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Jesse Cook is coming to town!!! Jesse Cook is coming to town!!!

Can't buy tickets until Monday. Sorry, just had to let that out because I can't dance, hop up and down, clap, and yell in the office.

Concert is July 16th!!!! Hey Kaylets, wanna go?
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Gonna be strong and fit!
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Angry Hello All

Well, never made it back on yesterday. Work was not good and got home very late.

Well, just have to pat myself on the back. Yesterday, some evil-doer brought in 2 dozon crispy cream donuts!!! What were they thinking?? Everyone at work is trying to eat healthier, however, those donuts were gone by the end of the day. I did NOT eat one, not a little bite, not any! Now donuts are one of my greatest downfalls, so I am very proud of this. It was very hard not to eat one especially with the day I had yesterday. Part of what helped me was you guys, all of your non scale victories made me think I can do this. Food is no longer going to control me!! (repeat as necessary )
Arabella, love the "declaring independence" what a good way to put it.

Kaylets, loved the Monday memo as well as ordinary miracles.
QOD- I am silly a lot. I agree giggling so much you cry when no remembers what started it, yeah that is great

So far this week, right on target, water, excercise and vitamins!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Spreadin' the luv.
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Ladies, you brighten up my day so much! I'm gonna write something properly later, but I just wanted you to know how happy I am to have found you.

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Smile Tuesday evening!

Hello all!

Just stopping by for a minute while the iron warms up--
Mornings are so much easier when I know what I'm wearing and its ready to be put on.
Forecast was for rain so I grabbed a blazer I 've worn zillions of times w/ a navy 2pc dress. What I realized today was that -- I could button it !
Last fall, it fit across the shoulders but I had to leave it open. Today, I wore it buttoned and boy oh boy did people notice. Maybe because I generally don't wear skirts or maybe w/ the blazer closed, my shape was more defined-- I dunno- but it was great on a grey rainy morning!!

and doesnt it just go figure?? I finally hand in my info and key deposit and the Fitness center at my job is going to be closed for two weeks -- new carpeting, etc, etc. Hee hee--

Cerise- We think you're pretty special too! How's your dad doing?

Punkin- the walk sounds amazing- I bet you Mom is still flying from the support of the survivors. I wish I could have been there.

Bo Beena-- I CAN RELATE-- The Krispy Kremes are very hard to stay away from-- GOOD FOR YOU! and the bonus is that tomorrow, you won't have sugar cravings waking you up screaming "MORE !!"

Wildfire-- sounds like fun but I won't be able to get there--
I expect you to give us all the details!! Is he playing alone??
Is it a night concert??

Ceara- How goes it? Sorry to hear about your cold.

Arabella- is month end nearly done?

wsw- The rain has begun again here, your way too?

Anagram- My money is that its raining your way too. Did get some weeding done yesterday --Don't know if I'm ever going to get the lettuce seeds in with all the rain. The seeds will just wash away.

Time to iron.

Take care all!
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Hot Stuff
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Whaddaya mean it's only Tuesday? Hrmph.

Kaylets, where did you find our Company Policies memo? Yep, that's where I work. Way to go on jogging those stairs! I had an ordinary miracle today, right after I read your post. "An unexpected phone call from an old friend. " Well, it wasn't a phone call, but an online message from a friend I'd lost touch with over the last year and a half. Just out of the blue!

Frogger, how sweet of hubby to pack your lunch, sans chips! Wow, what a nice gift from the in-laws! Don't suppose they're looking to adopt? Congrats on making those changes to higher fibre...every little bit counts!

Ceara, nice to have you back on board! Has your shoulder fully recovered from the puppy whiplash?

Bo Beena, you donut-dodging firecracker, you! Yes, you read correctly...my bedroom is deep violet. It was a little too cave-like when I moved in, so I did some ragging in lavendar on the top half, and put a border up mid-way up the wall. So now the screaming is contained to the lower half of the walls. It would have cost me a fortune to paint over it, and we only plan to be here for another 2 years, so I'm living with it. I had to buy new bedding to match, but bought it cheap! I'm more of an earthy-color gal, and I'm getting the itch to paint over it....but hubby would likely kill me!

Cerise, how is your Dad doing after the surgery? How was your day in the Land of No Fried Food? Hey, we're glad you found us, too!

Zadie, how are you doing?

Punkin, it must have been incredible to see all the survivors standing at the walk. The image of them wearing those hats saying "Heaven Can Wait"....*sniff*...gosh, I would have been a wet heap! As for the evaluation, it was the first time we've had written evals, so usually any concerns we have would stop at my boss....he would never do anything about them. This time, they are in writing and submitted to the CFO....my boss's boss. Who knows if they'll actually do anything, but at least I'm being heard.

to Arabella (glad you're back, too!), wsw, anagram, et all. And where is our Empress?

Gotta go do lunch/clothes for tomorrow.
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Spreadin' the luv.
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Default Evening, sweeties.

All right, people. I am dedicated. Has anyone done this? I just wrote down everyones' names and a few things I've learned about them, like, uhhh "Kaylets - compay policies memo, small miracles (loved that, BTW)". Or "Anagram - bionic knees, really sweet, dry sense of humor". Stuff like that. Flattery will get me nowhere, I know.

You guys helped me so much today. Have successfully sworn off fried foods so far - yes, only 5 days into it. I've also walked every other day. I didn't want to today, but thought "we're all trying to make it to July 4", and then I HAD to! Such a beautiful evening, and I confess that I stopped about 3 times to sniff roses kind people planted in their front yards. My heart rate's not more important than my cherished nose...

Heart rate. Hah. I'm so wussy from a year "off" that I can't even get a good huff-and-puff going yet. If I walked THAT fast, my calves would shut down and my lower back HURTS. It's 'cause my belly's gotten so big, I think. Blew out my abs and lower back. Ramon (the gorgeous husband I wish I could clone for my beloved single friends) believes that I should just get out there and let my muscles get used to hauling my big butt (NOT his words) around again. He thinks the aerobic stuff will come later. Do you concur, doctors?

Anyway, Daddie-dear's chipper, driving the nurses crazy and already in less pain than he was. Turns out the knee and hip degeneration is genetic. OH, GREAT. Thanks for your thoughts and kind words, kidlets.

Punkinseed, your description of the walk for your Mom got me pretty emotional. I was at work and let out a big "Oh, how WONDERFUL!!" and my boss said "tell me." Erp! I'm posting at home from now on.

Sayonara, O Lights Of My Life...
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Default Wonderful Me Wednesday!

isnt it true- how the smallest thing can take you "off schedule"-- 45 minutes ago, I was ahead of schedule, and b/4 you know it, I'm now almost behind.
Part of it was that DH was missing his watch and decided he needed to find it b/4 he went to work even though he was running 10 minutes late--

here's the chuckle- when I asked how long he's been missing the watch, he said a couple days--
Yes, I know, why didnt we look last night??
Today's thought of the day is:
Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road, for
then the journey is over and it is too late. Today, this hour, this
minute is the day, the hour, the minute for each of us to sense the fact
that life is good, with all of its trials and troubles, and perhaps more
interesting because of them."
Robert R. Updegraff
Author of "Be Thankful For Your Troubles"
Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you have to say?"
from The Book of Questions

Frogger and Zaida and everyone else I missed last night--
How's Wednesday coming along?/

Take care all!
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Smile Wonderful Me Wednesday! II

'Live Now / Die Later'

-tattoo on Carmelo Anthony's right bicep
All-American Basketball Player
(2003 National Champion Syracuse Orangemen)

You know them instantly when you meet them.

You want to be their near them.

You want to be like them.

You know the type...

Always smiling. Hard worker. Optimistic. Assured.

And they win... a lot.

Carmelo Anthony, only 18 years old, is that person.

This past April, as a freshman, he led our hometown
Syracuse Orangemen to the NCAA men's national basketball

He routinely did the impossible.

Showing skills reserved only for those 'touched by the
hand of God'.

All with a smile that lit up the entire Carrier Dome.

He made us all forget about the whipping winds and the 14+
feet of snow we were hammered with this winter. It didn't

Because we got to witness someone special.

Sure, he has natural skills, but it's a LOT more than that.

He works like no one else.

He's as coachable as they come...

He listens closely, learns from every mistake, practices
every day like he's playing for the NBA title.

And he's only eighteen.

Most people want to believe this kind of talent gets
inserted at birth.

Most want to believe that they just don't have it.

It absolves them from responsibilities for their failures.

And it's true that few people are born with the physical
ability to play sports at the highest levels or the ability
to tolerate the kind of stress endured by presidents of
huge corporations.

But what most people forget is that to become great at
anything, you've got to get single minded.

If you want greatness, or heck, forget about greatness for
a minute...

If you want to get past this next challenge, to succeed at
getting rid of the habit that has you by the throat...

...then work on that one thing only. Sure, fulfill your
daily responsibilities.

But when it comes to reaching this one top goal, make it
absolutely, positively a must. Look at this goal like it's
the most important thing in your life.

If you do this, I guarantee you of one thing...

...that if you DON'T make it all the way, you'll most
certainly come closer than you ever have before.

And in the process of the reaching and the straining,
you'll be growing.

Becoming more capable.

Becoming the person who other people want to be like.

Because even if you reach your big goal, it's possible to
lose it all in the future, to go back to your old ways.


But if you put all of yourself, and I mean ALL of yourself
into your reaching, learning everything you can along the
way, then not only will you most likely succeed now, but
you'll be able to do more in the future.

How do you think highly skilled people in any field got so
good? Were they born with all that knowledge and skills?

Give me a break!

It's called work. I know that's a dirty word to most
people... and I do mean MOST people. But if you want to get
to that place and be that person you imagine when you close
your eyes, then honest effort is the only way.

But don't be so glum...

Carmelo Anthony wasn't even considered an elite college
recruit as a high school junior. No. But during his senior
year, he blew up... working like a maniac, that year
building massively on the skills he already had developed
through intensely practicing the same things day in-day out.

And because of it, he just barely passed his college
entrance exams.

And those people who love to look down on those with
lesser vocabularies, grades or looks... those things are

But you don't have to know everything to reach your goals
and to be successful in this life of yours. You can't be
all things. It's impossible.

You just have to do what you must to get where you want to

If your goals aren't huge now, that's fine. Reach the
small ones. Build your confidence. And go from there.

The tallest buildings start with many sub-floors under the

So, if that's where you are starting from, know that you
can still get where you want to go... one step at a time.

The time for living is now.

So what are you going to do?

----- Mike Brescia- Life's Laser Lessons--
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the sword bearer
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S/C/G: 209/140

Exclamation Wednesday

Hmmm. Hump Day.

Is still dark and overcast....wonder if the sun is being held hostage ? Anyway another day OP under my belt...which is looser by the way. Drowning oneself in water (drinking) seems to move stuff. Or maybe it is the aerobic activity from running to the bathroom?!? Still no organized exercise...I'm workin' up it!

My shoulder is very good thank you Wildfire. The chiro feels she only needs to torture me every two weeks now. Actually she is still stretching that little muscle under the arm pit and slightly to the back...that is where the BIG owy was. Tricep is good. Still am cautious about using that arm to walk the heathen though.

Anyway, have another fun filled day coming up....stayed home sick yesterday and still feel yucky....can't decide if it a cold or seasonal allergies and am afraid to take anything 'cause what I took last Sunday knocked me out for the day!!!!! Cheap drugs

So, good morning to all! Have a great OP day, and congrats on all the NSV's we have...lots of water, no fried foods or crispy cremes...(thank goodness I cannot stand the smell of those), exercise goals etc.


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Momma Frog
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Hey all!!

Been busy today trying to change my name. It's very hard when your at work and trying to work and do other things as well. Still have to contact benefits at work and my auto insurance. AND still go to the DMV sometime.

So all you experienced chickies with buying a house, you're supposed to change your dependent claims? My inlaws told us that the other day. Change it to what? Maybe I should go to a tax person after we close. Whenever that is....

Been good so far today. Have eaten my bran flakes and raisins but I have terrible heartburn from the skim milk. Dairy does that to me.

It's overcast and drizzly here. I wish it would stop raining! I'm so sleepy and sunlight depressed. I want it to be warm!

Ceara, Kaylets, Cerise, Wildfire, Bo-Beena, wsw and everyone else I forgot. Have a good humpity hump day!
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Is it Friday yet?
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Week half over Wednesday!

I came to work this morning and my Mom's hair was shocking RED! (she's a light, light brown normally) I almost laughed, but didn't - she's in this mode of trying new things that she normally wouldn't - kinda like a taking life by the throat kind of attitude ("hey, I've never been a redhead, what the ****..."). Her sentinal node surgery is next Tuesday - from that we'll find out if the cancer ever spread past her breast. for nothing but GREAT news and clear nodes!

My Dad's coming up from Arizona tomarrow for a speedy visit. He should be in Sacramento right now, then driving to Oregon tomarrow. He's bringing me some loot from Mexico I wanted the last time I was there but couldn't get into an airplane (5 foot chiminea and a huge porcelain/wrought iron sun). So basically it's a quick visit and a delivery (and I think he wants to make sure I'm ok). I'm going to take him to dinner whether he accepts it or not - why can't parents let their adult children treat them????

...Has anyone got Amarantha's old email addy? I tried to email her to find out if she was ok since she's gone AWOL from both threads and her email bounced... please PM me if you've got it!

Kaylets - on buttoning up! That's so awesome! Next thing you know people will notice that you need a smaller size blazer! Of course, we can take care of that - shopping field trip anyone???

Wildfire - I'm excited for you! But who's Jesse Cook? I feel so outta da loop.

Bo-Beena - You awesome gurl you! No to Krispy Kremes????
Since you introduced me to them I consider myself the lucky one of this bunch since I have no KK store within a 3 hour drive!

Cerise - You're so organized! I don't have notes on us, but I do *take* notes while I'm reading everyone's posts so I know what I want to say... As for the exercise, your awesome hubby is right I think. I went from 5-6 Jazzercise classes a week and 145 pounds to ZERO exercise and 250 pounds (gasp) - getting myself back to where I'm not sucking wind by simply putting on my walking shoes took time, but your body WILL remember!
Good to hear Dad's doing so well too!
Oh, and I have to post while I'm at work (home computer's being held hostage by tech friend who's sloooow, but free). I work with my Mom, so a lot of times I end up having to read her what I'm laughing or gasping at!

Frogger - Hmmmm.... I have no idea what they're talking about in having to change your dependants. If you claim more, they take out less taxes from your paycheck, which could look good to the finance company - but they look at your gross anyway, not your net (after tax) income. I'd also be a bit leary too because the tax benefits in buying a house aren't all that great the first year unless you buy in the beginning of the year. I bought in October 2001, and that year's taxes, well, sucked compared to 2002 that had a whole year of home ownership. I bought my house by myself and I didn't have to alter any of my paycheck stuff and I don't make *that* much money. Hopefully they can clarify what they meant?

Q o' the day - Rehearse phone calls? Only if it's an important one. Breaking bad news, dealing with important issues, phone calls you don't want to make, etc. I run those through my head a couple times. But in day to day work/life? No. I make literally 50-100 phone calls a day - I don't have *time* to rehearse! What I say is what they get!

Guess I should get some work done??


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caffeine free!
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still here are have not fallen off of the planet (or the wagon) yet. Keeping to my plan and doing well. However, work is chaos so I have not had much time to look at the board. I hope eberyone is doing well.
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Weatherman says we should have dry weather by noon today- A month of rain!
Hello all!
Today's thought is:
"A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances,
but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes."

Hugh Downs
Veteran Journalist

Question of the day :

"If 100 people your age were chosen at random, how many do you think you'd find leading a more satisfying life than yours?"-- The Book of Questions

Take care all!
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the sword bearer
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S/C/G: 209/140

Smile Thursday

Hmmm...still cloudy and rainy and foggy...no ransom note yet.

A slightly less busy day today...hopefully I might find a little "me" time.

Yesterday was OK programme wise....had lunch out...Lasagna and salad, 1/2 glass white wine and dessert...however due to time constraints, supper was an apple...so...I know I need more veggies...just no time to chew! However the scale is progressing, as are the clothes.

Anyway, am off again to do something...maybe drink my coffee and read a chapter in my book?

Good for your Mom Punkin...red is good.

I miss the QOD!

Seize the day ladies!

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S/C/G: 209/140

Angry There it is!

Great minds and fools Kaylets!

I think what I find satisfying would be most unsatisfactory to someone else. Also I think what we see of people's lives or perceive of them, may not actually be what they are. I think we have to make our own satisfaction, so I say NONE!

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