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Thumbs down Office Food

So, my office is having a monthly breakfast thing they have. I'm just getting back on track. Despite the fact I can smell wonderful food and know my boss is going to be PO'd I'm not there, I am refusing to go.

In a few months when I have a routine down, I may take part but not today. My boss takes these things very personal when everyone doesn't get involved and socialize but now is just not a good time to be faced when temptation. I've already had my breakfast, there's nothing healthy and it's not even time for a mid morning snack.

So, no matter who gets miffed and huffy, they're just going to have to get over it and I'm doing what's best for me! So

Also, good morning and happy Friday!!!! Yay!!!!
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Hm, can you maybe bulls**t your way around something like "I'm sorry, I have SO MUCH work I absolutely want to finish today, so I'll just pop 2 minutes for a cup of coffee and then I'm out, but I promise I'll join next time OK?"
(Seriously, that's the kind of stunt I pull of the time, and it always works. And people even consider me as an uber hard worker on top of it, when all I actually do is being very organized ansd getting myself seen in the right places at just the right moment. XD)
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Does your boss know that you have an issue with the food items being served? Or is that personal info that you don't want to disclose? Because if your boss knows, I would hope that he/she would be supportive of you and have food items at the breakfast that are suitable for EVERYBODY. But in any event, there should be some healthy items at the breakfast (at least fruit).
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Back when I was in the early stages of dealing with my food issues and had to avoid the office/meeting/holiday snacks, I simply blamed my doctor (e.g., "Sorry, I'm on a doctor-ordered diet for a health issue and she stressed that I need to follow it consistently.")... made things easy
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The school I worked at had breakfasts like that. Luckily they had tea available I could grab, but most of the time my excuse was: "Oh I already ate breakfast because I have to eat as soon as I wake up." and then I would just have the tea so I could stay without eating.

It wasn't entirely a lie...I always would much rather eat as soon as I wake up.
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Starting over sucks.
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I work in a very small office, but with three skinny men (ok two skinny and one that could lose about 30lbs - I started with 235 to lose). They all have a sweet tooth so they are constantly leaving candy bars on my desk or offering me danishes. I'm usually able to say no because I'm drinking enough water to keep me full and I don't crave sweets very much.

The worst is when we go down to the restaurant for coffee in the afternoon (we work in a shopping mall). At least three times a week they have pie and ice cream. They still eat it in front of me, but at least they've stopped badgering me about it!
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I am an extremely private person so I don't really wish to share whether my doctor ordered me to (fill in the blank) or not. I'm an art student stuck in a finance position/department until I can make my grand escape I sometimes feel like the office black sheep so sometimes socializing isn't easy and just can't bring myself to do it. Plus, part of my rebellious side likes to go against the grain.

It's a pot luck that rotates through the employees once a month. About 7 people or so of 80 bring for the group, then the next month is a different 7 people and so on. You never know exactly what's going to be there but it's usually donuts, cakes, pastries, sometimes some savory meats/casseroles that are usually just too fatty and calorie dense.

My boss can just be very emotional vested regarding others' participation. My coworker and I have discussed this as we have the same feelings from time to time regarding different situations. She felt guilted into going to the Christmas party whereas I dug in my wheels and refused to go. It is optional after all! I could tell there was some temporary passive aggressive stuff going on but thankfully my boss got over it. She's a good supervisor; this is just her one quirk so I deal with it.

I'm fine with the way it was handled, I'm just more happy I controlled myself and didn't join in or walk by afterwards and pick. Everything has now been eaten or packed away.
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It is great you resisted it even under pressure from your boss's attitude!
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Good for you! I am done with doing things that put me in a personally awkward position just for the sake of others, whether its work or family or friends. I used to try so hard to please everyone and where did it get me? Nowhere and no one gave a crap when I needed support (I think they were used to me doing everything for them and thought I never needed help).

I'm so happy for you. It might seem like a little deal to others that you should just go and not eat or whatever but I am totally on your side. We have to stick up for ourselves, no one else will! And I agree too with not telling anyone about what my doctor advises unless it has to do with workleave or special accomodations and even then, I'd only tell Human Resources. Some people have no respect! (Not people here, in work I mean.)
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Yeah, I keep a very tight circle which is very supportive of anything I wish to do, and vice versa. My sister's kids have gluten sensitivities so holidays accommodate that, therefore they definitely understand me saying no to any food. Thankfully we're not a family of food pushers.

My husband is awesome accommodating. He has his own issues with food and weight though it's a fraction of mine. Still, during breaks before the semester starts, he makes great healthy lunches like baked salmon, sauteed zucchini and salads. I'm very grateful I don't have to deal with pressure on every front like some do.
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Yep. You may see me on here constantly complaing about the monthly office buffets. I'm over it. If I complain to them then I look like the office party pooper and I don't need the additiude. I will just bring chips and salsa and have to resist all the other crap the best I can. I made a suggestion a few months back that we all only bring in low fat/ healthy dishes (since everyone else there complains about their weight too) and that lasted about 20 minutes.

Just have to avoid the break room.
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Good for you for not giving in to temptation!
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I literally have to deal with situations similar to this every single day at work... I've given up trying to explain why I'm not interested in eating anything for whatever particular reason I have at that moment... Just got tired of doing it over and over again, if you know what I mean...

So now I just feign interest, say how good everything looks, make a small plate and then I just don't eat it... And I don't feel the slightest bit guilty about it... In the least...

I may have to attend near constant "breakfast" and "lunch" meetings, but eating at them thankfully is not in my job description...
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If its a potluck can you bring your own small food replate it and still socialize? I mean bring your own stuff put it on a plate add a little of other stuff you arent tempted to eat eat your own stuff throw the rest away? It makes you look like your one of the crowd without having anyone making judgements about you and you can do as you like without a fuss?
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Good for you for doing what is right for you.
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