Celiac - Pica -Geophagy - Overeating

  • About seven years ago I found myself craving chalk. I wouldn't eat the chalk but I had to touch it, rub it an d smell it. I had a stash everywhere including in my car and at my ofice. I would have chewed the chalk if I didn't think it would tip me to the other side of crazy.

    About a year after my cravings started, I was diagosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I had lost so much blood that I had to have a blood transfusion and start taking large doses of iron twice a day. My UC symptoms were managed by changing my diet and I lived a gluten free life for about two years. I now eat foods that contain gluten but I'm careful to limit myself to only a few each day.

    Over the last few weeks I have gotten out of the habit of taking my iron pills. I only remembered because I have started craving chalk again. The cravings are so strong that I can smell it and have vivid memories if the way it feels between my fingers. Again, I know that I can't eat the chalk and I have just started taking my iron again so hopefully the craving will stop soon.

    Anyway, what I noticed is that I had been eating constantly in an attempt to make the chalk craving go away. I'm back on track and I hope that I start to feel the effects of the iron soon. I have been eating anything that I can get my hands on.
  • Good for you for realizing what was really going on (forgetting your iron) and nipping it in the bud!!
  • Awww, damn, girl, I feel for you, and relate to you, for those of us who dabble in things like shiritake noodles and Walden Farms that are borderline food. At the same time, that is a little specialized. Is there a local professional you can get a little extra support from?
  • Good luck - sounds like you are taking the right steps by getting more iron back. I definitely think that if its an option - to see a specialist. Or maybe go see your primary care doctor - is it possible there is something they can do to get your iron up faster so you get through these cravings faster?

    Good good luck.
  • Thank you all for your replies. It is very embarrassing to have such an odd craving, so having people who are sympathetic really helps.

    Once I'm balanced I should be okay, so I'm taking my iron before bed and in the morning until the cravings stop. I will then go back to the schedule I followed before I fell out of my routine.
  • Update.

    I am sticking to my iron supplement schedule and my cravings have ceased. I am back to eating normal meals and only gained 2 pounds.

    Hungryhungryhippo, gluten free eating saved my life but, boy oh boy, was it hard. I was one angry woman - for two years! Always hungry and never satisfied with the gluten substitutes. One gluten free noodle I liked was Tinkyada lasagna noodles. I didn't try their other noodles but if true to brand, they are worth trying.