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Thumbs down How to get out of this self induced plateau?

Today my stepdad came home with peanut butter eggs. He gave me one and didnt want his and he knew my mom wouldn't want hers so he gave me both of those too. I tried not to eat any of them, but the chocolate won. As always. I have had two and I feel horrible. I really need to get in the right mindset to lose weight, and soon. I need to change. I just wish I knew EXACTLY what to do. When to indulge, and when not to. That is my biggest issue.
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Have the support of those around you (or at the very last having those around you not hindering your efforts) can be crucial to weight loss success. This is especially true if you are sharing your food and meals with others.

Have you talked to your mom or step-dad about your weight loss goals? I would start by having an honest conversation with your mom. I find that it is helpful, at least at first, to not have those kind of tempting sweets or salty snacks readily available until getting into the swing of things. Since you're living in their house it's their food and their rules, so you can't expect them to eliminate all of the foods that they like to eat, but they can do other things to support you (like providing healthy options, for example fruits).

I may be way off base here, and I apologize if I am, but I'm guessing you haven't told them that you're trying to lose some extra pounds if they're offering you chocolate.
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I agree with Missy Krissy that letting your family know that you want to lose weight is important. Do, however, expect them not to listen completely. In my experience, I have found that most people have tried to guilt me into eating sweets and cakes (for b'day parties etc) on more than one occasion, even though I explain every time that I'm on a diet. When this happens, you just have to put your foot down and say no. Walk away if you have to.
It might take a while for some people to understand that dieting is important to you, but eventually they will get the hint
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Here's a tip you can try.

Next time someone brings home a tempting food, break a piece of it off and throw it away. Make sure you make it inedible so you won't be tempted to pick it out of the garbage can.

A lot of us have this "precious food" attitude. It may come from our parents guilt tripping us if we don't finish everything on our plate.

When you throw away a piece, the food becomes less precious. Soon you can start throwing away bigger chunks and the whole thing if you truly don't want it.

Lay's potato chips use to destroy me. I would get a craving and go to the convenience store to indulge. When I got the bag I would rip it open and start shoving chips into my mouth - just grabbing handfuls and cramming them in there.

I would open my mouth so wide that the sides of my lips, where the top and bottom lip meet, would get tiny tears. Then the salt from the chips would pour into these wounds. It was painful but I kept shoving chips in. The end result was my mouth dehydrated and in pain and me hating myself.

I knew I had to do something. So I tried an experiment. When I got a craving for Lays I didn't stop myself from going to the store. Instead I bought the chips, opened the bag, and tried to eat as slow as possible. When I felt the animal frenzy come to me I started taking a few of the chips and throwing them on the ground or in the bush. I let myself grab a handful of chips and shove them into my mouth. Then I threw away more and more chips. The end result was me eating a lot less during a binge and Lays having a lot less power over me.
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