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Homeboy 04-08-2013 11:33 AM

How did you find the motivation to continue losing weight?
2 years ago i was 324 pounds, after 2 years of limiting my diet and increasing my activity i managed to get to 210 pounds. I have been getting loads of comments from people about how different i look and i notice it myself my face has slimmed down a lot. I feel light and just great i remember walking when i was 324 pounds and it used to hurt after a while now it doesn't.

However i am still considerd overweight and i am not happy, my weight should be around 160 pounds the problem is i just don't believe in it anymore, i workout and eat right for a week or so then look at my body and just give up and go back to eating junk food again. I also just feel emotionally drained. I am 24 and i don't wanna look back when i am 40 for example and say ''I wish i lost this weight when i was younger''.

Did this happen to anyone else? and how did you find the motivation to continue?

vicki nicole 04-08-2013 06:49 PM

I definitely know how you feel. I am on a long term weight loss journey too. I started at 300 pounds and now I'm at 233lbs and it's hard for me to stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy. I keep going a month or two without exercising, then I get back on track. It's frustrating. I don't have any motivational tips to help you, but I am 40 years old in one month and I wish I never gained all this weight in my thirties. So I would say whatever you do, just don't gain back what you've lost. If you have to stay at your current weight for awhile until you get motivated again, then that's what you do, just don't gain cause it gets harder to lose it as you get older.

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