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I feel this way a lot too. I thought it would change once I lost the weight but I still get kinda nervous. I hate it when I order unhealthy things because I think the waiter is thinking bad things about my eating habits. The last time we went out to eat I got a salad. I seriously still think back and wonder if my best friend thought I was eating bad because I seriously ate the entire thing in like 2 minutes
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I totally get how you're feeling. I used to wonder the same thing.

Then I stopped caring what people who don't really know me think of me. I'd rather spend my mental energy on people who really care about me and don't judge me.
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Originally Posted by elvislover324 View Post
I never eat in front of other people, even now that I've lost some weight. I was too embarrassed to eat unhealthy food in front of people because I figured they'd be thinking "so that's how she got so big". If I ate a salad, I felt like a fraud even if its what I was craving.

I don't think most people care what others are eating. But I preferred to stuff my face in the privacy of my own home.
I feel exactly the same. I feel like this isn't healthy though. We shouldn't be embarrassed to eat in front of others. It's that shame that helped me develop a binge eating problem.
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I have experienced similar feelings when eating...I stopped eating in front of people for a very long time (which led to disordered eating!). On my first date with my husband I was absolutely shocked at how he much he loved pizza and whole heartedly ate it like there was no tomorrow right in front of me! I would never ever ever eat that way because I worried so much about what people would think.

I don't care quite so much anymore but I have been quite self-aware of how I present myself and make sure to eat with a great deal of etiquette so people won't notice me. What really really bothers me are those people that comment on my food or drink...even if it's healthy! My anxiety shoots through the roof if someone says something about it and then I ruminate (thanks Garnet) on what they've said for a very long time....to the point where I won't eat that particular food or drink in public for a while. I know that this is a mixture of some OCD tendencies and anxiety so it's not normal.

Just wanted you to know, you're not alone and do your best to put it out of your head!
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I felt this way when I was a kid but, ultimately, my hunger would outweigh (hehe literally) my concern over others' thoughts. I remember how, when I would get up from my desk and walk toward the teacher to hand in my work, several of the boys would say "boom-baba-boob-baba-boom". I had fat jokes hurled at me literally every day. Most of the other girls didn't want to be my friend. It was a pretty rotten experience. But, you know, in the grand scheme of things, they were just irrelivent pieces of excrement. It's not easy being me, but it's a helluva lot better than being one of them.

Something that would be really therapeutic is to enjoy your next cheat meal in a public place. Pick something really messy. Let it drip all over your chin & shirt, and when people begin to stare, just grin really wide and then flip them off.
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I still worry too much. I shouldn't, but I do.
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Originally Posted by JohnP View Post
You're right. They're judging you.

I don't know if this will help you but I heard something many years ago which might help you. It's a technique which is designed to change your mind set. I learned it at my first sales job about 20 years ago. I just googled it to find out who created it and found a article which fits what you're dealing with.


When I think SW SW SW it always brings a smile to my face. Try it next time.
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Originally Posted by JustB1027 View Post
Anytime I am eating around people I feel like I am constantly being judged. Regardless of how big or little the other people are or if I am eating healthy vs junk. Anyone else feel this way? I almost get embarassed to eat !
Heck no! I love eating way too much to be embarrassed about it. I relish my meals, and eat them with gusto

I'm sure others have judged me before though, but it's one of those things that I truly don't give a crap about.
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Just a little story about should you worry or not.

Back in the mid 1990's I worked the graveyard shift in a telecom wire factory. I got off work at 7 a.m.!

One Friday morning, I stopped at the Quick Trip and grabbed a 6 pack of beer, in anticipation of going home, watering the garden, having a beer and going to bed at about 9 a.m.

In the mean time all the other folks were getting coffee and donuts and heading to work. One guy, commented and said, "A little early isn't it?" My reply was, "No, I worked all night, it's happy hour for me!"

This was a lesson learned for me. We cannot and should not judge what those around us are doing, we don't know their circumstance.

I plan for dinners out, so I can have what I want, I plan for weddings, graduations, holidays and so on, so I can balance having some yummy stuff, or a few drinks, and work it in.

I no longer care what anyone thinks about what I am doing, because I know what I am doing works for me. I'm the only person I need to make happy.
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I no longer care what anyone thinks about what I am doing, because I know what I am doing works for me. I'm the only person I need to make happy.

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I am so glad that I am not the only one! I have thought SW SW SW all day long! I guess this weight loss thing is more emotional than I thought it would be!! Though I am a girl and so I am used to being crazy emotional!
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OMG...this has become an issue for me, and I thought I was being too sensitive.
I don't eat in the staff room anymore. I'm tired of people telling me, "I barely eat". When I do buy a lunch that I woudn't typically eat, I get, "I'm surprised to see you eat that." I'm maintaining right now and everytime I hear it, I feel obligated to tell them and explain. But really, it's none of their business. And to be honest, I've never cared about whatever anyone is eating in the staff room. I don't even notice unless it smells great. I have no idea why people feel the need to comment when they know you are watching what you eat or dieting.
I'd much rather watch what I eat Mon-Fri and enjoy some dinners and wine out on the weekends.
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