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Default New Challenge! 4/30/03 - 5/30/03

,Medium ,large or extra large we all have the same problems pretty much. Support is here when you need it! Join our 4 week challenge. The challenge is to challenge yourself! We weigh in every saturday and post our loss for the week and I will edit the chart. Just post how many pounds you would like to lose in 4 weeks and I will add your name to the list!

Gen...Goal.... to maintain weightloss 130 lbs

gigglez..Goal 6 lbs

wishmeluck130lbs..Goal 4 lbs

Jen519..Goal 8 lbs

Yoyomom..Goal 4 lbs

PalmBay Granny...Goal.. 4 lbs

Shimmers ..Goal 6 lbs

Mark&Ivy'smom..Goal 8 lbs

purduegirl..Goal 5 lbs

Appleblossom...Goal 6 lbs

Laney1733..Goal 8 lbs

Kina ..Goal 6 lbs

plb112467..Goal 9 lbs

AngieMe..Goal 5 lbs

bobsgal..Goal 8 lbs

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S/C/G: 249/215/165

Height: 5/5


Ok, I am in. However I will be doin my weigh in on Thurs due to work schedule. Right now I am at 196 and I want to make to at least 190 by the end of four weeks. I know that we all can do this with each others support.

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Can i be in too? I want to lose 4 pounds by the end of the 4 weeks I hope i can do it if not then at least stay the same lol...
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Default You can do it

Welcome, gigglez and wishmeluck130lbs! You are both roughly the same starting weight I was when I decided to just do this!
You can and you will do this if you want to. There is no other way to say it. I started at 194 lbs ,it took me 8 months but it happened and I got to 129 lbs.Then stayed at 130 lbs It's not easy by no way! It's still a battle at times to make the right choices and it's all about choices we make. Maintaining can be just as hard or even harder to do . But the fact is once you get to goal you will feel so damn good that you will deffinately want to do whatever to maintain. Walking,riding bike,join a gym and eat healthy as much as possible. If you fall ,remember to dust yourself off and get back up. I dont remember how many times I broke my diet. Ican tell you it was at least every other day I would eat something "bad" but I made sure I ate healthy at my next meal. I did that and still managed to lose 65 lbs. Now I maintained 64 lbs off.
There will be a group that will be joining us soon! I sent them a link and they are a great group of ladies. We all have our good days and our " I worked so hard all week and didnt lose a single pound!" yes I've had many of those too! There is no secret. The truth is just to NOT give up.
have a good night,
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Put me in for another 4 pound goal.

I've been doing pretty well, but I haven't been 100% back in the groove yet. I need to get in gear. At least Spring is here and I have been doing that yard work!

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One day at a time..
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Post I'm In!!!

Only 4 lbs this month. i'm not as confident as last month. But I'll be trying for more.

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Please count me in!
I finally got to the gym this morning, giving in to the realization that walking Kenji at night just wasn't enough. I'm ready to make it two days in a row with a May 1 workout to kick off the challenge.

Goal: 6 pounds
Goals: exercise 5x/week, 64 oz water per day, follow food plan
9/01 -- 306, 11/02 -- 240, current -- 254
some mile-marker goals -- 230, 199 and 150

exercised (20 min. treadmill, 10 min. weights, 10 min stretch)
water 32 oz
on plan

See you tomorrow!
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I'm in again too. I'm vowing to actually WORK at losing this time. I've set my goal for 8 pounds and I know I can do it. Today was a pretty crappy start, but I'm REALLY starting tomorrow. I'm going to get up half an hour early and do one of my walking tapes. Get myself started right. Got to go to bed at a decent hour, though, so I'm off to get ready for the snoozefest.

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Can I join too?

Put me in for 8 pounds. I'm REALLY determined!!!! I CAN DO THIS!!!!!

P.S. I weigh in on Mondays though, is tht going ot be a problem?

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Can I join in??
I want to get down to 143--that's 5 pounds.
Goals: Exercise 6x per week
Record everything that I eat--no exceptions
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Hi everyone. I was away for a while, and I'm back to my usual self. Ugghhh.
3 words.. Buca di Beppo. So its time to start swim suit shopping and lets see... 6 pounds for this challenge would be nice. I read all the posts I've missed and lurked around a bit, sounds like everyone is doing great. DH is back home pretty much for good so now I will have more opportunity for exercise, but food intake will become more difficult.
I'm starting out at 157, this months challenge goal 151, ultimate goal (fantasy) 130, ultimate goal (realistic) 140
Here we go!! Go for it ladies!!
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Good morning everyone, newbies and veterans alike. I'm setting my goal at 8 pounds for this challenge because I really want to get under 150. That should be a hard one for me. I just bought new bras and undies at Victoria's SEcret and they're just a tad tight. That should be inspiring enough to get my butt in gear! Good luck to everyone! May the willpower be with you. TTFN,
Wanted to add, I started this challenge at 157. Goal is to be 149.

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Default I'm IN...

Well some crazy things are happening over here at home but I won't let that get me down.

I love it this challenge is starting the same time as my own challenge is beginning. I had made a vow to start working hard at my weight as soon as the semester ended. Today is the last day of classes. It is not completely over but I can handle finals with a little exercise in between.

Well Gennel put me down for 6. I'd like to drop 10 lbs this summer and I have a little over 2 months to get it done.

So well wishes for a beautiful day to all of you.

Hugs & Smiles, Kina
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Angry I'm Back!!

All though I did not meet my 8 lb goal on the last challenge ( only 6 lbs), I think I will try for an even bigger number 9 lbs!! Because I weighed in at 199 this past week and I want to get this 9 off and be headed for the 180's!!!!

So I will give it my best to try to lose 9 lbs!

Mark&Ivy'sMom, I weigh in on Monday's too, cause my home computer died so I have to report in at work!! So don't worry about weighing in on Monday's; no problem!

Welcome to all the newbie's and good to you all of you from the last time around!

Let's get going and work off these pounds!
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I'm in. Put me down for 5 pounds this time. I have been walking my *** off lately. I want to get in as much walking as I can while it is still relatively cool. My starting weight is at 150 even.

Good Luck everyone!!! We can do this!!!
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