Feeling proud of myself

  • I just wanted to share - I've lost 6 lbs in 4 days! I know this is just the intial water weight as well but I worked my butt off the past few days.

    I felt accomplished but never overwhelmed - so I think my plan is a very reasonable one to stick to. My mom took our son last night, so my fiance and I had a date. We went to ruby tuesday and I still did fabulously - had chicken fresco with light sauce and broccoli and salad for my sides, and did not finish my chicken. (all while fiance had bacon wrapped shrimp and bbq ribs w/ mashed potatoes [mashed is one of my favs!] - and I wasn't tempted at all.)

    I ammm a little frustrated with him though. Not because he's not ready to lose weight and is still eating junk. But he's being a bad influence. Last night he got a mixed drink and kept telling me to have one. I know he wanted me to have a good time, but encouraging me to drink my calories does nothing for me. And then this morning we had to run out quickly and didn't have time for breakfast, so when we were done errands he wanted to grab mcdonalds. He asked me if I wanted a sausage egg and cheese biscuit like him. I just said uhh are you insane? lol and he says he forgot. Then later he did tell me he thinks I'm doing great and to keep it up. So I don't think it's intentional and he will probably just need to get used to my healthier lifestyle.

    But anyways, I'm proud of myself for showing strong self control and for losing 6 lbs in 4 days! I'm gonna keep on going!
  • Sounds like you are doing good!! Congrats and keep it up!!
  • Congratulations on the loss!!!

    About your husband ----- my husband did the same thing at first but after I stuck with my plan for awhile he quit. I think that he just had to see that I was serious this time about weight loss. If you keep turning his offers down, he will eventually quit offering.
  • Keep it up! You're off to a great start!
  • Good for you ! And don't discount your weight loss !

    Your boyfriend has a right to eat how ever he chooses.....But it is very unfair to tempt you and undermine the progress that you are making! That can lead to you losing your resolve...so I would let him know that he is making it more difficult ....if that is not his intention then he needs to stop it immediately !
    Maybe once he sees how well you are doing he may decide to join you.

    Good Luck, and keep at it,Roo2

  • Thanks so much to all of you! I think he is almost there, hopefully my success will motivate him. I love him at any size, I just want him to be healthy with me! My mom was always really heavy and she has finally lost quite a bit of weight. I'm about to walk to her house (2 miles) then we are going to walk together - me and my mom working out together is nothing I'd ever imagined would happen. It's fabulous though.