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Default What lessons have you learned from re-gaining and re-losing weight?

This is far from my first time at the weight loss rodeo. And last time, I had more success than I have ever had before - I lost over 60 lbs. But then I gained back almost 60 lbs. I was so sure I had it figured out that time and I wasn't going to ever go back to being 250+ lbs.

Didn't quite get it right that time, but I am starting again, and this time, I'm trying to think long term and short term. I've found a way that works well for me to take weight off - got the short term covered. Now I just need to build on that and figure out how to KEEP weight off, long term.

I know I'm far from alone in following this pattern and gaining back most or all of what I lost (sometimes more!).

Let's share what we've learned from that experience, and why and how we can try to make sure this time really will be different!

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I just recently read an article that explaine one of the reasons we often gain back more weight than we lost is because you lost muscle during your weightloss. So this time I am doing push ups and crunches to help me maintain and build muscle while I lose.
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I learned that each time I do that , not only do I regain what I lost but a few more pounds are added on each time.
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What I learned is that there is no end point. Previous weight loss attempts always had a finish line. "I'm thin, I win, let's have pizza to celebrate!"

I've been at goal for several years now, and it's only because I monitor my food intake, exercise, and weight as consistently now as I did when I was trying to lose it.
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Last time I lost it was a very restrictive diet I was on and my exercise routine centered around sessions with a trainer at the gym. My trainer fell pregnant and our sessions ended. Thus begun my fall from Grace.

This time, I have found that I LOVE walking, can do it competitively - so I have the exercise sorted and don't need anyone else to rely on. Also my eating plan is awesome, it is not restrictive and I can see my self eating this way for the rest of my life.

I also use myfitnesspal to keep accountable and check in on this forum at least twice a week.

So for me, hopefully this is my formula for life time maintenance.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Forgive yourself and take it one day at a time.
For a while I was too scared to start my journey as I was overwhelmed by the amount of weight I had to loose. Eventually I just focused on " the next 5 pounds".

Good luck!
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Staying the Same
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Extremes don't work.
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That your skin bounces back less and less each time therefore I'm done with the yo-yo. I will never let my weight get out of control again.
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I am going to give myself a weight range (undecided yet) and then be accountable to myself either daily or weekly (depends how much I want to control myself, I have a feeling it's going to be daily). If I am out of my range, back to serious calorie counting and accountability.

It seems like every time I went back to gaining I never noticed (acknowledged?) until it was 50lbs or more. Then at that point, you throw in whatever shreds of the towel you were grasping and give up.

I am keeping a firm grip on myself this time. I don't know why this time is different but it is. And I am so happy about that.
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I agree with all that is said here. One thing I had never done in the past is plan for maintenance. I saw weight loss as a finish line and then it was back to the unhealthy habits...which got me right back to where I was. This time, I actually have a 1 year maintenance plan for when I hit goal. The purpose is to stay conscious and in control because I never want to go back to where I came from.
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improving life!
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Last time I lost weight I got obsessed with it. It was so exciting! Plus, I love learning and soak everything up like I sponge. So when I wasn't preparing meals or working out I was researching. I got really into it and did learn a lot. Eventually my obsessional interest in health left and I was tired of thinking about it at all. Once I feel I've "mastered" something I usually abandon it. Also, I had made some huge changes in diet (went vegan) that in the end I wasn't interested in maintaining.

This time I've been taking it slower and not obsessing about it. I'm making sure to keep interests on other things. Health/fitness is just one of the many things on my mind. I'm not just trying to get healthy and fit, I'm trying to get more into my other interests. Also, the changes in diet are something I can continue forever.
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It is better to NOT keep certain things in the house. It doesn't mean I can never eat them, just that they're not sitting under my nose all the time.

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Well, I learn that it's easy to get derailed. I've also learned that by giving up or giving in I'm only hurting myself. Well, that's not true. I also hurt my family because when I don't feel well, everyone in my family feels it too.

I learned also to forgive myself for being human. I make mistakes. I have weak moments. I have faults.

I am also learning that my carbs sensitivity is not just a response of my body to the sugars, but my brain too. I really, really need to stay away because it's so hard to get back on track when the brain thinks it needs sugar.
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This has to be something I can live with everyday, for the rest of my life. I ask myself, "is this how I want to live when I'm thin?" because the only difference is a few 100 calories. That's nothing!!! That's a few bites!

There's never going a point where I magically eat the right amount, just because I've lost the weight. It just ain't happening for me, lol. I'm going right back to the same environment, with the same triggers, and with the same food availability.
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I decided I wouldn't change the way I was eating once I reached goal. So far, it's worked. (I ended up losing a few extra pounds, but hey--I'll take it!)
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Activity is key. While diet will ultimately determine my weight, exercise will affect what I put in my body.

I will always be vigilant and I'm a lot less apologetic about it.

I am not a better, smarter person just because I lost a lot of weight. I am not a worse, dumber person just because I regained the weight.
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