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airplanejane 02-01-2013 12:11 AM

Does any one have any suggestions on camouflaging saddlebags (aka where your thighs are wider than your hips)?

The more weight I lose, the more pronounced my thighs are. My hips and booty are now measuring 43 inches, but the tops of my thighs are 45. After watching several family members slim down and keep their prominent thighs, I think that this issue is only going to worsen with further weight loss. Compounded with smaller waist, I'm having a really hard time finding jeans that fit everywhere properly. Any suggestions?

lunarsongbird 02-01-2013 12:46 AM


amandie 02-01-2013 12:56 AM

I have the same thing and I know it will be worse as I get smaller and smaller. I think it's just fat pockets that don't wanna budge. What may help with that is weight training and/or body weight exercises like lunges, squats, etc. It might not go away 100% but it may reduce the appearance. This is all my opinion, of course.

Hopefully someone with more personal experience may help you more than I can, lol.

PS- Oh I forgot about your jeans question, honestly I just buy mostly stretchy skinny jeans or low-rise type of pants. It's only thing that will really fit me all over and yes, it doesn't look 100% great with "thunder" thighs but I prefer that to bunchy-ness in the waist and sometimes in the crotch area even though it's pretty tight on thighs.

Hotaruchan 02-01-2013 07:32 AM

I was loathe to try them on, but I too have a pair of skinny jeans that (surprisingly enough) do a decent job of camouflaging my thunder thighs. Mine aren't wider than my hips, but they're certainly disproportional to the rest of my legs. I got the skinny jeans in a very dark wash, but there's a thin strip where the color is washed out going down the front of the leg...I think it kinda works the same way as this does in terms of makeup. In general darker colors are slimming and I think I've read that bootcuts help to balance off your legs because the flare at the bottom makes the top seem less out of place. You might also consider layering your tops to draw attention up away from your thighs.

I'm moderately fashion-challenged, but I've got some stupidly-shaped thighs and still get compliments on my legs from time to time, so apparently something's working...Good luck.

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