands done before the heat gets too bad. i was proud of myself for not giving in last night and eating more than i needed to. arabella-i can certainly understand about those unsettled feelings sometimes when making good food/health choices. way to go, arabella! this stuff sure isn't easy--but at least, worth the struggle. thinking of you all. take care, wsw.
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quote: Besides, now my decks are stained, my scrapbook almost caught up, the house is spotless, etc....

LOL! That is really funny! I just don't feel like sitting around that much any more. And I'm more inclined to do some of the jobs around the house rather than get overwhelmed by how much needed to be done (hmmmm.... what other situations does that apply to...) and doing none of it.

wsw, you're right -- it IS worth the struggle. And we need to find ways to reward, soothe and comfort ourselves without resorting to food. I'm trying not to drink too much coffee, but I've been allowing myself some lately. And it does seem like a treat to me, whereas before I would have had to have a little something with it to make it a treat.
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Hi everybody! Yes, I've been kind of lurking on and off. Truth is, I've been rather depressed over my 40th birthday being a total non-event. Where were my friends? Why didn't my husband do anything? [Especially when I told him that this was a big deal for me---I said it out loud too, with my own mouth--not telepathically!] Hang onto something while I have a big baby moment: I feel so unlovable and forgotten! My best friend didn't do anything special---I'm really confused and sad about it all. I feel like I'm in some sort of limbo now because I didn't have my rite of passage. 40! And NOTHING!
It's been so weird and bad that I'm going for counseling about it and I'm dragging DH with me! He's usually so sensitive [more so than me], so I don't know what happened. Dig this: for the first time ever no one sung 'Happy Birthday' to me. Wahhh!

I could go on and on....but that's why I've been gone and I've missed you all something awful. I just wanted to have something good and positive to say, and not be paralyzed by my own sadness and confusion.
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And lest anyone think that I've become totally self-centered in my dotage....

Frogger, Sorry about the loss of your old friend. As I always say, Better to have loved and lost...

Punkinseed, hoping like mad that you get the best possible news today!

Arabella, thanks for asking about me---and the squirrel-y birthday card!

I'm looking forward to catching up with everybody!
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Oh, Eydie. No one sang? I think that's a minimum. Glad you're going to counseling rather than stay funked out.

Wood nymph (and others), saw a snatch of a segment on Good Morning America where some doc (?) was talking about the "seduction of food" (I think that's the name of his book). He says the same substance is produced by food as by drugs just less of it and was talking about the addictiveness of food for some people. Seemed interesting and wish I had seen more.

Good day today food and waterwise. Only exercise was some stretching but not enough to say I exercisedk. Sun shine overwhelming. Feeling calm, rewarded, relaxed and happy. Wish same to you all. Hope news was good, Punkin.
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FRom the GMA site -

June 9 Ever felt like your constant cravings for chocolate, cookies or cheese are beyond your control? According to the author of Breaking the Food Seduction, you're right.

There are biological reasons for those cravings, and people who think that they are too weak-willed to stop eating their favorite foods may simply be addicted to them, said Dr. Neal Barnard, president and founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and an adjunct professor at the George Washington University School of Medicine.

"Certain foods chocolates, cheeses, sugars, starches and meats are capable of stimulating the same part of the brain that responds to alcohol, tobacco, even heroin," Barnard said. "They unleash a chemical called dopamine, the brain's feel-good chemical, and that's why those foods are addictive."

Foods that produce such cravings, and sabotage healthy diets, include sugary and starchy foods such as cookies, cakes and white bread, as well as chocolate, cheese and meat. As with drugs, coffee or alcohol, people go into withdrawal when they don't have the foods.

"That's where the cravings come from," Barnard said. "People feel hooked on these foods."

Mood-Lifting Meals

Those foods all stimulate the release of opiates in the brain, lifting your mood, he said.

Some are not only addicting, but are appetite stimulants as well.

They play havoc with your blood sugar, which brings on cravings. Basically, the rush of sugar in the blood causes a person's energy to rise too quickly. After the rise, the energy falls just as quickly, so the person feels as though they need to eat something to bring it back up again.

Not all starchy foods are on the list. Pasta, for instance, does not cause a blood sugar spike.

"Eat it it's not a bad starch," Barnard said.

Despite the fact that certain foods are addictive, it doesn't mean people should cut them out of their diets entirely. Instead, they should give themselves a break for them. The more you eat, the more you crave, Barnard says.

"If you haven't had chocolate for three weeks, you won't crave it," he said. "You'll break the cycle."

Like Mom Said, Eat a Good Breakfast

If you're not eating your favorite foods, what do you eat? One of Barnard's key recommendations is eating a good, solid breakfast every day. A good choice for breakfast is oatmeal the old-fashioned kind.

"That phrase that it will "stick to your ribs" is true," Barnard said.

His study found that instant oatmeal prompts children to actually snack more. The instant oatmeal is powdery and actually spikes blood sugar, but the oats in the old-fashioned kind are more fiber-filled and slow down digestion.

Also for breakfast, he recommends fresh fruit, whole-grained, darker breads and veggie sausage. Always choose darker breads over white bread, which is one of the addictive starches, he said. Veggie sausage can serve as a source of protein. In general, Americans need to look to plants for proteins, rather than animals, because they are lower in fat and cholesterol, Barnard said.

"This breakfast will block our food cravings because nothing in it stimulates dopamine," Barnard said. "It blocks hunger, as opposed to no breakfast at all. Second, it is high in fiber, and will stick to your ribs, so you're not dying of hunger by 10:30, and looking for a cookie."

The Rule of 10

Though many people skip meals in order to lose weight, he suggests what he calls as "The Rule of 10" as a guideline for dieters. Simply multiply your ideal body weight by 10 to come up with your minimum caloric intake. If your ideal weight is 150 pounds, for instance, multiply that by 10, and you get 1,500. That is the least amount of calories you should ever take in.

"Some dieters skip two meals one day, then binge the next," Barnard said. "That yo-yo dieting is one reason that dieters get into terrible eating habits, including food addictions."

Instead of white bread, search for darker-grained breads, like pumpernickel. White potatoes release sugars very quickly, so try yams or sweet potatoes instead. They release sugars much more slowly.

Once you break the everyday habit of eating favorite foods, like chocolate, you can begin enjoying it again with limitations.

"You can have it once a week, and enjoy it without a care," Barnard said.


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Momma Frog
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Consider yourself sung to. I can't believe no one celebrated! Every birthday/event calls for some sort of Part-ay. You're close to me aren't you? I'll throw you a big party. What do ya say?
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Angry Day 10

9 days done towards the magic 21. And then another block, and another, and I will keep going. Actually, although I might not continue to count days or blocks forever, the changes I've made are things I want to do permanently. I've made it back to Tai Chi regularly, been walking and going to the gym. I'd like to start running a little bit again, and to get back into yoga.

Eydie, you should have come in and told us how you were feeling! I know it helps to talk about these things, and that's what we're here for! So sorry about your non-event birthday - weird that your DH was so bad about it. I'm glad you're going to get some counseling for it. I've had some poor b'day experiences, too. My husband is not the nurturing kind. I have a party for him almost every year (after first ensuring that he wants one). And I eventually said one year, "What would you think of the idea of having a party for my birthday?" The first year we were together on my birthday, when we woke up he asked me what I wanted to do. I said I'd like to go to a particular beach, where the water was warm enough to relax and swim for a bit. Well, he drove in the other direction, to another beach (where you couldn't really linger in the water) and when I asked why, he said the beach I wanted to go to was too far. That night, he cooked me HIS favorite dinner. Afterwards he complained to me for an hour or so that he wasn't happy with the way his life was going. Worst birthday ever! He's not as bad as he used to be, but --- wow! Looking back, I don't know why I didn't break up with him. Hope the counseling is helpful!

Anagram, thanks for bringing us the article. Verrrrrry interesting! Love your description of how you're feeling today, too. I shall strive to feel similar!

Punkin, hope your news is good! Sending good thoughts.... :

To all Firecrackers, mentioned or unmentioned, let's take this day and make the best possible use of it. Love to all!
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Smile Wonderful me Wednesday!

Hello all!

Computer problems at home, seems like our service or maybe the modem. DH called and was told we were the 5th complaint but
since its cable, we have to have an house call. Might be down till
Sat so I am posting here from work and must be brief. ( And you know how I hate that word!)

Punkin- HOW IS MOM? I am really hoping for the best.

Eydie- How about you throw yourself a party??

Anagram- Read the GMA clip quickly. And makes so much sense!
Thought of the day:
Four little words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more. They did all that was expected of them and a little bit more.
Question of the day:
"What do you think the question of the day should be today?"

Take care all!
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