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coolacrity 02-05-2013 09:50 PM

really need some advice on will power
--because this isn't working.

Bottom line: after five in the evening, I just can't stop myself from eating EVERYTHING. I can have a marvelous day, a good breakfast and lunch, two snacks in between (like today, there were doughnuts and chips at my staff meeting that I didn't even look at, I had broccoli and carrots. YUM). But after work, BAM cheese and crackers, yakisoba, chips, pickles, salsa, etc. This sort of thing has been happening for weeks and I don't know what to do. It's really making me upset. EDIT: The worst thing is that when this happens, I'm not even hungry anyway. It's purely head hunger. And I love veggies, so the "if you're not willing to eat vegetables you're not really hungry" adage doesn't help.

I'm still pretty heavy, so my co-workers and everybody that sees me never notice water weight, but I feel the affects on me (for instance, my legs were a little swollen today) and I feel like I'm letting everyone down.

It used to be pretty easy and fun to do this, I even exercised twice a day maybe six days a week. I can't bring myself to do it once or twice a week now. I still have the same amount of free time. Heck, I'm even relearning French at the moment. So I really don't know what's wrong with me.

Anyone have any tips?

Sorry if this post is a little long-winded and badly written, I'm just upset and want to get my thought out. :(

Thistleberry 02-05-2013 10:14 PM

Have you tried planning exactly what you're going to eat for a day before the day starts? I find that when I have the entire day planned out, every meal and every snack, I am much less likely to deviate into foods that I shouldn't be snacking on. It may seem a little pedantic, but it's worth it to try for one day. What's to lose? If you really want something, you can tell yourself it isn't in the plan and you can have it the next day if you really want it. And it's easier to talk yourself out of eating "extras" because you know that in half an hour you can eat an orange (for example) anyway. You know it's coming.

I had been having a bit of a rough go of it right after New Year's and this is what got me back in line. It is a bit more of a rigid approach than I usually take, but it gave me something to rely on, a plan of attack. I didn't have to make a choice, good or bad, because the choice was already made. I'm back to a more natural process now, but I needed that to get me there.

katrinakit 02-05-2013 10:22 PM

I have had the same problem. I switched to low carb and still have a tendency to overeat a little bit but it is NOTHING like before. Maybe you are carb sensitive too?

April Snow 02-05-2013 10:50 PM

Is all that stuff you are eating at night in your house? If so, can you clear it all out of your house? It's a lot easier to have will power to not eat foods when they aren't readily accesible.

freelancemomma 02-05-2013 10:52 PM


Originally Posted by April Snow (Post 4623022)
Is all that stuff you are eating at night in your house? If so, can you clear it all out of your house? It's a lot easier to have will power to not eat foods when they aren't readily accesible.

Totally agree.


Mozzy 02-05-2013 11:57 PM

I like the idea of planning your day ahead of time.
I have a pretty set routine and it's helped me tremendously.

novangel 02-06-2013 12:03 AM

Like the others said, don't buy it. Can't eat it if it's not in your house. ;)

Katydid77 02-06-2013 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by novangel (Post 4623102)
Like the others said, don't buy it. Can't eat it if it's not in your house. ;)

AND if you are in a situation where you have others that you are buying for too, then start purchasing junk food they like, but that isn't nearly as tempting to you.

I usually bring snacks to my boyfriends house, something sweet (there are 4 teenagers there) and yesterday I still did, but I brought oreos because I don't like them at all. It wasn't different to them, they still got something sweet that they like, it just happened to be something that I didn't. :)

chubbiegurl 02-06-2013 12:25 AM

Omg u have come so far in your weightless so first off congrats u are such a motivation to many of us I am sure. Have u ever thought that maybe u r sabotaging yourself selfconciously? I am not saying u are just asking, since u r eating and not even hungry.
Is there any way u can keep that junk out of the house for a while at least?
Can u try your hardest to get out of the house if being there is a trigger.
I did really good in the beggining having junk in the house but lately as I get closer to goal I am indulging a bit
I dont want to exercise either but just do it anyway, drag yourself to do it whether u want to or not, especially let's say if u find yourself reaching for the snacks jump on any exercise machine u have or drop and give me 10. The urge might pass after a few minutes. Or at the very least it will be like the rubber u put on your wrist, that u snap when lets say u want to bite your nails. Pretty soon u associate the two and don't want to be snapped so U don't bite.

shcirerf 02-06-2013 12:44 AM

Change your evening routine! Shut off the tv, take a walk, take a bubble bath, find a hobby, like crocheting that keeps your hands busy, phone a friend, paint your nails, scrub your toilet, start a window herb garden, take a class on something at a local community college, go to the gym, volunteer at an animal shelter, post lots here!:D

Take a good look at your evening routine and the space you are in and work on changing the routine and the space.:hug:

luckystreak 02-06-2013 12:49 AM

saame problem. its the damn boredom. i drink tea all the time so i dont have to put food in my mouth lol!!

ADL 02-06-2013 02:10 AM

This might be a little unorthodox but when I first started dieting I purposefully made myself bloated so I would be too full to overeat. For example, I would have a ton of diet soda and air popped popcorn, or a large plate of raw vegetables with salsa as a dipping sauce, or a lot of pickles or tea etc... I wanted to feel full without eating a lot of calories and so feeling bloated (which normally made me feel gross) at that point in my diet was useful. If you really just can't stop eating then this would be a better alternative. Of course this has the potential to lead you down a bad road but it's worth a shot if you feel like your only alternative is just to binge on high calorie foods

ShrinkingPrettyGirl 02-06-2013 02:25 AM

Yeah, I simply don't buy things that I would regret eating. I also will plan my day and write it down and then log it on loseit that night. On days that I don't plan, it's a mess!

coolacrity 02-06-2013 05:49 AM

Guys. Uhm. A lot of the things that I overeat on ARE healthy things, usually. Like salad. I'll go to town on a salad. I was just explaining what happened tonight. (And I can't control everything in the house, I live with someone else. She's supportive, but at the same time she fussed at me when I asked her to keep stuff away from me. "Where's your willpower??" she says. Well, I'm having a hard time with it, obviously.)

I plan my day, yes, I really do (not writing down, but I'll think out my whole day). But that hasn't helped.

Maybe changing my routine will help.

Marniadec 02-06-2013 06:20 AM

You can either have separate shelves in the pantry/fridge, etc, or you can do what I do: get too lazy to get up and eat most of the time. :p

You can also find ways to keep yourself busy or get different kinds of low/no calorie stuff like tea, soda, veggies etc, but this has never worked for me, to be honest. But if veggies work for you, just add way more vegetables with way less sauce. I mean, you weigh 258 lbs. You can still enjoy your food so do it because it's all downhill from there. :p

Another thing you can do is make a signature, chart, whatever and note down all the times or days that you managed to not binge. For some reason it's rewarding to see that you managed to not binge for even one day and that could give you the motivation to keep doing so. You can even set goals and rewards or do whatever you want.

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