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Wow. Reading this thread had been so motivational. I was so pumped to start, and now that I have all I can think about is food and how good it is. I obviously have something else going on emotionally that is satisfied by eating. But I don't want to do that anymore. Last year I made quite goal to run my first marathon. I lost a lot of weight, looked good, and felt great. My mind thought I could eat anything I wanted to then, since I was a tried and true "runner." I had a marathon medal, right??? Wrong. I quickly gained 30 pounds and feel awful. I've started to have to buy new clothes as all of clothes are way too small for me. I can't stand being in pictures because my face is so...plump (?). My boyfriend is about to propose and I cannot image being excited about engagement photos let alone a wedding when I'm a plus size.

So, basically, I want to stop hating my body. I deserve better. I am a beautiful woman who needs to start respecting herself and the precious gift God have me of my health.

Time fr me to stop whining and start doing something.
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Well this time is just right for me. I am not working at losing weight hard, I am just doing it. Not thinking, nor obsessing, just doing. I think I have made food not as important which does make it alot easier. I was just on the phone trying to explain this to my mom. I still see, smell and desire some of the food that I had loved to eat.... but it just does not have the power over me and I just tell myself (if I get alittle squirly) that if I really want it... I can have it tomorrow or next week etc and then the desire goes away. I am just doing it and not thinking LOL Now if only the walking would come that easy... tho it is starting to be.

I had to start as I ws running out of breath walking down the hallway. I could not fit in a Booth at a restaurant with my parents, I could not fit on most rides at Disney, My clothes got way too tight and mostly.... it was sooooo hard to just get up off the couch without using my hands to push. I decided that I did not want to die before my parents of obesity. NOT at all.

SO that was my "click" and I am sure that that switch is going to stay on for a loooonnngggg time I love the way I feel these days!
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I made goal weight of 145 at the end of 2010 on WW. I kept the weight off for about a year and a half but I still battled with it. I would go up 5 to 10 lbs and realize I needed to diet to get back where I needed to be. Until around April last year I started to give up and gained it all back except 5lbs.

I now realize that I treated WW as a diet and not a life style change. However, it was the only thing that worked for me. So I tired a few more times before I decided it was not going to work again for me.

Not to be defeated, I stumbled upon this site and I decided to do things a little differently. I realized that tracking what I eat feels like dieting to me. So I don't. I may skimp on Breakfast and Lunch because those meals aren't a big deal to me. I make sure I enjoy my dinner every night as long as I promise myself not to over do it. I also love to exercise so that's an advantage to any weight loss plan, IMO. Plus this site gives me the motivation and support that I need to keep going.

Oh yeah probably the biggest motivation is, I'm getting married this year and we all know I have to be sexy for that

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beautiful bright soul :)
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Aw, so glad this thread has been helpful, Rachel!

I find this time there really is no click. I want to lose weight and it's easier to do it in my current environment. It helps that I really want to be healthy, and my method for weight loss is through healthy eating and healthy living. I hope I keep this up and a year from now, can enjoy the benefits.
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It's hard to describe, mostly it was just an overwhelming feeling of "this has to stop, I don't want to be like this anymore!"
My head is right this time, I am excited to see changes, I accept that it will take time and I know I have to put in the work, both diet and exercise, and this time I really feel it's worth it.
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