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Default My sweetie was finally born! (Family update in #62)

Slightly off topic, but since this is the forum I frequent most it seemed as good a place as any to post an update

Holly Charlotte G. (heretofore known as baby #4) was born at 11:46 pm on Friday, March 22nd. She weighed 7 lbs, 12 oz, and was 20 inches long.

Once it got going birth was quite uneventful here at home, though very intense. I'm glad to be done with pregnancy for a few months, at least! Things went very well and I'm up and around just fine, though I have to remind myself not to overdo it because I feel good (and thus set my recovery back!).

My last recorded pregnancy weight was 198, so I DID manage to stay under 200 which I'm thrilled about! As of this morning, at six days postpartum, I am 179. Only sixteen pounds of weight over my ticker while still on partial bed rest? WOOHOO!

As for resuming exercise, that's a week or two away. But with the exception of enjoying carby foods I'd been craving after her birth (after being on plan for months and months, including holidays and travel) I'm right back on my plan as always.

It will be good to lose the rest of this weight and get to goal - I'm excited to be back at it!

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What a beautiful baby!
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Beautiful and congrats! I hope you get some rest (as much as you can with a baby and 3 others!!!). Hooray for staying under 200. I started working out 3 weeks after with the last one too, good delivery, sleeping okay, why not? Have fun!
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Congratulations!!! I couldn't wait for you to post and I was hoping you'd include a picture.

Welcome, Holly!! You are a gorgeous girl with a wonderful mom!!

Love baby girls!!!

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Living Intuitively
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Oh...my..goodness! WHAT A DOLL!!!

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Congratulations!! She's adorable. And what a beautiful name!

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No description available.
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Congrats! She's adorable! And I'm glad you are trying to not overdo things.
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Congratulations! She is gorgeous!!
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congratulations!! i was just thinking of you today, if it would be today She truly is beautiful, i don't say that of every baby because honestly sometimes they aren't, but she is! And may I say what a kewl name

I hope you continue to feel great and that the household goes smoothly with the new addition.

thanks for thinking of us to let us know!
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She's beautiful, congratulations !
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She is too precious & beautiful. Congrats!
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Absolutely Beautiful!
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Congratulations! She is an angel. :-)

Great job keeping your weight down. Now don't focus on that and go snuggle that sweet baby!!!

So happy for you and your family!
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She looks gorgeous. Congratulations.

<< I'm glad to be done with pregnancy for a few months, at least! >>

Are you planning to give the Duggars a run for their money?

:-) Freelance
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Congratulations on a healthy, beautiful baby girl!!!!!
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