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Default Boyfriend coming over at the weekend, help

Hi, my boyfriend is coming down this weekend.
I am looking forward to it a lot, but also dreading it a lot.
The reason being is that i will be staying in his house and his mother will be cooking or we will be getting takeaway on Saturday. I don't really want either of these options. Yet they will be inevitable, what should i do about breakfast?

I sorta hate my boyfriend's visits because it means i can't go to the gym and i have to eat crap.

It really puts a dampener on seeing him.

Anyone have any advice?
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Well, depends on how your relation is with her, but is there not any way that you can suggest/pick a particular menu for yourself. Or maybe help her out in the kitchen and then drop a subtle hint, though not in a rude way, that you would prefer something light or whatever??

Also, if you cant hit the gym, you can definitely do some sort of exercise whilst at his home. Maybe carry a skipping rope or something.

I am sure you will figure it out.
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I can think of ONE thing that burns lots of calories that you can do ...(I kid, I kid...sorry, I'm inappropriate because my boyfriend and I have been 10,000 miles apart for almost a year now)

But seriously, if you can't make it to the gym, maybe do something more physical than you normally would during your date time with your guy...suggest that you go for a nice, long walk instead of watching a movie or maybe see if there's any sports places around (ice skating, etc.) As for the food thing, you can either go for smaller portions or try to load up on the healthier parts of the meal...Lots of people make a salad with dinner, so if most of your plate is filled with salad or vegetable sides...oops, no space for lots of whatever calorie-fest is being served as the main course. If you end up ordering out, there's usually something at least mildly healthy on the menu if you poke through a while.
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If being healthy and losing weight is important to you, then don't rely on someone else to prepare food for you or have available the food you need to eat healthy. Just bring it along and prepare your own. It doesn't have to be an issue - just lightly say, if asked, I'm eating healthier now and don't want to get sidetracked. If you're getting takeout - order for yourself or swing by another place that has something healthier that you want. As far as the gym is concerned - see if they have a guest pass program and if he would want to go - ... if not on either end, get up a bit earlier and head out then, or cut out some time during the day to do it. Don't let side things distract you from your goal - you don't ever have to "eat crap" or have someone's visit mean you "can't go to the gym" ... take control and don't let the actions of others dictate what yours are. Good luck and enjoy the visit instead of hate it...

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